Fat Bastards and Whiners

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Submitted by PhilipD on Mon, 2010-03-15 10:26

The New Zealand Human Rights Commission recently released the results of its ‘perceptions of discrimination’ public opinion survey. The commission clowns tell us that when respondents were asked ‘Who do you believe suffers “a great deal” or “some” discrimination?’ Asians topped the list. People on welfare, overweight people, recent immigrants, refugees, Pacific people and Maori, followed the Asians in the discrimination perception stakes.

It's an obvious attempt by the Human Rights Commission to expand their hopeless little fiefdom through this ridiculous ‘perception’ notion. And, sadly, the commission is also pushing for more reporting and recording of ‘discrimination,’ to ensure that they have something to do. But shouldn’t the Commission also be pushing good news when there is some? For example, media reports of racially motivated crime and harassment have declined and police say the level of crime committed against international students has sharply dipped in recent years. "Besides crashes and accidents, we have very few cases involving international students now," said Jessica Phuang, police Asian liaison officer.

Oops, careful Phuang! In this suffocating politically correct environment, surely talking about crashes and international students, most of whom are Asians, in the same breath, is perpetuating the Asian drivers are crap thing and therefore likely to bring some sort of discrimination charge. Expect some goons at your door any day soon, officer Phuang.

The rest of us won’t be safe from the tentacles of nanny-state either. Mutter ‘You fat bastard,’ to the lard-arse who is draping over half your airline seat could mean a fat-head at the Human Rights Commissions opening a case file on you. Similarly, expect cries of ‘shut-the-hell-up you whinging Pom,’ to bring a shed-load of official protests from whining Englishmen everywhere. Sniggering at loud, newly-arrived Americans dressed in mismatched plaid and silly hats will technically be discrimination too, although complaints will likely be few as most of them are too slow to understand what's going on.

It’s difficult to understand why there is a perception that people on welfare are discriminated against though, after all dole-bludgers have been happily spending other peoples money on smokes, takeaways, 'P' and booze, all with official encouragement, for years now.

Saying anything at all about Maori has, of course, long since been abandoned by most New Zealanders but that’s not enough for the Commission buffoons who seem to want to outlaw ‘looking.’ According to the Commission, Maori are sometimes discriminated against in shops where they are often ‘treated with suspicion.’ Therefore, I suppose, shopkeepers will be expected to look the other way, despite crime statistics showing much Maori love for the five-finger discount.

It’s at this point that I should write a pithy paragraph that ties all this nonsense together. But I can’t be fagged and it’s too late anyway. New Zealand isn’t becoming a nation of whining, wailing, telltale crybabies. It is one. And that doesn’t seem to bother too many people, either.

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Muriel Newman

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In her article here. "The Prime Minister has said that New Zealand has far too many state agencies for a country of our size. He’s not wrong. It’s one of the reasons why government spending has escalated out of control.

With the government looking for new ways to save money, last week’s extraordinary announcements by the Race Relations Commissioner have highlighted an opportunity to save more than $10 million a year - abolish the office of the Race Relations Commissioner and the parent body, the Human Rights Commission and merge their functions into the Ministry of Justice."

She was interviewed yesterday here at 27min 45.

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