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Submitted by atlascott on Mon, 2010-03-15 14:52

As the Frankenstein Obama Healthcare bill draws nearer to the final round of back room deals and dubious power grabs to obtain the votes it needs to pass, an Associated Press article has this to say:


Starting in 2014, self-employed people and those whose employers don't offer coverage would be able to pick a plan through a health insurance exchange, like a supermarket. It's modeled on the federal employee health program available to members of Congress, which offers a range of private insurance. Small businesses could also join the exchange.

More than 30 million people would buy their own coverage through state exchanges, and nearly 6 in 10 would be eligible for tax credits to help pay premiums. The aid would be generous for lower-income families, less so for those solidly in the middle class.

For example, a family of four making $44,000 would pay $2,763 in premiums, or about 6 percent of its income.

But a similar family making $66,000 would have to pay $6,257 in premiums, close to 10 percent of its income. That may be less than a mortgage, but it's more than a car payment.

Once the exchanges open, most Americans would be required to carry health insurance or pay a fine. Medicaid would be expanded to cover childless adults living near poverty.

People with employer-provided insurance would not see major changes. But if they lost their job, they'd be able to get coverage through the exchange."

It is exactly as I said.

The Obama bill is nothing more than a government power grab and an unholy alliance between big business (insurance) and the government it has so ably purchased.

This "plan" requires the citizenry to buy a private healthcare product from an insurance exchange.

There are no guarantees of coverage, no guarantees of effective price controls or cost containment, no guarantee of real competition between the companies.

Just mandatory enrichment of private corporations who, through crony capitalism, have managed a way to ensure the unearned: profits by government mandate.

In other words, even though I want none of the above, the exact ~justifications~ you hear from the confused citizenry as to why they WANT the bill to pass, to say nothing of the outright propaganda and lies of those politically affiliated with the Left, as they bleat their nonsensical Talking Points -- are not valid summaries or understandings of what this bill really is. The REASONS they want Obama's bill to pass is that they think it is going to help them, and help America.

What is going to do is add a government layer of control, cost and corruption to an already-overpriced and overly-bureaucratic crony-capitalist system.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are heading in the wrong direction.

Standing pat in a corrupt, over-priced, and dirty system is bad.

Running headlong into financial suicide which enriches only the political elite is madness.

Free markets and diligence in policing crony capitalism and political corruption is the right direction, but none of the power elite even considers or discusses it.

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Of course

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Of course, you are right, John.

"mixed in with the PullPeddlar insurance corporations are honest business people"

Right. The folks who get crushed.

They'd be fine if left alone to compete across State lines, and if freed from so many layers of government regulation, which is increasing.

And the potentially-insured? Their problems would largely be solved by the above as well, along with their right to collectivize and purchase group insurance on advantageous conditions, such as being a member of a professional organization, or even a collective or club joined IN ORDER TO BUY insurance.

IF they chose to buy insurance: IF.

The largest issue here for me is: government mandate requiring purchase of health insurance, and a sanction if one does not go along with the program, both for insurers and the citizen.

And who has control of what sort of sanction is attached for non-compliance?

In other areas, refusing to follow "the program" results in increasing fines, property seizure and finally, imprisonment. Try not paying a parking ticket or taxes. That's where they eventually send "scofflaws" and this is a big step forward in that direction. a giant step in a totalitarian direction.

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, and a higher percentage of people in prison than Russia.

Thanks for the comment.

Don't throw out Dagny with the DirtWater

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I get your drift. However, mixed in with the PullPeddlar insurance corporations are honest business people. Basically they are being presented with the Sword of Mohammad pinion: "Join our game or die an infidel!"

As for the plan, it still blatantly ignores the obvious: If i cannot be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition, what's to stop me from not paying for coverage until I need it?????? And then dropping it the moment I don't need it?

A stupid little fine??????

This is indeed the road to ruin.

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