We must have at least one moron in our judiciary - verdict at Waihopai

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Wed, 2010-03-17 06:04

Three men have been found not guilty of breaking into and damaging the Waihopai spy base near Blenheim.


Lawyers admitted the men attacked the base but said they were driven by a belief that the satellite caused human suffering and their actions to shut it down, if only temporarily, were lawful.

"That belief doesn't have to be correct," one said.



TV1 news announced the verdict as the men admit they were damaging the Spy Station, but they hadn't realised this (wanton destruction) was against the law.

And apparently the Judge bought it. I wonder what pre-school we got him or her from.

Bloody hell.

Still, it raises some possibilities. I've got this rock, does anyone know where Goff's Axe the Tax (he has no intention of axing) bus is? And if is is now lawful to transact the destruction of property that is causing human suffering, then after the bus, I've got this crane and wrecking ball, and I might just drive on down to the local IRD building.

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Let's sit on it

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have to put the revolution on hold. It's Paddie's day at the Bog. Back later.

I suppose

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we'll have to wait till they blow themselves up.

No Gregster, I've come to

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No Gregster, I've come to realise a truism of an American libertarian poster about three years ago (before she 'disappeared'). The banner of her blog was:

'It's too late to change the system from within, but too early to start shooting the bastards'.

We're probably just stuck with blowing the tyres out.

Think Big Mark

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How bout we round up the pollies at gunpoint and do us all a favour? Force them to disband - revolution.

What jury would convict? Is the time nigh?

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