Turn on Your Lights!

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Submitted by The Atlas Society on Fri, 2010-03-26 23:21

Turn on Your Lights!

Environmental extremists around the world are urging us to turn off all our lights at 8:30 pm local time on Saturday, March 27 for “Earth Hour ” to symbolize their fight against climate change and in favor of so-called “sustainable development.”

What they are really fighting against is the human race itself.

Saturday at 8:30pm is the time to turn on all your lights, to vanquish the new Dark Age and the message of death that the eco-cult’s deeds really symbolize, to proclaim proudly your allegiance to life, human productivity, and the celebration of achievement on this earth.

Read the following pieces from our archives, print them out, and pass them out at your own Saturday night “Light up the night” parties to illuminate the nefarious nature of the eco-cultists!

Edward Hudgins, “Light Up the World for Humans.” March 27, 2009

Edward Hudgins, “New Cult of Darkness.” April 2, 2007

Edward Hudgins, “Pelosi’s Eco-Totalitarianism.” May 29, 2009

Edward Hudgins, “Reducing Humans to Carbon Ash.” November 16, 2009

Robert Bidinotto, “Green Cathedrals: Environmentalism's Mythological Appeal.” The New Individualist, September 2007.

Well, I wasn't

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I wasn't taken in but I kinda feel like I'm the only one just now..

This was only the beginning, believe me.

Okay, so I was put on the defensive by my inexperience. Did a poor job of putting forward the best arguments I know to use. No arguments there.

Right now I've got 3000 facebook followers and plenty of attention. I knew if I ever got any 'free market' message over it was going to attract more haters than helpers so this is just what I always wanted. I also knew that it would send anti-libertarians away, or at least have them trying to get me to go away. Checks that box too, even within my own organisation.

So, I've come to ask Lindsay for the benefit of his media and philosophic wisdom as I have others I trust.

And I guess this is where you had in mind I ask for it?

Thanks Sandi and Kiwis!

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Thanks Sandi and Kiwis! Glad to hear that fewer were taken in this year by this anti-human nonsense. Keep shining brightly for freedom and reason.

Fewer NZ'rs switched off their lights for Earth Hour

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"Fewer New Zealanders switched off their lights for Earth Hour last night than last year.

National power grid operator Transpower reported power consumption was down 2 percent for the World Wide Fund for Nature-sponsored climate change awareness event, compared to the 3.5 percent savings recorded last year. "

NZ Stuff

There were 2 other people in my street who had their houses very well lit up.

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