Letter to the Editor (The Press) - Islam in New Zealand

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Tue, 2010-03-30 01:35

The father of modern multiculturalism, Montesquieu, in his The Spirit of Laws (1748) while expressing a delight in cultural diversity, always held that though all cultures might be equally valuable, they were not equally good, and that under any celebration of cultural multiplicity there is yet a justice that is eternal: thus a fixed concept of justice, of morality, should never be cast aside for such an ideology, (as the political Left have done). In the West, that fixed concept is the humanist, classical liberal ethic, which advances individual liberty as its cornerstone, based on human reason. With this in mind I ask Abdullah Drury if he would like to see Sharia Law working alongside Western jurisprudence in New Zealand, as the Islamic community want in Europe and the UK. If not in New Zealand, why not? For the record please Mr Drury.

Very good question Mr Hubbard

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I really look forward to the response.

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