It's official, the West, it lost ...

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Tue, 2010-03-30 01:45

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Revenue authorities around the world are getting more activist as the shakeout from the global financial crisis works through - and that includes New Zealand's Inland Revenue Department.

A KPMG survey of 80 countries and tax professionals in 890 companies around the world showed that the fiscal pressures on governments are being reflected in an even more activist approach by revenue authorities.

The authorities are also working more closely together: one respondent to the survey, ANZ Bank head of tax Stephen Green was quoted as saying, "We just have to accept that revenue authorities are essentially one global club now."

I have come to hope, given how the thuggery of nation states has reached such heights, trampling all over individual rights, that thank you backhandedly to that most insidious, lethal socialist of our own era, the works of Mr Keynes, every sovereign state goes broke, every current ruler toppled. By the time a country such as New Zealand has got to the point of having 1.75 million private sectors workers being extorted to pay the livings of 1.75 million Nanny State workers, beneficiaries and retirees, the rot has set in to such an extent, we might as well clear the slate and try again.

The West has lost, its leaders capitulate for all to see

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Berlusconi kisses Gaddafi's hand.

Bush kisses and holds the hand of the King of Saudi Arabia, whilst Obama BOWS deply.

Obama's respect for the Queen of England, is non existant, however for the Dictator of Saudi Arabia, he shows the utmost reverence.

The US president bows to President Putin and of course the acceptance of a gift and handshake from Chavez sums it up any respect for freedom.


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The basic consequence is black market or lower or non-productivity. Strike!


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