Easter Reprise—SOLO-International Press Release: End Easter, Engender Enlightenment!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2010-04-01 10:49

SOLO-International Press Release: End Easter, Engender Enlightenment!

April 2, 2010

Two millennia of Christianity are enough, says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.

"It's time this stinking, stupid, savage superstition was laid to rest," Perigo adds.

"Today, around the world, we will see the spectacle of re-enacted sadism and masochism in devout Christian nations like the Philippines, as primitive imbeciles flagellate and crucify each other. We will witness elderly pedophiles in drag performing meaningless rituals in devout Christian strongholds like the Vatican, as the Pedophile-Protector-in-Chief mutters nonsense to stupefied throngs. The President of the United States, whose preferred superstition is actually the Islam he appeases, will nonetheless reiterate the commitment of a civilisation based on reason to a Christian world-view based on reason's antithesis, faith—faith in utter balderdash.

"Nothing can be more nonsensical than the idea of a lonely goblin, existing all by himself for ever, finally creating men for company, then having a hissy-fit and drowning most of them, then sending his virgin-birthed son down to atone for the sins he knew in advance they would commit, then damning them all to eternal torture for the same sins if they didn’t accept his son's 'sacrifice.'

"The widespread acceptance of Christianity's viciously immoral 'morality' is responsible for concentration camps and genocide. Since the time of Plato and Aristotle men have had the option of choosing between them—of choosing this world or a non-existent hereafter, happiness or misery, pleasure or pain, pride or humility, individualism or collectivism, reason or faith. Plato has prevailed via Christianity. The gruesome results are plain for all to see.

"May we now finally repudiate Plato and embrace the philosophy of Aristotle and the improvements effected upon it by his greatest 20th century exponent, Ayn Rand, in her philosophy of Objectivism, which says there is only one reality, it is real, man’s mind is competent to grasp it and should be left free to do so in the pursuit of each man’s highest moral purpose, his own happiness.

"This way lies mankind's true salvation," Perigo concludes.

Lindsay Perigo: editor@freeradical.co.nz

SOLO (Sense of Life Objectivists): SOLOPassion.com

April fools!

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An objectivist type celebration if ever I saw one, to make fun of irrationality. No state had yet made it a statutory holiday and not likely to any time soon.

April Fools' Day: how many did you spot?

"The Telegraph reports that the government has created a taskforce armed with binoculars, and headed up by a dedicated ‘Lights Tsar’, charged with switching off the country’s lights in a bid to cut Britain’s energy usage ahead of a looming power crunch.

Thousands of employees will be tasked with going door-to-door to businesses and homes to manually switch off unnecessary lights. Staff at the agency will be able to issue penalty notices to repeat offenders and will be kitted out with binoculars and other equipment to allow them to ascertain whether rooms are empty or in use.

The policy was described by energy expert Olaf Priol as a “win-win-win” for the Coalition. A DECC source said: “We are committed to making these lights go out.”

The Telegraph also has a story on Sir Cameron Mackintosh agreeing to stage The Coalition – the Musical, which he believes has the potential to be his biggest hit since Les Misérables.

The Coalition – the Musical had originally been conceived by the German composer and lyricist Olaf Dyliparos as a “modest chamber piece” for this summer’s Edinburgh Festival, but Sir Cameron has persuaded him to re-work it as a major West End musical.

“It focuses very much on the relationship between David Cameron and Nick Clegg and it has a big, operatic feel to it – I mean, it’s a sort of love story that’s gone wrong,” said Dyliparos.

The Guardian has launched ‘augmented reality’ glasses designed to offer wearers immersive liberal insights and filter out bigoted views.

The groundbreaking Guardian Goggles will beam its journalism directly into the wearer's visual field, enabling users to see the world through the Guardian's eyes at all times.

The motion-sensitive spectacles overlay the wearer's view of their surroundings with a real-time stream of specially-curated opinions from the paper's reporters, critics and commentators, letting users call up features such as a ‘Mini-Monbiot’ app.

The spectacles also feature optional built-in anti-bigotry technology, which prevents exposure to non-Guardian opinions by blacking out columns by Melanie Phillips or Richard Littlejohn, among other writers, as soon as the user attempts to look at them."

"Nothing can be more

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"Nothing can be more nonsensical than the idea of a lonely goblin, existing all by himself for ever"
Indeed Lindsay, And nothing but superstition would make any person believe that by any process of (voting for example), can make any person "magically invent a right for some designated agent that they do not have themselves." - James Corbett.

I was surprised...

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...to see on TV that the "Hot Cross Bun" predates Christianity.

Christians only adopted it as their own when the locals kept baking them for the pagan festival of light. It's not a Chrisitian cross on the bun, but a pagan Sun-cross which allows the bun to be seperated into four parts representing each of the four seasons.

Apparently they are mentioned in the bible as being baked by pagans as part of their idol worshipping rituals.

Looking at Easter, which is nowhere mentioned in the bible, there is absolutely nothing Christian about the holiday.

So bite into your bun, gorge on chocolate and generally renounce Christian asceticism.

I must say that it is most bemusing

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that this weekend millions of Christians are celebrating Jesus' death and alleged resurrection in the name of the Babylonian Moon Goddess of erotic love and fertility called Ishtar (pronounced 'Easter') who infamously engaged in 'sacred' prostitution and incest with her son (or brother, depending on what source you believe), and where the ancient pagan festivities that celebrated her return each spring are where the eggs and bunny rabbits come from.


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For the god squad goons.

UK Gardening centres take a stand at Easter...

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There is no ban on Easter Friday shopping, but there is to Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.

It depends somehow on shop-floor size though. I heard a gardening centre owner interviewed on radio who said something like:
"News-stands are allowed to sell porn magazines on Easter Sunday, but we aren't even allowed to sell seeds!"

Garden chain tests trading laws with Easter Sunday openings

"Thousands of shoppers visited garden centres where they were not allowed to buy anything yesterday after the biggest chain in England and Wales opened despite the ban on Easter Sunday trading.

Customers were able to examine plants, garden furniture and barbecues as well as seek advice from experts at 73 stores in the Garden Centre Group, which trades under names such as Wyevale and Blooms, plus six from the Hillier group.

But they had to leave empty handed as purchases were not allowed. Bosses hope that having browsed yesterday, customers will return today ready to spend...

From 1994) Sunday Trading Act allowed shops larger than 280 sq m to open on Sundays for six hours, but Christmas Day and Easter Sunday were excluded. Some large shops are exempt: off licences; shops in airports and railway stations; pharmacists; shops on a farm selling mainly own produce; and shops that mainly sell motor or bicycle supplies."


No point

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No point in even discussing it, because God is all, and everything, and nothing, and exists in and out of time. He is beyond conception, and so is capable of everything, nothing.

The ultimate answer you are likely to be left with is that God and his nature is a mystery, and we understand but the barest sliver of God, and should not presume to guess his motivations.

For those who have faith, good on you, enjoy yourself, keep me out of it, don't legislate it.

For those who do not, do not try to understand it beyond a mechanical understand of what and the rudiments of why (e.g., "the scriptures say we are to bow and say 'XYZ'").

Much more important that religious and non-religious alike support individual rights to believe and to dis-believe, a man's right to freedom, the objective superiority of an open market, the importance of accepting Reason as your guide for problems here, on this earth.


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I should make it clear that I know that one can find examples of Christian actors perpetrating all manner of atrocity, even today, and even in America.

But in the face of Islam, pissing on Christianity strikes me, as, well...fiddling whilst Rome burns.

American was and is Christian-influenced. The vast majorities of charities in American history were not secular organizations comprised of men of good-will, but rather ~Christian~ charities which fed the unemployed, cared for the unwanted children, etc. Christians have done a lot of good. They are taught that they reap as they so, so they tend to work hard. They are taught to love thy neighbor, so that are benevolent more often than not.

Many atrocities have been committed in the name of Christianity, but it has become secularized in the West pretty effectively. People go about their business worshipping, and otherwise tend to mediate their lives with common sense. They are taught some moral edicts, which is probably a good thing if their conceptual range does not stretch farther than that, and that's true of many.

Demonizing Christianity so is another example of a critical blind spot in prioritizing the threats which exist to civilization by folks on this web site, much as Dr. Peikoff's when he supported voting for Socialist/Progressive Democrats across the board.

I am

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glad that the church authorities reject and condemn the actions taken by those Philipino's who wish to flagelate themselves.


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"May we now finally repudiate Plato."

If you do this you must repudiate his original ideas, e.g., the law of contradiction. See my post of Jan. 18, 2010. You don't want to give that up, do you. It's time we got beyond the simple minded opposition between these two masterful thinkers and saw them for what they were, the two greatest philosophers who ever thought.


the reality is the

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plus ending a sentence with a preposition

Hoping there's a hell after all ...

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Now as a Protestant, I have qualms around veneration of objects and symbols such as the cross, however, in the middle of the meditation I was struck again, as I am almost every Easter, with the reality of the events these rituals reflect on.

Anyone who misuses the comma as Matthew does here deserves to go to hell, and cannot claim to be a serious scholar. This is the lowest kind of illiteracy.

From the madness corner

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".. Now as a Protestant, I have qualms around veneration of objects and symbols such as the cross, however, in the middle of the meditation I was struck again, as I am almost every Easter, with the reality of the events these rituals reflect on. For a brief moment it was like I could directly experience or perceive something of the glory of God and the deep cosmic significance of Christ’s death.

This was not just the abstract grasping of true propositions about God and Christ, though this is certainly a valid part of it; it was deeper, one becomes consciously aware of the reality in a manner in which one can almost literally feel it. Rudolph Otto described such experiences as the sense of the numinous; there is a sense of awe, mystery, majesty, involved one becomes entirely quiet and almost sad, yet the experience is one that is deeply attractive and compelling, one you would not mind continuing for a significant length of time.

From my late teens through to now, I have had moments like this when the reality of God has become apparent and sometimes I have had literally hours where I have simply been struck with the awesome, majestic awareness of a sacred presence brooding all around me; one calling me towards a goal which I cannot see and yet am aware is there and also one that speaks to me out of the historical events of the death and Resurrection of Christ. It struck me at the time that this is why ritual is important. As an excessively cerebral person (or at least this is how one of my thesis supervisors once described me) Christianity can become simply an intellectual project, a research program where I simply expound and defend a philosophy. Rituals force me to focus and refocus over and over again on the realities behind what I do. Rituals force one to quiet one’s soul and really reflect at a level beyond the mere intellectual. It strikes me, also, that rituals like baptism are powerful because they engage the full senses; one sees, hears, there are dramatic symbols that one can use as opposed to mere abstract concepts..."

Good Friday: Why Celebrate Easter? Dr Matthew Flannagan.


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A Christian apologist cannot with impunity argue that God is omniscient but doesn't know the future. The future is part of "all," and they will tell you that God is all-knowing. They can't have it both ways.

Why do they invoke prophecies that have allegedly come true if not to prove that God knew in advance what would happen?

And how about Isaiah 46:10—

I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come.

Here we go ...

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Christians are advised to (at

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Christians are advised to (at the least) ignore impositions with regard to religious festivals.

Collossians 2:16
... do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day.

Anyway... I should ignore this distraction and get back to work.

Lindsay, Awesome but one point of contention...

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then sending his virgin-birthed son down to atone for the sins he knew in advance they would commit

This assumes the conception of god as possessing timeless omniscience; i.e. that god knows all things past, present and future. That was Augustine's conception of god but not every Christian will agree with this. Christian apologists can be very sophisticated and they do know how to manipulate. So if you say that god's omniscience implies that he knows the future and therefore mandates hard fatalistic determinism, which is what you argued, a clever Christian apologist will counter that god's omniscience is linear and therefore god can't know the future because it doesn't exist yet. God can only know that which exists or has existed. I know this because I have had this used against me when I argued that omniscience = determinism = no free will.

But I entirely agree with the message of this press release. Christianity at root is Platonic Judaism mixed with elements of Cynicism and Stoicism. It is a hodge-podge collection of the WORST intellectual elements of the Classical world. In the end it reduces to the story of a vicious blood sacrifice made by primitives to propitiate an angry god. Looked at that way, one can see just how primitive Christianity really is. Its intellectual sophistication is due solely to the theologians who injected Greek philosophy into it. Incidentally, that is what really separates it from Islam.

Ayn Rand called religion primitive philosophy and that is exactly what it is. Humanity needs to graduate onto rational philosophy and it needs to avoid the massive pitfall of skepticism as it does so.

I have just sent this report...

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...to one of my operatives in the US:

"...here I am with my regular Good Friday report. It's very quiet. Very still. Not even the sounds of children playing can be heard. As I peer through the curtains, I can see the priests in their black robes patrolling the streets looking for sinners flouting the ban on Good Friday work. 13 hours to go before we may return from this limbo. Wish me luck."

In NZ, it is illegal to conduct commerce on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Illegal. Even McDonald's is closed. Let me tell you, you haven't even come close to smelling the end of life as we know it until you have driven past a darkened set of golden arches. It's chilling.

Priests really do patrol the streets, sniffing out blasphemers, scowling through shop windows, and throwing choirboys into industrial compounds to look for atheists trying to make a quick buck on the day that Sonny Jesus got hammered. Of course, their feverish task done, they slither back to hallowed ground to drink the blood of, and eat the body of their savior, before heading over to the convent and playing hide the sacramental candle with the Reverend Mother.

Even typing this could get me in trouble. It is my work computer...


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I thought Objectivists dealt with logic, not hyperbole. Nonetheless:

"Today, around the world, we will see the spectacle of re-enacted sadism and masochism in devout Christian nations like the Philippines, as primitive imbeciles flagellate and crucify each other. We will witness elderly pedophiles in drag performing meaningless rituals in devout Christian strongholds like the Vatican, as the Pedophile-Protector-in-Chief mutters nonsense to stupefied throngs."

Is "guilt by association" to be considered logic now? Clearly the people crucifying themselves are crazy zealots. Read Luther to understand how the vast majority of modern Christians see this display as utterly foolish and misguided. Furthermore, countless Christians are NOT Catholics and have nothing to do with the priest-pedophile scandals of their church. Moreover, even if they did, the fact that fallible humans have sinned does nothing to disprove the claims of Christianity.

Clearly Mr. Perigo has never really tried to understand Christianity, nor has he ever objectively (ironic!) considered his own belief in the origins of the universe. His rambling paragraph regarding the "lonely goblin" (his description of God) designed to deride Christianity as nonsensical only obfuscates the fact that the belief that the universe "simply is" is no less remarkable a conception, and could easily be considered equally ridiculous as that which he derides.

"The widespread acceptance of Christianity's viciously immoral 'morality' is responsible for concentration camps and genocide." This is sheer slander. I challenge Mr. Perigo to prove a single instance where people acting according to the teachings of the New Testament ever committed such acts. This will, of course, require showing where the New Testament, in proper interpretation--not sophistically, claims that such acts are morally acceptable. Indeed, Mr. Perigo apparently sees modern government as existing to protect him and others from the ravages that unchecked bands of Bible-believing Christians would inflict!

Finally, I reject the idea that Christianity developed from Platonic philosophy, which is implied in Mr. Perigo's comments. This is simply unproven speculation. The fact that some ancient Greek philosophers got some things right (from a Christian point of view) proves nothing of Christianity's origins.

This is very disappointing coming from one who would claim logic as the only driver of his thinking. Indeed, it seems right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. A respectful dismissal of Christianity (eg, "We disagree with Christianity because we cannot prove the existence of God. We are distressed by the extreme acts and crimes committed by extremists and deviants within its community, especially since we see it as misguided due to its mistaken belief system.") would be understandable, but this is anything but.

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