Teabonics - A Response

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Submitted by atlascott on Sat, 2010-04-03 15:33

To those who, with glee, repeat slander against Tea Partiers:

Does poor spelling mean that a person is stupid? Do you have any poor spellers in your family? I do, and they are smarter than many college mis-educated folks.

What about Americans with dyslexia? What about Americans who dropped out of school to get a job to support their family? What about the millions of carpenters, steelworkers, cement workers, factory workers, laborers and other hard working Americans who do not spell or read too well, either?

Do you think ACORN morons, who carried signs at a much lower rate than these patriotic Americans, are smarter? They were paid money to get on a bus to "protest" and they did, no questions asked. They were paid off. Do you think it is more noble and honest to protest because you are getting paid, or more noble to write your own incorrectly-spelled sign and take unpaid time out of your day to send a signal to east coast intellectuals west coast Hollywood elite and Chicago con-men who think they know better and will force their vision down our throats?

Do you think ACORN members, who have been caught defrauding our government and running crooked operations, deserve to be heard more than Americans who do not spell too well?

Do you have to be able to recite the Constitution, or even SPELL "Constitution" in order to understand how big and wasteful our government is? To understand that Democrats AND Republicans are spending us into oblivion and are destroying the Constitution - the same piece of paper which establishes out inviolate rights to pursue our dreams here?

Finally, WHY do you think Leftie media outlets love stories like this, and love it when people like you make fun of people who do not spell too well, the implicit argument being that because they do not spell correctly, then their concerns are ill founded, illogical and without evidence? What is THEIR agenda (the Lefties), and who do they want you to focus on SPELLING and not the underlying issues?

On this we will agree -- someone lacks understanding here, perspective here, and someone is being misdirected here -- but it is not these brave, patriotic and regular Americans.