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Submitted by Jody Gomez on Sun, 2006-04-02 02:55

While savoring my dinner tonight, I realized that there are only a couple of things more y-chromosome than a perfectly marbled, and perfectly cooked steak. What are your favorite cuts and cooking methods? I like fire as well as the next man, but for me grilling ain't it; I'll take it seared under a high-heat broiler anyday. And to all restaurants out there--never serve up a steak that can be described with the adjective "petit".

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A-Grade Thruster topic,

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A-Grade Thruster topic, Jody. Kudos.

I like my steak several ways.

Most basic is a thick steak (chuck or good frying variety) pounded out to about 20mm (3/4"). Heat a heavy *dry* pan until it's as hot as hell. Hotter than a snake's ass. Hotter than the sun. Damn hot and disturbingly so. The sort of heat that makes women faint and strong men look for support. Hot, I tell you! Hot! Brush the steak with minimal oil (and pepper if desired). Don't put oil in the pan, only on the steak. Drop the steak onto the pan then don't touch the bugger! Caramelisation (read:browning) must occur lest ye want a clusterfuck. Give it about 2 mins then flip it. Another 2 and give it a poke with your finger. If it feels right (and after a while you'll know when it feels right Eye ) plate it up. Let it rest. I like it with a mustard mayonnaise or chile relish/salsa.

[Re the hot pan. I may not have been explicit enough. You want the sucker that hot that you can perform alchemy in it. So hot you can actually observe mass-energy conversions taking place. Hot enough to give you an instant tan and affect the orbit of the planet. Am I making myself fairly clear? Good. Carry on.]

Next is Chicken Fried Steak. Oh, mama. Oh, baby. Give me strength. Heat about 6mm (1/4") of oil in a heavy pan to medium-hot. Pound that fillet out to about 8mm (1/3"). Dry it off. Then dredge it through heavily seasoned plain flour (big shake of paprika, lots of salt, lots of black pepper in it. Lots!). Pat it off. Then through beaten egg. Then back through the flour again. Into the pan. Fry briefly until sealed. Turn over. Fry until sealed again. Turn heat down to medium. Put the lid on and leave for five minutes. Oh, yeah. Serve with a cream & pepper gravy made from the glaze in the pan.

Lastly, I like a nice piece of topside, seared and then braised *in* the oven in a heavily garliced tomato sauce with lots of parsley thrown in. Add a dash of balsamic at the end. Reduce and thicken the braising liquid. Douse the steak with it. Mashed spuds. Heaven.

Man, am I having steak for dinner tonight Smiling

Finally, a word from our sponsor...moo!


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You are both making me hungry, and yes, Adam, you are correct. Smiling

I am partial to a nice Chateaubriand studded with garlic and roasted until just past rare. However, this evening I will indulge in a lovely marbleized chuck steak, finished off with a hint of vinegar after it's been grilled until tender.

-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.


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Warning: A good steak may appeal to a woman too.

1. Buy thick steaks. I get mine from Ralph's at Crest and Hawthorne in Palos Verdes; the steaks from other Ralph's at lower altitudes are not thick enough. Bring to room temperature. Rub the outside of the steaks with fresh, coarsely ground black pepper, and with California-style garlic salt.

2. Place a small pot with vertical sides - not a pan; the bottom of the pot should be just large enough to hold the steaks flat - over a high flame. Melt a teaspoon of butter on the bottom and heat until it smokes; add steaks. When the bottom is seared turn the steaks and swirl to sear sides. Cook until the outside is blackened but the inside is still sashimi-rare - depending on heat of flame, about 90 seconds on each side. Place on plates and pour the remaining butter on top. Serve and enjoy.

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