The Story of Your Enslavement

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Submitted by atlascott on Wed, 2010-04-21 20:33

Exactly, Ross

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The diagnosis is valuable, the prescription, a non-starter.

In the 50's...

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..."In God We Trust" also became the official national motto.

Is that when the rot first set in?

No, it goes back much further to shortly after the US began as the protestant fundamentalists started to take political control, without understanding how their indivdual rights were derived.

It is not all bad though. The mixture of Christianity and Politics has been a mixed-blessing in the US as has often been discussed here before.

The "under God" phrase was

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The "under God" phrase was added only in the 50s, as a reaction to the 'godless Communists' during the Red Scare. Before that it was just about unflinching faith in the government.

Another example of state and religion mixed...

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Can anyone explain to me how in the US it can be constituitional to require children to swear the 'pledge of allegiance'?

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Notice the God part. Notice the ritualistic nature of the ceremony. Its requirement of unflinching faith in a certain set of ideas without the requirement for any thinking or reasoning behind it.

The two big problems with this video...

Marcus's picture is the problem with anarchy is,

1) it assumes that industrialists enslave mankind as well as the state, and

2) it assumes that there is some huge conspiracy directed by the MAN in charge whoever that is, as if he were plotting the whole thing stage by stage.

I agree that the message is powerful, but what Molyneux is really getting at is that any society can only really exist with a certain amount of 'social control'.

This is in fact quite inefficiently exercised by the state alone, but has been done much more effectively by and through religion in partnership with the state. Even if there is a constitutional separation of their powers, think how often the US President pays lip-service to Christian values to garner support, for example. It would unthinkable to this day that a US President would not proclaim to be a Christian and attend a Church, even Barack Obama.

The state without religion, must invent its own religion. However as communism or fascism has shown, this model is usually unstable in the long-term.

Correct, Aaron...

Ross Elliot's picture is Stefan Molyneux.

The video is from his website, Freedom Radio.

The end of the video is a plea for anarchy without actually saying it.

That said, the metaphor used in the video is excellent. It's a form of art in which reality--the reality of human farming--is made clear and apparent.

It's worth a watch.

I agree with many ideas in

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I agree with many ideas in the video, and it's no doubt well produced. However...

The history of phases of enslavement is tenuous, and the notions about 'freedom begets the worst slavery' is absurd. Historically it doesn't hold and logically it doesn't work - if true it would lead to negative feedback and stagnation at some degree of semi-slavery. It sounds like a bizarre anarchist plea against minarchists by scaring them into the idea that the 'freest government' will lead to the worst statism. Given that the voice and voice mannerisms of the video sound very much like Stefan Molyneux (the anarchist who Sharon idolized and who praised those brave Somali 'fishermen' for raiding and holding foreign vessels for ransom), I bet that's the case.


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