Atlanta Objectivist Society Mini-Con

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Submitted by Aaron on Thu, 2010-04-22 15:17

The Atlanta Objectivist Society (AOS) is sponsoring a weekend of socializing, lectures, and workshops over Independence Day weekend.

Where: Northwest Atlanta Suburbs, Atlanta, Georgia

When: July 2 - July 5, 2010

Planned Activities:

  • Friday evening:Meet and greet at a local restaurant
  • Saturday during the day: Lectures and discussions and an opportunity to socialize with other Objectivists
  • Saturday evening: Party!!
  • Sunday morning: A few more lectures or discussions
  • Sunday afternoon: A 4th of July BBQ and pool party
  • Sunday evening: On your own for fireworks or socializing
  • Monday late morning: Shooting at a local gun range (local gun owners will be glad to let you use their guns and will teach any newbies who want to learn)

Lectures and Workshops:

There will be many presentations and interactive workshops on a variety of topics: Introduction to Objectivism, a Bloggers Round Table, a Crossfit guided workout, a Paleo cooking demonstration (and taste-test!), Quantum Mechanics, Special Relativity, Epistemology, Intellectual Property, two Positive Discipline Parenting mini-workshops, Appreciating Poetry, and much more! For a complete list of lectures and workshops, click here.


We wanted to make this as affordable as possible, therefore the costs are minimal (outside of travel and hotel). The small fees are to cover the costs associated with renting the facility for holding the classes. You can attend everything for about $30! For more information, click here.


The idea came about because many of us were sad that we couldn't make it to this year's OCON in Las Vegas, and we also generally enjoy spending Independence Day with fellow Objectivists. While none of us are professional philosophers, many of us are very knowledgeable in our own fields of expertise, so we thought of this as a chance to share what we know with others who might be interested.

What's Next:

We need your help! If you are interested in coming, please fill out our pre-registration form soon. We are trying to estimate how many people might come to MiniCon.

We also would love it if you would blog, tweet, share on Facebook, tell your friends, family, and even random strangers about MiniCon! Feel free to copy and paste this announcement to your local Objectivist groups or your blog.

The conference was a success!

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The conference was a success! It exceeded my expectations in every way - more interesting people, better presentations, smoother operation, more intriguing and even productive discussions, etc. Met a good number of fun out-of-towners too that I'd like to get to know more, from MA, TX, KY - and one strange fellow from NZ Smiling. This isn't OCON and there's no grand wrap-up info or lecture CDs for sale, but anyone interested in the Atlanta MiniCon can check Twitter with any of the hash tags #MiniCon, #AOSMCON, or


Gin and juice is my personal

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Smiling Gin and juice is my personal poison, ghetto as it may be, and I hope to partake. I'll have to have a word with the cruel planner who started activities at 10AM Sun.. No doubt Julian will win the longest distance award, beating out the mundane travel from Arizona, New York or Texas.


Julian Pistorius ...

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... SOLO's founding co-webmaster.

I'm shocked to hear that alcohol is being served. I have notified Ms. Babs Branden of the Brandbourne Christian Temperance Union. You may all expect to be written up as alcoholics in her next book, and rightly so.

Who's that? At least in the

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Who's that? At least in the British/NZ way of speaking we hope to have plenty of people pissed on Sat night!


Has ...

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... Pissed Sorry Ass shown up yet?

Good luck with it! Smiling

43 people signed up for

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43 people signed up for Atlanta Objectivist Society MiniCon (plus we'll accept walk-ins)! See you this weekend!

Aaron, That sounds like a

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That sounds like a lot of fun, and good idea. If I were in your neck of the woods I would be there!

Enjoy it.


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