Radio Live Stint!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2010-05-07 05:38

I'll be filling in for Willie and JT on Radio Live, week after next, on my own, 12.30-4 each day, Mon May 17 - Fri May 21. Batten down the hatches! Eye

I seem to be operating an

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I seem to be operating an hour behind again (client phone calls for much of the evening).

I can see a synopsis of the show here:

But that doesn't have an online video of the show. I'll check NZTV on Demand tomorrow, but if anyone has a link I'd love to watch it.


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I missed it myself. Just got back from dinner with one of my pupils. Smiling Glad to know it came over well. I think it'll be available on the beat goes on website for ever now.


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It certainly is cool to be clear - and clear you were. What a contrast having that Moyes woman on after your discourse - she was the perfect example of a modern Lynn of Tawa.

Bloody well done. Smiling

I love your Mexted-esque comment about wanting to get your hands on that boy! Eye

That was entertaining Lindsay

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We set the recorder and watched it. Can't deny you're on the right track.

The Beat Goes On

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The Beat Goes ON Monday the 31st of May 2010


This Week's Show:
MONDAY Evening the 31st of May 2010
Hi All,

It's that time of the week again!
Welcome to show number 15 for 2010.

What's happening tonight you may ask????

The Special Guest tonight is Lindsay Perigo.
Lindsay created headlines this week with his vigorous attack
on the sloppy speech standards on the network news.
Both channels are equally guilty.
Never slow in coming forward, Lindsay is concerned with the
sloppy delivery and poor presentation by our news journalists.
Warning bells for the future of the broadcast industry.
The new slogan says Lindsay: It's cool to be clear.
Visit Lindsay at
Tony Amos is back with more "tongue in cheek" politics and another great joke about our long suffering friends the List MP's.
Barry Rushton reviews two new movies. The Last Station and Coco Channel and Igo Stravinsky
Rose has Kiwiana Dreamtime once again, and it's all about the Interislander.
Birthday of the Week is DEAN MARTIN
Last but not least is our Shane and "Song of the Week". He peers into the past and sees this young man called Marty Robbins.
Great singer and great songs.Hear and see the full story tonight on the Beat Goes ON.
Song of the Week: "Devil Woman".

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John Ingle from Prohibition Restaurant and his new restaurant Pinot Plus. Kennedy Garland from Pharma Health with great natural products for better babyboomer health.
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Another great supporter is Richard Holden from Archibald and Shorter in Greenlane and Roverland North Shore.
Richard is CEO and passionate about the Jaguars, Volvo's, Land Rovers and Renaults on display in their showrooms. Listen out for "Car of the Week"
Don't forget great supporter Gerard Murphy from Bon Voyage Cruises and Travel. Give Gerard a call for all Travel and Cruises. Ask about the Alaska Tour leaving on the 8th of September.
Without these wonderful guys you would have to watch TV1 and TV3. Can't have that!

Thank you for watching tonight
Gerard Smith
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Tune in on:
8.30 Monday Night
Sky Channel 89 Stratos
8.30 Monday Night
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9.30 Monday night
Triangle Television
Gerard Smith
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Attn, TV3 Darlings!

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I'm told my adoring comments about Rachel Smalley on this thread have been read by TV3 journos who are, as a result, less than rapt at the notion of voice coaching from me. Eye Rachel dear, if you're reading this, in all seriousness, you look great but sound abysmal. Simple truth. If you can forgive me for pointing it out, I'm still willing to help. Same goes for the rest of you quackers. You want authority and credibility don't you? You have none when you quack like that. You sound like airheads—or, as you would say, "earheads." If you don't want help from me, at least get it from *someone*. If you want to give me a go, e-mail Discretion assured—I won't tell anyone, including your boss. (Funny old world where you might get into trouble for trying to improve yourself!)

For an example of someone who looks *and* sounds good, contemplate your own Mr. McRoberts.

I have a selfish motive in this. I want to be able to watch the news again. I quite literally cannot endure the orgy of quacking that the bulletins on both channels now unleash. Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! One after another, sounding like panicked ducks at the start of the shooting season. It's a travesty. Why not de-quack, and give TV3 a classy edge?!

Yours implacably unquackingly,

Prick Perigo

Triangle TV Interview

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Just recorded an interview for The Beat Goes On, screening next Monday:

8.30pm Monday Night - Sky Channel 89 Stratos
8.30pm Monday Night - Freeview Channel 21
9.30 Monday Night - Triangle Television, Auckland free to air

And evidently the TVNZ Sunday programme is going to feature me, Brian Edwards, Paul Holmes and Paul Henry. Interviewed separately, and then together. Hahahaha!

Fondest Wish

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My fondest wish for you and for NZ is to have you on the radio regularly and free to be you, and well paid.

Let's hope that this is step one to making that happen!

Where will it end?

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I imagine that before long you will be invited to host your own radio show doing what you will as you will....until you dramatically offend someone of course.

(In between times engaged in long-term contracts correcting journalist quacking.) Eye

And the voice is mightier than the pen

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Great to see adherence to one's principles paying off with handsome dividend. Well done, Lindsay! Appears you've converted a fill-in gig into a PR bonanza!

Ha! Perigo makes a splash

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Ha! Perigo makes a splash again! Good news Old Fart!

"NZ has followed the British model to a large degree..."

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Not quite true, NZ was more left-wing than the Brits.

The UK has had private TV since 1955.

That's the reason that the BBC has not descended into complete crap that is TVNZ.

Now if only TVNZ had had 50 years of competition!

Great news Linz!

Sticking to your principles is worth it!


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Old Farts Rule! Old Farts Are Cool!

We've been trying to tell them this for ages... old farts often have standards and wit. A lethally cool combination.
That was in evidence on the TVNZ 50th Anniversary news broadcast. Everyone was delighted to see you again.

Where will it end?

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Now I'm going to be interviewed by a Triangle TV programme called The Beat Goes On about my anti-quacking campaign, and TVNZ's Sunday programme for an item about old fart interviewers (part of TVNZ's 50 Years of TV project). And the Herald on Sunday is doing a sequel to Drinnan's piece this morning.

Old Farts Rule! Old Farts Are Cool!

Research & Analysis future Regulation of Broadcasting

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Further, in NZ we have preemptive censorship of film, video, and game content. All such material must be submitted for classification before release and may be censored or banned.

But perhaps the most insidious control is the Broadcasting Standards Authority which handles complaints based upon a set of codes. It's essentially the Fairness Doctrine made real. Fact: the likes of Glenn Beck--actually-Fox News--would be impossible in NZ.

Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS) ID 15259

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage and the Broadcasting Standards Authority wish to commission a research report which will provide information and analysis on relevant international content regulatory models. This will inform policy work to be undertaken by the Ministry on the future regulation of broadcasting in New Zealand.

Successful Supplier : Millwood Hargrave Ltd
Location: 32 Ashley Road, Walton on Thames
Term of Contract: 4 months
Contract Value Range: - $ 50 K

Because there is no date supplied, I can only guess that this was performed when Commrade Clark was in POWER.


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...whole article was a good read. Might pay more attention to him.

The single commenter to the piece said:

"Perigo like Ian Fraser, was in his day a brilliant political journalist, broadcaster and commentator, with an ability to conduct an interview that went beyond the obvious and trivial.

He also showed a desire when interviewing politicians to actually get them to answer a question, unlike the inane dribble that passes for an answer these days. So it's sad then, to see Perigo busying himself with the triviality of diction, when it's the content that needs attention.

Lindsey, thus is just the why us Neuw Zilunders speck maaate. When it comes to the battle of style & substance in NZ political journalism, there are clearly no winners. "

There's a lot of truth in that. Language mangling is hard on the ears and indicates a lack of professionalism--mainly by the employer--but content is, and will always, be king.

Hilarious part is ...

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Jennings and I are now actually talking. Contrary to this morning's story, prior to this kerfuffle TV3 and I were not on the verge of anything. I don't know if anything will come of it, but we're exploring, as they say. And even having fun with our epithets for each other. I sign my missives "Prick." Watch this space.


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Good article and great advertising for you. Smiling

Now I know why I had wanted to listen...

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In retrospect, it has become clear to me why I wanted to listen to your show.

I actually wanted to hear a set-to.

"Perigo Radio Stint Sparks Diction Friction"

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Modern Liberalism

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That's modern liberalism as a stepping stone towards fascism.

Thanks for the clarification, Ross.

I should say...

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...that NZ has followed the British model to a large degree, right down to the accents of our older broadcasters.

And like the Brits, we had pirate radio. Radio Hauraki broadcast from a boat outside the territorial limit.

[The Brits recently made a movie about their pirate radio operations. The irony is that it was written by a Kiwi--Richard Curtis--and starred one, Rhys Darby. Go figure.]

Further irony: after 8:30pm--and I mean at 8:31--you'll regularly hear the words shit, piss, fuck, cunt and various combos like motherfucker, spewed all over *broadcast* TV.

Yet Rush Limbaugh would be fined and regulated off the airwaves.

But that's modern liberalism.


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Media in NZ is a mix of private and public ownership.

Incredibly, before the deregulation of the 80s, all TV and radio was state-owned and choice was nonexistent. NZ didn't have a second television channel until the mid-70s. The idea of local TV stations as you know them simply wasn't an option.

The major broadcast TV player since then has been the outfit that owns (now) MediaWorks, including Radio Live.

Of course we have satellite TV via Sky TV and partial cable TV coverage. But the state still can't keep its sticky hands off. Due to the phase-out of analog TV, they formed a consortium to provide "free" satellite service to the country.

Print media has always been privately owned.

Further, in NZ we have preemptive censorship of film, video, and game content. All such material must be submitted for classification before release and may be censored or banned.

But perhaps the most insidious control is the Broadcasting Standards Authority which handles complaints based upon a set of codes. It's essentially the Fairness Doctrine made real. Fact: the likes of Glenn Beck--actually-Fox News--would be impossible in NZ.

Net step backwards

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And that's a shame, because your experience on the radio shows that people ARE concerned and paying attention to this.

Media, which should be serving as a sounding board, is instead filled with quacking idiots.

Man, they NEED you down there. There HAS to be a way to get it done, assuming that a daily radio show is even something you'd be interested in.

Is all media owned by the NZ govt or is it private? Or "private" with government support and supervision?

Well Reed

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Why don't you tell Mitch?

Same goes for everyone else.

By the way Lindsay ...

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... Mitch Harris is kidding himself - Radio Live is The Old Farts' Radio Station - that's why every other ad is about erectile dysfunction.

Oddly enough ...

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... here I would agree with you, Reed. I would expect Beck's ratings to fall because he's taken to delivering interminable monologues, and delivering them badly because he can't pay attention, even to his own broken train of thought. Speaking for myself, I simply cannot watch him because of that.

Of course I don't agree that the Christian (Mormon) content is "refreshing," since it's intellectually indefensible and morally reprehensible. But qua goblinry it wouldn't make the ratings go down, in this fucked-up dichotomous goblin-ga-ga world.

Regarding Beck. . .

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American Objectivist Betsy Speicher recently linked to a spreadsheet that has Beck's total viewers down from between 3 and 4 million in January to somewhere around 2 million now. The numbers were compiled by's TVNewser. This could be legitimate or not, I don't know. Also, there could be reasons for this decline (if it is true) other than the religious content of his show. But it does strike me as plausible that his goblin worship may have chased away secular viewers.

I think this is from today's

reed's picture

I think this is from today's Glenn Beck
It was Media Matters who first started the lie that my ratings were down on this program. Update: May ratings year-to-year are up 22 percent.

I find the Christian content refreshing (would never happen in NZ) but it's surprising his ratings are up considering the number of monologue shows and shows discussing history rather than current events.

You're so right!

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Our supposedly free market tycoons in NZ are respectability-driven. Bob Jones, Alan Gibbs, Doug Myers et al ... they are classic examples of Rand's "sanction of the victim." Where America is concerned it's hard even to speak the names of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Ted Turner and their ilk without throwing up.

Is that true about Glenn's ratings dropping since he's been going ga-ga over goblins? Then, my dear Mr. Bandler, it's time indeed for you to step up as my agent, if being my wife doesn't appeal, and make us both seriously rich, since wimpy DeSalvo has evidently cowered at the challenge. Eye

Linz on Fox!

My First Solo Marriage Proposal !

Doug Bandler's picture

Will you marry me, or, failing that, be my American agent?

Not even a month as a Solo member and already a marriage proposal!!

Seriously though, what Objectivism needs almost as much as it needs more intellectuals is a few billionaires. If we had a couple of billionaires that were willing to spend money to change the culture the way that George Soros is willing to spend money to spread socialism we might actually have a chance at winning this war. A man with such financial resources could buy a radio station and sponsor talented and ambitious Objectivists from all over the world. Such a man could finance a loyal film adaptation of 'Anthem' or 'We the Living'. He could even start an Objectivist media network. I'm sure there are a great many things an Objectivist George Soros could do to affect the popular culture.

Here is an interesting statistic. Since Glenn Beck has been pushing religion his ratings and his viewers have dropped. I take that to indicate that people are getting tired of the secular Leftist / Religious Rightest false alternative. Now very well might be the time for such a wealthy man to rise up and make a serious difference. Sadly, I'm not a man of such means. But I hope to see such a man (or woman) emerge in my lifetime.


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Hell, maybe its even possible for an Objectivist Glenn Beck. Lindsay definitely has the voice and the wit.

Not only that. Unlike Glenn, I can pay attention! Eye

Thank you for the sentiments! Will you marry me, or, failing that, be my American agent? Eye


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Was there a lot of resistance to this or was it supported by callers?

There was virtually no resistance and a lot of support. I didn't pretend it was a definitive budget, since I don't have the resources to cost it in detail, just something ball-park realistic to discuss and a challenge to listeners to come up with their own. But it got taken seriously and discussed seriously. If I'd put forward the standard libertarian privatise-everything-right-now-and-abolish-all-tax-right-now line then it would have been laughed off the airwaves. Fact is, what I proposed was *do-able* and would see us considerably more free in 5 years than we are now. And lunging headlong toward ever greater freedom!

No-one who objected to the first 15k being exempt rang up.

The real budget, today, actually lowered the 21% ($14,000-$48,000) rate which I would have established as the flat rate for everyone after 5 years, to 17-and-a-half! The 33% rate ($48,000-$70,000) goes down to 30% and the 38% rate (above $70,000) goes down to 33%. All good, but not good enough. And GST goes up to 15% as signaled. Bad!!

Objectivist Rush Limbaugh

Doug Bandler's picture

After having listened to some of Lindsay's radio stint I must say that I was impressed. I know nothing about NZ politics but I found myself interested anyway. If Lindsay was in America and he pursued a career in radio I am sure he could at least get a hearing. He sounds like Mark Steyn in dialect (at least to the American ear) who occasionally hosts Limbaugh's program as a replacement. In America we have a few libertarians that are popular on talk radio. The biggest one I can think of is Neil Boortz who is a conservative/libertarian mix.

I've often wondered if America is ready for a popular Objectivist radio talk show host. When Peikoff did it back in the late 90s it was on a very small scale. Today, perhaps it could be larger. Yaron Brook is making something of a name for himself so maybe it is time for an Objectivist to rise in talk radio. Hell, maybe its even possible for an Objectivist Glenn Beck. Lindsay definitely has the voice and the wit.

I'm with Rosie

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You are a personality MADE for media. I think you would be stellar on radio.

I think that it is a shame that it played out this way. But it is also laughable in HOW is played out.

You get a week guest spot.

You are YOU and you do what is so difficult in radio -- YOU GET A REACTION! YOU GET CALLS! In other words, attention to the commercials being played, delivering value to the station's customers.

Quackers have their feelings hurt and flex their collectivist, social muscles to punish you indirectly as they are too cowardly to face you directly.

As a person of integrity, you resign.

It is impossible to buy a radio station in NZ? Even a small one?

It is a sign of how truly fucked NZ is that a KNOWN and RESPECTED person of libertarian ideals cannot even get air time.

Shame it played out as it did, but one would be hard-pressed to honestly say that such nonsense was not foreseeable.

Very reasonable

atlascott's picture

It has to start somewhere. And as you wean individuals off social programs, you taper off the taxes. It is really the ONLY way to do it.

A flat income tax would work, and the poor folks who make $15k and less WOULD get a 'free ride' but they are at the literal fringe of society, anyway. How much burden does it place on them, and what are you really getting out of it? Would anyone purposefully keep their income under $15,000 when they had prospects of increasing it, even if the increase is taxed at 15%? You have to be nuts.

And since its the first 15k of everyone's taxes which are exempt, everyone gets the break, not just the poor.

Was there a lot of resistance to this or was it supported by callers?


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There was no contract. And here's Mitch in response to my note:

I have been painfully honest with you [about Old Farts] because you wanted to understand. It does cause me a great deal of discomfort to do so because I think you are a great guy who I admire.

I appreciate how you feel and I don't have any hard feelings.

So he acknowledges my honour. And of course I don't want to litigate. Last refuge of the scoundrel, encouraged by lawyer-scum. I want to convert him, not sue him.


Rosie's picture

Sorry, Linz. My "should" was in respect of your actions otherwise breaking the contract in the ordinary course of events. By not showing up and without much warning (and not on the grounds of ill health) would usually be considered a breach of contract. I was concerned for your legal exposure.

Had I gone on air as myself, today, instead of writing Mitch that note as to why I couldn't go on air as someone else, I would have been disrespecting property rights.

I see how you analyse it now. I just hope that Mitch et al understand your analysis. To the "ornery" man or woman it could be analysed quite differently and not in your favour in terms of honour. Can you see how it could be interpreted against you?

Missed Rachel Smalley. Was reading. I can't bear watching TV. The news programmes are the equivalent of a trashy Woman's Weekly in both their presentation and content. The programmes are not much better although it has been so long since I have faced it (about 20 years) that I may be mistaken now! Plus the ads always went on twice as long as the programme. Uggggh. The TV is for DVDs only.

Yeah ...

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"Edgy" is a real laugh. "Edgy" = a bunch of aging hippies (as opposed to Civilised Old Farts) who clearly take something before going on air. "Edgy" = the conscientiously incoherent eco-fascist Marcus Lush, sponsored by the pomowanker Billy Apple, who (Lush, not Apple) pointedly ignored me on station these last couple of days. "Edgy" = the hideous emissions, which truly ought to be taxed, from the noses of airheads like Rachel Smalley.


Kasper's picture

Good on Willie for getting you on. At least there's a man in the industry that knows your worth and states so. It's a pity that the station gets corrupted by evil scum like that arsehole from TV3, Jennings, and to see Mitch buckle under that sort of pressure. What a coward. He needs to grow a spine.

What a laugh it is to think folk at Radio Live see themselves as being "edgy" and "cool". They can't tolerate anything but their slovenly, droning, socialist vomit which they hurl down the airwaves preaching more government banning, more regulations and more handouts!

Took them two days to sufficate someone honerable in their dealings with them. Scum


Lindsay Perigo's picture

Please do not presume to tell me what I *should* have done. I do not own these airwaves, and fully uphold the prerogatives of those who do. If they don't want me, they don't want me. I'll make clear my disagreement with them, but wouldn't dream of suing them. I have no signed agreement with them, and that suits me just fine. And the only folk who'll wonder if I'm a drama queen are those who read what you and my various other detractors write about me right here ... and are tempted to believe it.

Had I gone on air as myself, today, instead of writing Mitch that note as to why I couldn't go on air as someone else, I would have been disrespecting property rights. Instead, I have behaved entirely honourably every step of the way. That's important to me.

Incidentally, if you want to tune in to a truly scary example of a quacker right now, go to TV3's Nightline quacked by Rachel Smalley. Truly sub-gutter in the noises she makes. Trouble is with these silly creatures: their anuses are where their mouths and noses are supposed to be ... and they have mega-diarrhoea! Evil

Hubbard you mad bastard :-) ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

I heard only about twenty minutes of the show on Monday and Tuesday, and missed the budget ... is that something you can put up here Linz?

Your vacation clearly didn't improve your capacity to keep up! To see my budget, just scroll down and read my post headed "My budget" ... Eye

Don't comment on it on this thread though. Let's stay on-topic here and come out the other end with The Old Fart Party! I had thought later this week to introduce my listeners to the idea of a Western Values Party or some such, committed to a non-coercive ethos of excellence, decency, respect, honour, responsibility, objectivity, and of course, freedom. I still think such a thing might be a goer.


Rosie's picture

If I say, I'm going on as me, they'll just say, well then you're not going on at all.

What does your contract say about stopping you from going on? Did you sign one or was it just a casual verbal agreement to fill in for this week?

I think this is really bad. You should have gone on, Linz, and done it your way and dealt with the consequences (if any). I would have acted for you in any unfair dismissal for free. You seemed very happy to be back on radio (as far as one can tell online). I think this is bad. Sad And what will happen to you now? Won't the radio people just think you are unreliable and a drama queen etc. and not employ you again? Worry worry.


Ross Elliot's picture

"I'm thinking of putting a machine gun nest at the entrance of our drive to the holiday house and going redneck..."

When you hear that from an *accountant*, you know we're fucked.

BTW, Mark, I have my NZQA certificate in machine gun operation. Just give me the nod.


"Bit by bit.. one by one.. if only."

gregster's picture

"Bit by bit.. one by one.. if only."

Good decision Linz, they don't deserve even the emasculated Perigo.

I heard only about twenty

Mark Hubbard's picture

I heard only about twenty minutes of the show on Monday and Tuesday, and missed the budget ... is that something you can put up here Linz?

I'd say I'll never watch TV 3 news, but I never have anyway. I'd stopped listening to Live years ago as it's full of Lefties from Lush in the morning through to Karen Haye and Fagan at night (with the exception of Laws, but he's a Big Nanny Statist of the worst order). If I listen to the radio it's Leighton Smith in the morning (ZB) and Larry Williams from 4pm. So nothing will change. The only time I will cross to Live is when I know you're on.

I spent my six weeks away in the Marlborough Sounds, and by the end of that time I had weaned myself from the news almost entirely, and I only had enough Internet for email. I realise now it was bliss. I did lots of kayaking, but sensibly balanced this out with lots of drinking in NZ's foremost wine region. I'm thinking of putting a machine gun nest at the entrance of our drive to the holiday house and going redneck: our society is stuffed, freedom has been actively destroyed by our politicians and bureaucrats and the pogram continues apace under National. Ayn, I've been back two days and am back to being as tired as I was when I left.

I hope the speech training works out for you.

Good on you Linz.

Sam Pierson's picture

Better to do this than not to be yourself.

Your callers on Monday were intelligent, solid people and I felt "Yes! This is the NZ I remember, thank god & Linz!"

Bring on the Old Fart Manifesto!

As I suspected

Ross Elliot's picture

Lindsay is as honest as the day is long, but there's no place for honesty in the mainstream media.

Radio Live no doubt considers itself "edgy", and despite a pro-freedom, pro-rational stance being about as edgy as it gets, there's no room for the likes of Lindsay.

A radio station has every right to instruct its hosts as to content and delivery, but for anyone who has listened to RL and its Jon Stewart-wannabe delivery, we know that Lindsay will be relegated to the role of a *voice*, and not one that has anything meaningful to say.

It seems the only one involved who had an ounce of guts was Jackson--who is a twit--but at least he had the balls to make the original suggestion.

'I think Lindsay can handle

PhilipD's picture

'I think Lindsay can handle honest criticism - he might even appreciate it.'

Reed, my response had nothing to do with Lindsay. It was in anger at sad-arse whinge, bitch and whine people like you who sit on the sidelines, while the doers, do. What was constructive about what you wrote? What topics would have been interesting to you? You offered nothing. Typical.

Here's the full monty ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

1) Week before last: Willie Jackson tells me he's persuaded Mitch Harris to put me on in place of him and Tamihere for a week, the week we're now in. They want a break, Willie and I had a very successful pairing a couple of years back, and Willie's looking for a repeat in July when JT's away for a month. So this is a good way to ease me back. Mitch is a fan of mine but gets it in the ear from other Mediaworks execs whenever he has me on.

2) Monday morning this week, before my first show, Mitch gives me my riding instructions. No opera, no Mario—"makes us sound a hundred years old." I have no plans for opera or Mario, so am not worried about that. "Don't want your libertarian gang." That makes me laugh, since I am estranged from my "libertarian gang" and always berated them for being utterly useless when it came to phoning up my shows anyway. "Not too much of that libertarian stuff." Whoa! But I *am* a libertarian! Well, I shrug, let's suck it and see.

3) Monday afternoon. I do my first show. It's a sizzler. My opening salvo draws a link between drinking like a slob, which is in the news, and speaking like one ... and the Cult of Slovenliness generally. I play a clip of a quacking airhead network news reporter, without identifying her or the network, since I have 26 other clips of other reporters from both major free-to-air networks I could have played, all of them indistinguishable in their hideous, ignorant nasality and language-mangling. By the time I'm done with my intro the call-board is full and Mitch dances into the studio to express his delight. The board stays full all afternoon. It's overwhelming. I've been told Monday is always quiet. Not on my show!

4) Tuesday morning. Mitch has a funny look on his face. "I have to talk to you about yesterday's show. It was a show for Old Farts. And Jennings has gone off his rocker." Jennings is the Head of TV3 News. The reporter whose clip I played but whom I didn't identify was a TV3 reporter. I have in the past offered Jennings my help with his reporters' abysmal speech, which he has declined. TV3, like Radio Live, is owned by Mediaworks, but neither has editorial influence (supposedly) over the other. Mitch shows me the e-mail. It is not a professional communication from a Head of News, it's an out-of-control rant from a guilty barbarian, calling me a "prick," demanding to know why I'm on air at all and threatening to reconsider TV3's reporters' cooperation with Radio Live. Mitch, to his credit, is pissed off with Jennings, but nonetheless has a bee in his bonnet about "old farts" which was not there the day before. He tells me not to be one even as he insists that he's not trying to change me. Again I think, let's suck it and see.

5) Tuesday afternoon. I go on air talking about the upcoming budget and presenting one of my own for discussion. As a secondary topic I offer the rugby commentator Murray Mexted who's been sidelined by Sky TV for being too outspoken and colourful, wryly mindful of how a propos this is. Every time I open my mouth I wonder if I'm being an Old Fart. It's paralysing. The show is OK but nothing like the day before. I leave the studio feeling flat.

6) Late Tuesday afternoon I have a visitor (Lady Slapper) and in the evening a dinner guest (Don Brash). I don't have the opportunity properly to absorb or evaluate what's been going down, but I'm very troubled.

7) Wednesday morning. I wake up knowing I must walk away. Opera, Mario, Old Fartism, libertarianism—all have been forbidden. What of me is left? If I say, I'm going on as me, they'll just say, well then you're not going on at all. So I write the note to Mitch, knowing I'm not leaving them in the lurch since they have plenty of reserves, Mitch himself included.

There you have it. In essence, for me, a further reminder of the pervasiveness of Mallory's Drooling Beast.

But out of it will come The Old Fart Manifesto! Eye

Good on you Linz...

Marcus's picture standing up for your principles!

"I swear by my life, and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine."

Well, well...

Ross Elliot's picture

...touchy Mr Jennings.

Obviously station managers at MediaWorks don't have too much editorial control.

I mean, why the hell bring you in in the first place? It's not like you're a mystery wrapped in an enigma. It's not like you haven't worked at Live before.

Twits, and bloody unprofessional.


Rosie's picture

Old farts are professional and do not roll over/give up on the day they are to go on air simply because a couple of blokes voice a criticism and one of them tries to impose some constraints. They keep and expect the same standards of excellence in their work and other commitments as they keep and expect in their speech (said mother).

Couldn't you have said to him, Monday was a resounding success as you said yourself; Tuesday was not so enjoyable because I tried to limit myself in accordance with your constraints; I can not limit myself like that again and will not. I will go on air today as myself - the well known character/person whom you employed for the position. They could not have dismissed you without potentially invoking legal action.

The fact that an 85 year old was stimulated and felt comfortable enough to call is the highest compliment to you. The radio is a lifeline for that age group. Why not set up your own station?

I was disappointed to tune in today and miss hearing you on air. You would have enjoyed the Kiri/Hayley/Susan Boyle discussion, as Mark pointed out.

Well said Linz. I've just got

Mark Hubbard's picture

Well said Linz.

I've just got back from six weeks holiday and was looking forward to your show for the rest of the week as I got my office back into order, but I can understand your choice.

As I said on air on Monday I believe passionately that he who speaks like a slob will drink like a slob and the youngsters’ contemporary speech patterns are accurately reflected in their drinking patterns (and in the contemporary “music” you want me to embrace). I hold adults like Jennings to be accessories to the cultural crimes that are so tragically swallowing the young ‘uns up

There's a direct line to be drawn from this comment to the other story of the moment:

Quote: "Further episodes of tragic behaviours by young people" have sparked concern from the Prime Minister's chief science advisor, who says young people now face a "powder keg" of issues.

Professor Sir Peter Gluckman this morning issued a briefing, which says "the solutions to the problem are much more complex than is generally appreciated".

He revealed the Prime Minster John Key has ordered "a major project" to assemble evidence about youth issues from both New Zealand and overseas, to find out what actions can be taken. A report would be released in the next few months.

Of course we know that the 'powder keg' has been caused, amongst other things, by Nanny State, and that the Nanny Statists who will be heading this 'major project' have as much chance as Kiri and Susan Boyle singing together of joining the right dots.

Kiri and Susan Boyle - now there would have been your show today Smiling

Good to be back at SOLO (can't say the same about work).

My budget ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... as I explained, was the beginning of a five-year transition from the status quo—where we have GST of 12-and-a-half %, about to become 15%, and marginal tax rates of 12-and-a-half, 21, 33 and 38 cents in the dollar—to a situation where GST is gone and everyone is paying 21% income tax with the first $15000 exempt. I didn't say I'd stop there, but no one asked me where I'd go after that.

It's Over Already

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Here's the note I sent to Station Manager Mitch Harris this morning. The conversation referred to took place just before I went on air yesterday, Tuesday. In that conversation Mr. Harris pronounced Monday's show, which was a runaway success and with which he had been delighted, a show for old farts, incongruent with the Station's identity and demographic. The "Jennings" referred to is Mark Jennings, Head of TV3 News and Current Affairs who had gone ballistic about my call for speech standards:

Mitch, mate, reflecting on our conversation yesterday, I can’t do this. I don’t mean Jennings’ disgraceful e-mail, but the constraints you yourself imposed on my being an “old fart.” I *am* an old fart, proudly. I cannot and will not try to be anything else. As I said on air on Monday I believe passionately that he who speaks like a slob will drink like a slob and the youngsters’ contemporary speech patterns are accurately reflected in their drinking patterns (and in the contemporary “music” you want me to embrace). I hold adults like Jennings to be accessories to the cultural crimes that are so tragically swallowing the young ‘uns up. I assume Jennings knows he’s guilty and that’s why he lashed out so unprofessionally. In any event, that show I gave you on Monday (a day I was warned on which it’s difficult to get calls), with a full board throughout, was a show I was proud of. It was also *me*. After initially appearing delighted with it you said it was a show for old farts and derided an 85-year-old who rang. It’s a sick world in which that can happen and I want no part of it. If that wasn’t the show for you then I’m not the presenter for you. Square peg, round hole. I’m sorry about the short notice, but I didn’t have a chance to reflect yesterday or last night and it’s only now as I gather my thoughts for today that I realise I can’t do this. Yesterday, trying to avoid being an old fart, I felt as though I was driving with the brakes on. I’m not prepared to do that to myself. Thanks for the opportunity, and the better times.



Ross Elliot's picture

...if Lindsay should come under fire for anything, it was the content of his budget.

The idea that those on higher incomes are to pay tax while those at the lower end pay none or very little is repugnant. Considering it's those at the lower end that use more state support, it's a double whammy. Rand would have called it a package deal.

It's certainly not in line with the excellent Libz budget I saw a few years ago.

That said, I realise Lindsay was pushing something that was palatable for his audience. Radio Live listeners aren't used to principled hosts, or tricky concepts.

Now, there was a bloke that called about a transaction tax. Idiot, and a Social Credit supporter. But I repeat myself.

The transaction tax is a wet dream to these guys. It seems like you're getting something for nothing. Just a tiny percentage on each financial transaction and NO OTHER TAXES. They'll even tell you about the VAST sums of revenue it will bring in. But what you can't get through their thick heads is it's not the source of the tax per se that matters, but the AMOUNT of tax taken.

If the state takes $50b now in various taxes, but the transaction tax can take $80b, the country is $30b worse off.

Try to explain that to them.

That prick??

Sam Pierson's picture

Of all the colourful adjectives at his disposal to describe you he chose the least apt. Clearly though, you got a rise out of him. Smiling

Lindsay is there for my entertainment.

reed's picture

Philip -
Terrific post, Reed. Really fucking interesting.Terrific post, Reed. Really fucking interesting.
Perhaps I should have posted my ideal budget*.

I think Lindsay can handle honest criticism - he might even appreciate it. And I think he will dismiss my criticism if there were plenty of calls.

I'm hoping Lindsay has a topic that will stir up some passionate responses from the listeners.

*Actually, the budget idea had thought provoking potential but the discussion focused on administration.


atlascott's picture

I would NEVER ask Linz to listen to any headbanging caterwauling. I know that he wouldn't enjoy any of it. Even the virtuoso performance of a Steve Vai would not impress him because of the content, regardless of the technical skill. I do not really enjoy a wailing guitar but I do appreciate the skill and practice and sheer talent of a musician like that.

I take issue with categorizing anyone who enjoys anything he deems "vile" in the realm of aesthetics as participants and dwellers of the "total pits."

If aesthetics really are that mathematically precise, then he ought to simply and clearly state the formula for judging, say, music, or art.

And if he cannot do it without repair to a vague essay which contains no such formulation, then he should cede that his conclusion is based upon feeling and intuition.

His feeling and intuition might be objectively SUPERIOR to that of a person who has not integrated concepts as consistently and at as high a level an Linz, to the extent that feelings and intuitions can be representations of half-completed or not--perfectly formulated thoughts.

But he should say so, rather than act like anyone who enjoys a song he hates is either retarded or evil.

So what IS it exactly that he HAS explained in this regard?

Terrific post, Reed. Really

PhilipD's picture

Terrific post, Reed. Really fucking interesting.

I found today's topics

reed's picture

I found today's topics boring. I hope the topics are more interesting tomorrow.

Holy Diver

Richard Goode's picture

Just *listen* and you can tell it's vile.

You can listen to Dio's song Holy Diver here, and Gospel music singer Pat Boone's cover version here. (Neither is worthwhile.)

Well ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

I'm not meaning to attack Sandi,, whom I adore. My reaction was an "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" to the noise I heard when I checked this fellow out and found myself wondering what else I need to do to make it clear that I HATE THIS SHIT!!!!

In the end I had some fun with it today, and got a good laugh imagining listeners wondering what the hell was happening. But I got a bit spooked before going on air. The head of TV3 News had tried to get me taken off because of my comments about the atrocious speech of news reporters. He'd even referred to me as "that prick."

Seems there is no greater crime on earth than trashing the trashy. Guess we knew that already.

Hold on.

Rosie's picture

I am dumbfounded that anyone who has spent any length of time on this site would suggest he have a listen to an early heavy metal rocker just because he happened to fucking die yesterday.

I think Sandi only mentioned the guy because she was trying to be a helpful PR person to Linz re his radio audience yesterday. I do not think for ONE MOMENT that Sandi suggested he listen to the guy because he had died. It was to put Linz in the position to be able to address the listener should he/she ring back today. It was very kind of Sandi to be so thoughtful and helpful. Linz, to his credit, had indeed done the PR thing without the need for his PR assistant however. (And hated it of course but that is of no consequence - if the caller rang back today he/she would be delighted that he had bothered to listen at all and they could have some fun discussing it in his own inimitable style!)

Sandi ought to have been thanked for her thoughtfulness, not attacked for the wrong reason. And not again by the rear guard.

The question now is, can an "ought" become an "is"?!

Comeon Scott!

Olivia's picture

His reasons for hating headbanging have been well detailed consistently, time and time and time again. He HATES the shit because it's HORRIBLE and the product of nihilism. I am dumbfounded that anyone who has spent any length of time on this site would suggest he have a listen to an early heavy metal rocker just because he happened to fucking die yesterday.

I'm amazed he would have to explain this, yet again.... but he's the one who's cracked?


Your'e cracked

atlascott's picture

"I say again, these guys = "The total (anti-)passion for the total pits.""

You're cracked, mate.

"I don't know why, after all this time, I still have to explain this."

Because you are not making sense.

Here's where you are making your most egregious error, in my estimation.

"Just don't pretend you're in agreement with its principles."

Who decides what song fits and doesn't fit? And how many songs comprising headbanging caterwauling does one must enjoy to reach the status of invalidating their otherwise-stalwart adherence to the principles of "the total passion for the total height"?

I really want to understand this. If I enjoy ALL of Rachmaninoff and Mario Lanza, but I enjoy, say, one song by Dio, does that invalidate all of my ideas, all of my thought processes, and relegate me to the "total pits"?

What's the magic number? Is it ONE Dio song? A 50%-50% split?

The Founding Fathers believed in God -- surely that's more damning of their commitment to Reason than whether they enjoyed junky noise posing as music, right?

Can anyone who has learned to play most of the Metallica catalogue on electric guitar ever has his mind and principles and priorities straight?

There are no such things as shade of gray, except when there are. And when there are and you do not seem them, you end up calling light gray black.

Sorry, didn't catch it last night...

Marcus's picture

...however you MUST watch the latest South Bank Show with Kiri Te Kanawa when it comes to NZ.

Interestingly she thinks Pavarotti was superior to Juan Diego Flórez in his performance of "Ah, mes amis".

Well ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

So fucking what?! Someone loved Hitler, too, no doubt.

Why do I have to reinvent the wheel here?!

Just *listen* and you can tell it's vile. Don't tell me I *must* listen to it, OK? All I *must* do is die, and I'd rather die than listen to that filth. I don't know why, after all this time, I still have to explain this. I know that DeSalvo, Goode, Maurone, Billy Beck and sundry other apologists for headbanging caterwauling have their influence here, but which part of SUCH INFLUENCE IS INCONGRUOUS ON SOLO is not clear?? SOLO = "The total passion for the total height." I say again, these guys = "The total (anti-)passion for the total pits."

If that's where you want to go, knock yourself out. It's a free world. Or at least, this is a free site. Just don't pretend you're in agreement with its principles.

Personally I'd never heard of the man

Sandi's picture

But someone loved him.


Lindsay Perigo's picture

By the way, you must remember to have a listen to Ronnie James Dio. He was the rocker who passed away today and one of your younger callers really wanted you to have a listen to him.

As it happens, I *must* do no such thing. I did, however, and all I can say is I'm sorry he didn't pass away sooner. Horrible, anti-life garbage. A "singer" he ain't!! I don't begin to understand why you or anyone else would commend such shit to my attention.



Sandi's picture

Thoroughly enjoyable show and there is a really good point here. Can you imagine how internationally marketable the All Blacks would be if they could talk proper.

By the way, you must remember to have a listen to Ronnie James Dio. He was the rocker who passed away today and one of your younger callers really wanted you to have a listen to him. I'd link a YouTube clip, but for some reason beyond me, I keep getting errors when I try to view anything. (plug ins, flash etc all up to date)?

Good one Linz

gregster's picture

My landlady was home listening and enjoyed it. She's reading Letters Of Ayn Rand at the moment. Makes quite a change from her aromatherapy classes. Bit by bit.. one by one.. if only.

Unsurprisingly it was a great

Sam Pierson's picture

Unsurprisingly it was a great show. Linz had no shortage of fans & admirers glad to have him back on air. Callers climbed into supporting him on the importance of speaking well. He spent the last hour interviewing a local sports commentator and there was plenty of lively disagreement over how much better the All Blacks might do if they could speak proper. Both agreed there was no hope for League players. Linz was left with the task of making a sales pitch to the NZRFU. Just a cut and paste from this afternoon's show would do. My kids were diverted, particularly by the line "NZers are a bunch of whinging moaning bastards." Class act Linz.

Knock 'em dead!

PhilipD's picture

Knock 'em dead!

I'm a regular listener (and a

Jeremy Harris's picture

I'm a regular listener (and a bit of a leftie) I called the show today about the Tuhoe deal and how property rights only seem to apply to whites after 1900...

I'll probably call a few times next week, looking forward to this...

Plenty to talk about

gregster's picture

I wish the Radiolive website stored the week's shows as ZB's does.


Rosie's picture

I look forward to listening to New Zealand's own Auberon Waugh. Big smile Well done.

Now that certainly is a great reason to tune in

Sandi's picture

I look forward to listening in and as Marcus pointed out. The news tree is over-laden with ripe fruit!


Kasper's picture

So what's the daily plan? Cool


Marcus's picture

I'll be listening with bells on!

There should be a lot of Brit political news still going on then.


Olivia's picture

Will be so glad to hear some sanity. Amazing how diametrically opposed in views you and Jackson are, yet you're their stand in. Good stuff.


Ross Elliot's picture

Radio Live website, where you'll find a Listen Live link, and talkback phone numbers.

For our American operatives, Eastern, that's 8:30pm-12:00am, Sunday, 16--Thursday, 20.

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