What's your caption?

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Submitted by Ross Elliot on Thu, 2010-05-13 01:14

No prizes. Just for the hell of it.

From this story, the original caption reads:

"Obama called both France's President Nicolas Sarkozy and Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel to give them advice on handling the European debt crisis."

Other than the irony of Obama advising *anyone* on debt management, perhaps you have a more appropriate caption...

Just hang on...

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...one bloody second, Marcus.

You don't hijack a caption thread. Never.

Back off, man. Just back off.


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We both came at the same time!

New caption - new photo...

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Which one's the rat?


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"...Germany bans 'naked short-selling'"

Germans trade stocks in the nude?

Actually, that may not be a total surprise...

I vote Gregster 1st and Marcus 2nd

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for the belly laughs Big smile

Not funny, but relevant...

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European debt crisis: Markets fall as Germany bans 'naked short-selling'

• German regulator targets speculators
• Angela Merkel warns of euro collapse
• Markets slump as traders take fright at ban



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They just get saucier with each passing day, eh?

"I'm up first,

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Nicolas will take sloppy seconds."

Who won?

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This picture has been taken on 9th May, 2010, 65th anniversary of Nazi Germany's defeat by Allies. Sarkozy says to Merkel: " It's okay. Cheer up. The main thing is not a victory but participation."

"Obama is greater than Jesus

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...without ever attaining the heavens"

Here's my caption

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"Oh, Jesus! Mon Dieu!

And we thought WE were clueless about Economics!"

Monkey Residue

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"Where's the nearest tiny commie or muzzie country? We need to surrender right away!"

The Franco-German Pact!

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After disagreement over Greek bailout, Sarkozy and Merkel decide to fuck instead.

[Said quietly through gritted teeth]

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The important thing is not to cause a panic... keep smiling.

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