SOLO-NZ Press Release: Featherbrained Form Fillers and Dumb White Folk

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SOLO-NZ Press Release: Featherbrained Form Fillers and Dumb White Folk
Philip Duck
May 29, 2010

Rowyne Peters is a dumb brown broad with a dumb brown nineteen-year-old son; neither Mum nor her boy is capable of doing the paperwork required for a passport application without state assistance. To be fair, they are not alone in having that difficulty. In fact most Maori carry the ‘dumb gene’ and share that inability to fill out forms.

They must do. After all, why else would they be singled out when dealing with government departments as being in need of, and entitled to, ‘special assistance’ under the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi? And why else would the Department of Internal Affairs, who originally denied Peters’ ‘Duh! I’m a Maori, give me extra support,’ request, feel the need to issue a grovelling apology to her while promising more staff training to ensure that such refusals don't happen to anyone Maori again?

Of course Maori aren’t any dumber than the rest. And maybe they are a whole lot smarter. It is, after all, the rest of New Zealand’s population that sits back mutely and allows the greedy and grubby taxpayer-funded Maori gravy-train to keep rolling on. Now that’s dumb.

Philip Duck:

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I have no idea what Henare

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I have no idea what Henare means. No idea at all.

Is he saying that Internal Affairs should have simply met the woman's request when first asked? Or that they should never have apologized and attended the hui to smooth hurt feelings?

And when he complains that I'm attacking Maori culture is he conceding that the 'greedy and grubby taxpayer-funded Maori gravy-train,' is now an integral part of that culture?

Guess I'll have to ask.

Good one Philip

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Tau appears to demonstrate that he's another Maori who won't read.

Well done Duck!

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You rattled the cage of a cabinet minister! Shows these press releases are not a waste of time. Bravo!

I trust you'll point out to him that you already answered him, in the last para.

Email in my inbox today: Kia

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Email in my inbox today:

Kia ora

So instead of attack the culture why don't you attack the person? Its her fault and Internal affairs. Not Maori Culture or Maori People.

Just a thought.

Tau Henare MP

Bigotry and statism

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As a white male South African I'm only too familiar with this paternalistic-racists approach which is driven partly by the suppressed feelings of white superiority and partly by the quite explicitly articulated feelings of unearned guilt. This is the main cause beyond the affirmative action’s policy. These feelings justify the usage of coercive power of the state for the sole purpose: to turn the large part of the population into a herd which is totally and permanently depended on state.


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Brilliant work with superb subject matter.
Kudos Philip.

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