The International Police State

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Wed, 2010-06-09 00:19

You'd do well to not think on it as a conspiracy theory.

Think you have any privacy at all from it? Nah. You'd have to be delusional to think that.

Inland Revenue is focusing its attention on New Zealand residents with undeclared taxable offshore income and is particularly targeting the non-disclosure of offshore bank accounts, the use of foreign credit/debit cards, overseas life insurance policies and superannuation funds.

Our network of tax treaties with other international tax authorities supports our audit activities, as does active participation in bilateral and multilateral compliance projects. This gives us better information about international transactions involving New Zealand tax residents.

Failure to declare offshore income or to make appropriate disclosures to Inland Revenue can attract serious penalties, including shortfall penalties up to 150%, as well as prosecution action.

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Now, I'm no prude, but on the

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Now, I'm no prude, but on the revelation that Shane Jones has been watching porn on my money, this Tribeless bloke has come up with rather good couple of ideas:

So Shane Jones cannot rule out he was watching porn on my tax money ( ).

Wonder what the Mistress of Womins affairs during his tenure thinks of that.

I don't want any of these chumps in a position where they can make rules governing all the details of my life. Let's pare back to a minarchy please. (And Mr Key is comfortable with this! Given the double standard, I reckon we can let messrs Hooper and Penny off, they were only trying to apply their own money to good ends (themselves and their families), compared to these politicians using other peoples money for these purposes).

And in the meantime, given none of these incompetents seem to be capable of getting even their credit card payments right, I think I want to introduce some new rules:

You can't be a MP if you've not been self employed (if you've been an employee all your life, you've no idea on wealth creation through self employed enterprise. And if you've been a teacher, well, you have no life skills at all).

To be a MP you then have to undergo an intensive IRD audit - a special squad within the department, short-form called the SS, set up for this - of your last four years before standing for election. A little dose of the evil you're going to cast onto the poor taxpayer to pay your salary for the next three years, to perhaps engender some empathy.

I reckon I'd get rid of the State by these measures, for there'd thankfully be no politicians left. Now for my plans for the civil service ...

Well said, Tribeless ...

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... whoever he might be. Eye

We are not free. They who on paper have freedom of speech are self-censoring, or saying nothing. The state rules men's minds, by men's cowardly default and mindless acquiescence. We are a de facto tyranny.

Good parallel Sandi. On a

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Good parallel Sandi.

On a similar theme there's a guy called Tribeless Smiling banging away on the Hooper and Penny tax case thread over at NBR:

His last post against the 'useful idiots' on the thread rejoicing in that decision as a victory for the glorious Nanny State, contains further information:

"In political jargon, the term useful idiot was used to describe Soviet sympathizers in Western countries and the attitude of the Soviet government towards them. The implication was that though the person in question naïvely thought themselves an ally of the Soviets or other Communists, they were actually held in contempt by them, and were being cynically used."

Also in the news today, Dunne's new tax simplification, the new measures will give, quote:

"... a greater capacity for information sharing between government agencies, "

And in today's IRD's Agents Answers, regarding the upcoming crack down on undeclared overseas income - the asian community better watch out, quote:

"Our network of tax treaties with other international tax authorities supports our audit activities, as does active participation in bilateral and multilateral compliance projects. This gives us better information about international transactions involving New Zealand tax residents."

Do you get it yet Red! You have no privacy left. None. No more treating the mistress on your credit card when away, everything about you is being nosed into by bureaucrats.

It's not freedom. It's the opposite. I don't want to live in this, and yet my earnings are taken by force to support it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Ben Franklin's militia would be riding by now, against this.

I rather like Tribeless on the below bit also, against the assertion that capitalists are 'brutes' - quoting him again:

You just don't get it on such a fundamental level, either of you: indicating why the West is stuffed, a proud humanist, classical liberal ethic squandered in your brainwashed heads as surely as Hitler destroyed it's first incarnation in the Jewish emigre communities in Berlin and Vienna in the early 1930's. We ultimately are doomed by your lack of imagination, your cynical view of mankind, to lurch back to democratic totalitarianism where freedom can't breath and my life is sacrificed on the bloodied altar of the common good, that now regulates my life right down to the colour of my house.

You are the ultimate brutes who have such a low view of man that you believe goodwill/compassion/charity/love must be forcefully coerced from the individual by the clobbering apparatus of the Big State - not understanding as free men do that in such extraction, you have crushed compassion entirely and achieved the opposite: tyranny and cruelty at the venal hands of rampant cold-hearted bureaucracy.

Tribeless further makes the point on that thread that he is posting under an Internet handle because he is scared witless of the State. That is probably the most appalling thing on the whole thread. That a man should have to do that, shows that man is not free.

"Our network of tax treaties with other....."

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"..peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none"

Thomas Jefferson Speech - First Inaugural Address
Wednesday, March 4, 1801

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