KASS Music Gem of the Day: History of Italian Opera, Beginnings, Pt 1

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2010-06-25 05:52

Conductor Antonio Pappano, Music Director at the Royal Opera House, takes us on "a journey through the most thrilling art form of all"—Italian Opera, beginning with Claudio Monteverdi:


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Interesting post. Apart from the host. I can't stand all that hand movement: from the praying positions at the start to waving them about like a NZ interviewer on that Beat programme when he can't find more interesting things to do with them - like the hand shadow game he plays when he is sitting at the piano talking about the merging of music with Greek drama. I think the animal he is trying to portray is a bull with his thumbs as horns - what do you think?!

See how the hand movements distract the viewer from the subject matter?! And these nings think that the audience will wander off without them!

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