Krugman and the American Mental Breakdown

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Sun, 2010-07-04 20:39

Over breakfast this morning I made the mistake of switching to CNN where Krugman was being interviewed.

Between that Keynesian devotee and the Obamamessiah the American economy is going to be taken over the blink of oblivion to who knows where. This is the only certainty left from the Left.

Krugman is certifiable insane. Quoting him:

“We risk deflation if government doesn’t keep spending. And deflation would be bad because prices would fall and people might sit on their money, taking demand out of the economy and returning us to recession.’

Goodness, people might save - and Krugman, you were never in recovery, you were just using the productive sectors tax money to put more wasted wages on the State payroll. Quite apart from the Big State obnoxiousness of the Keynesians they are caught on the pinnacle of such a major economic contradiction: the world economy got into such a dilemma, apparently, because there was too much debt and not enough savings, but according to the same Keynesians who say this, the only way out is to take on more debt and spend like crazy. And for Obama’s sake don’t save your money.

And then I switch channels to ‘Breakfast’ on TV 1 to hear the news report that yes, here in NZ it certainly does look like we’re in for major supermarket regulation …why?

To force a deflation in groceries!

Take it away that belly laughing policeman clip. The patients really have taken over the asylum.

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