Happy Birthday, America

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Submitted by Jameson on Sun, 2010-07-04 21:21

Useful Idiots most of them, but here these Hollywood elite put their oratory skills to good use to make a Declaration of Independence...

(Looking forward to the YouTube mash-up when someone substitutes the British King for BO.) Smiling

I think you're right, mostly...

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Spacey and Gibson have some spark, but Winona and Che Toro can't make sense of it at all. Y'know Charlton, Clint and Ronny woulda nailed it. : )


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Buncha trendy losers mindlessly intoning something they don't understand and wouldn't agree with if they did!


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...I found that rendition to be lacklustre and deadpan.

They obviously don't understand the words they're reading which goes a long way to explaining the State we're in.

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