National Socialism and UN Women

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Mon, 2010-07-05 03:28

The great thing about most government releases now is that the lover of liberty doesn't even need to provide commentary.

Drum roll ...

... wait for it.


NZ played role in UN gender agency, says minister

NZPA | Monday July 5, 2010 - 02:54pm

Strong advocacy from New Zealand over the years played a part in a decision by the United Nations General Assembly to establish a single entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women, says Women's Affairs Minister Pansy Wong.

The decision, made last Friday, puts four UN bodies set up to deal with the advancement of women into one agency called the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, to be known as UN Women.

SNORT. Smiling

Mrs Wong said New Zealand, Australia and Canada had worked closely over the years to help to get the agency established and the announcement was a welcome one.

She said the single entity would be more coherent and effective and would provide greater support and care for women and girls on a global scale.

"The evidence shows that most of the world's poor are women, and most women are poor. But when women are empowered educationally, legally and financially, there is good evidence a country's GDP rises, agricultural practices improve, and children are healthier and better educated."

Mrs Wong said the UN Children's Fund (Unicef) had shown that income earned and controlled by mothers had a 20 times greater effect on the health of their children compared with the same income controlled by fathers.

The new entity will work on policy issues, provide assistance on request to UN member states and promote and monitor the UN system's actions to promote the advancement of women.

And apparently it's only going to cost a zillion dollars.

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UN Millenium Goal - New World Orders Number 3

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"Promote gender equality and empower women"

That is of course ontop of .7% of GDP which New Zealanders have been ordered to contribute regardless of which political party has the reins (with the exception of the Libz party.)

Check out every single charity which is feeding from western governments (and there are hundreds of them internationally) all whose the agenda is exactly the same.

Note the "UNANZ - United Nations Association of NZ" with its mouth in the trough.

Check out how your tax dollars pay for advocating government policy
"NZAID recognises that many CSOs (Civil Society Organisations) - [puke} are involved in advocacy work, for example promoting representative voices on issues that are important to the delivery of services, decision-making processes, and the setting of public policy. Funding may be available to support some of this CSO advocacy work."

The NATIONAL SOCIALISTS are at this very minute sorting out how to extort money by direct debit of the peasants pay packets (sort of like a guilt tax which is being introduced around the globe.)

(note: The National Socialists are currently using tax dollars to pay alcohol lobbyists to apply public panic so they the NAZI's can introduce more regulation)

Geesh, I am fair bursting with info but am struggling to find the time to spit it out

Equaltiy worship

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The Left's two biggest motivational forces are "gender equality" and "racial equality". In the name of women and non-whites is the war for socialism and totalitarianism being waged. There is no escaping this egalitarianism. Its in the water we drink, the air we breath, etc.. In so many ways, our culture sucks.


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Hot on the high heels of Bragate, this reporter has also managed to smuggle out a copy of a hidden agenda believed to be held by an inner Sisterhood of UN Women. In a Bras for Bullets deal it is becoming apparent that UN Women may well be planning on shooting UN Men as the quickest way to achieve their objectives.


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And already controversy. In video smuggled out under the slack suit - grey, delicate gold buttons - of this reporter, the opening ceremony of the UNEGEEN UNEEGEEW, of UN Women, has descended into scenes from a Benny Hill sketch. From what I can gather the first order of Wonder Women suits were made by boy labour in a sweat shop somewhere in Asia and have fallen apart on the podium. The men in attendence didn't know where to look


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