SOLO-NZ Press Release: Cowardly Key—Most Evil NZ PM Ever

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2010-07-07 06:17

SOLO-NZ Press Release: Cowardly Key—Most Evil NZ PM Ever

July 8, 2010

At the end of a day awash in appeasement, even by Neville Key's grotesque standards, we are left wondering whether America or New Zealand will be the first official victim of Communist China's current policy of soft annexations, says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.

"A flurry of stomach-churning press releases has gushed forth from the quisling Key's toadies today, sliming their way as they are through the totalitarian nation that is China and looking the other way from the ongoing suppression of freedom in this one-party state. Here are some of the titles: 'Film Co-Production Agreement Signed with China.' 'China and NZ Cooperate in Food Safety.' We didn't get 'Chinese People's Liberation Army and NZ Army Announce Joint Exercises' because we already got that under the regime of Helen Clark. But look what else we did get: 'PM launches Rewi Alley documentary in Beijing.'

"Rewi Alley, let it be remembered, was a New Zealand communist who devoted his life to serving history's greatest mass-murderer, Mao Zedong, ahead even of Hitler and Stalin in the millions of people he killed. But the drooling Key couldn't care less about any of that:

'This is a great opportunity.  Rewi Alley is hugely popular in China, and New Zealand continues to gain significant benefits from his status as a well known and highly respected figure. Rewi Alley spent nearly sixty years in China, working to improve the lives and living conditions of millions of people.  In doing so, he established a reputation for New Zealanders as practical, hard working, and honest people. China is our second largest trading partner, an important source of investment, and a growing consumer of services such as tourism and education.  Reinforcing the positive image of Rewi Alley to a combined audience of more than 300 million can only help strengthen our relationship further.'

"China used to annex openly and honestly, by brute force. With western nations now led by cringing traitors like Obama and Key, such unsubtlety is no longer necessary. The traitors simply place their countries in hock to said tyranny while enthusiastically embracing its philosophical premises.

"Key, who once wrote an article for my magazine The Free Radical entitled 'Creeping Communism,' about the stealthy advance of communism from within, is now sycophantically facilitating that advance from within and without at a gallop.

"Key, who knows the notion of man-made Global Warming is piffle, nonetheless openly allows his stance on the subject to be determined by Lucy Lawless, who knows as much about it as Key knows about good diction. In the process of cloying at the skirt of the clueless Lawless, of course, he drags his country even closer to the despotic statism of his pin-up nation, China (which ironically displays the good sense not to buy into such Luddite lunacy).

"John Key is quite simply the most evil Prime Minister the country has ever had—and that’s even taking Jim Bolger into account. His dribbling artificially affable faux Kiwi incoherence masks an insatiable lust for absolute power wielded indefinitely, aided and abetted by rampaging nanny-statists like Simon Power and Steven Joyce ... all of them butt-licked by a beyond-braindead media," Perigo concludes.

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SOLO (Sense of Life Objectivists):


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True, Liv, true... but at least we were only pragmatists and not fucking pragmatists. : )

Um, Glenn...

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He admitted to me during the commercial shoot that AGW was rubbish, and now he's peddling it. Fucking pragmatist.

I don't think you and I have a leg to stand on regarding pragmatism with Key... we were warned in no uncertain terms, as I recall.

"Nice left hook, Lindsay"

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Well said Glen, because nothing from this government is coming from the right!

Total Class - Linz!

Key Slime Pie

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"Key, who knows the notion of man-made Global Warming is piffle..."

He admitted to me during the commercial shoot that AGW was rubbish, and now he's peddling it. Fucking pragmatist.

Nice left hook, Lindsay.


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...the Oracle of Welly!

You're not wrong

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Key's not for this country. He's using it as a plaything for his perverse get-in-to-bed with Helen at the UN - his next job, imo.

Most evil without one doubt. Great Linz.

This is fantastic

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My god you've been on a writing rampage this week haven't you.... Eye

I am baffled to hear Key making such statements. Talk about having no principles. It's the one thing Helen Clark said that I absolutely agree with. Listen to her comments on the National party because they are spot on!

Newsnight ran a story last night....

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...asking whether "state" capitalism was a new world model.

They were specifically referring to Chinese state owned companies buying assets around the world.

What inspired this in particular is the Chinese currently buying up cheap Greek assets, including a container port.

"Golfis Yiannis stands on the dock of the Athenian port of Piraeus, unflinching among the dust clouds stirred by the thundering lorries and clattering forklift trucks unloading the vast container ships.

"That's Europe's new China Town over there," he says, pointing to the pier adjacent to where he is standing. "The only thing that is certain is that we've sold our soul to the Chinese."

Pier Two of the container port, where Mr Yiannis, 48, has worked for the last 22 years, may seem exactly the same as Pier One – certainly larger, but similarly flanked by gigantic ships and stacked with huge Lego brick-style containers.

But where as Pier One is Greek, Pier Two is now Chinese.

China's state-owned shipping giant Cosco last month took control of Pier Two in a £2.8 billion deal to lease the pier for the next 35 years, investing £470 million in upgrading the port facilities, building a new Pier Three and almost tripling the volume of cargo it can handle.

The container port, just next door to the Piraeus ferry harbour that is the tourist gateway to the Greek islands, can currently load and unload 1.8 million containers a year - meaning 5,000 come and go each day.

While many investors flee from the struggling European nation, which last month only avoided bankruptcy by accepting a 110 billion euro (£90 billion) bailout from the European Union and the IMF, China seen an opportunity to make strides into Europe, buying key assets at enticing prices and gaining access its valuable markets.

The Chinese envisage creating a network of ports, logistics centres and railways to distribute their products across Europe – in essence a modern Silk Road - hastening the speed of East-West trade and creating a valuable economic foothold on the continent. They aim to make the container port a hub to rival Rotterdam - Europe's largest port.

"The Chinese want a gateway into Europe," said Theodoros Pangalos, deputy prime minister. "They are not like these Wall St ****s, pushing financial investments on paper. The Chinese deal in real things, in merchandise. And they will help the real economy in Greece."...

As countries such as Spain, Portugal and Ireland struggle with their financial burdens, China is eyeing up potentially irresistible investment opportunities.

This month a group of Chinese manufacturers hope to be given approval to develop a £40 milion plot in Athlone, central Ireland, and begin construction of a hub of schools, apartments, railways and factories to create Chinese products. The Chinese plan to ship in 2,000 Chinese workers to construct the site, and eventually employ 8,000 Irish staff in what has been dubbed "Beijing-on-Shannon".

And Chinese investment is something the cash-strapped Greek government has welcomed with open arms."

Very, very good Linz. I've

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Very, very good Linz.

I've said on a number of sites that with the heavy handedness of this government: the destruction of the reputation of Allan Hubbard (who will probably be found guilty of something, no doubt, but per my blog in here under his name, I reckon will not be); with the abolition of a widely used business structure (QC and LAQC) at the stroke of a pen; with Peter the Persecutor Dunne bragging at how he has got so much money from the taxpayer to persecute the taxpayer with; the ETS foisted on us; increases in GST; increases in ACC; even the cynical move of the Double Dipper from Dipton announcing a 28% corporate tax rate, in the knowledge that from the tax law created from Case W33 through to Penny and Hooper, the IRD will take most companies trying to actually use this tax rate for anti-avoidance - with all this, I have been viewing Aunty Helen and Papa Michael with some nostalgia.

I'm thinking of disappearing to our holiday house in the Sounds and going all reclusive and red neck. I'm just sick of it all, the laughing clown at the head of it.

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