SOLO-NZ Press Release: Andy Haden—One of the Few Honest and Courageous Men in NZ Public Life

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2010-07-10 06:02

SOLO-NZ Press Release: Andy Haden—One of the Few Honest and Courageous Men in NZ Public Life

July 10, 2010

Andy Haden's resignation as Ambassador for the Government's Rugby World Cup programme marks him out yet again as one of the very, very small number of people in New Zealand public life with integrity and courage, says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.

“Twice now the mob from the Media Mediocrity Mafia have bayed for his blood after he made politically incorrect, but true, statements on Murray Deaker's excellent Sky TV programme. On the first occasion World Cup Minister Murray McCully, occupant of a position that wouldn't exist were National true to its free enterprise/small government principles, rebuked Mr. Haden. This time he was out to sack him for daring to point out that there are opportunistic female groupies who prey on rugby players. To his credit, Mr. Haden, who was not being paid for his work as Ambassador, got in first. In an e-mail to McCully today, he said:

Dear Murray,
I wish to advise that I have decided to resign my role as an honorary Ambassador of the Government’s 2011 Rugby World Cup programme.
I do so to ensure that neither your leveraging initiatives or the game of Rugby that I love are compromised by the current media backlash to the comments I have made on television recently.
I feel that to stay in the role, given the current media beat-up, would mean having to remove myself from making public comments on the game or related issues.  I have always believed in saying what I think and I will always be true to myself in that regard and it’s a sad day for society when people such as I are unable to express what we believe without a media beat-up from those with sectional interests.

"Mr. Haden is a hero. Lesser men—most men in New Zealand—would have gone on television, wept, apologised, begged forgiveness from all the people he supposedly had let down—and pleaded to be given another chance. Mr. Haden instead removed himself with great dignity from a situation where he would continue to be harassed by quacking dimwits masquerading as television reporters for the sin of speaking his mind, and reprimanded by moral pygmies like Murray McCully for the same reason.

"It is to be hoped Sky TV will not now lose its nerve as it did over the Murray Mexted affair, and will keep Andy Haden on as a fearless and robust commentator in a nation sadly lacking in fearless commentary in all fields," Perigo concludes.

Lindsay Perigo: 021 255 8715,

SOLO (Sense of Life Objectivists):

That last paragraph of his is

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That last paragraph of his is sensational. (He must have been listening to the opening of a few of your old radio programs Linz).

Not touching on Haden, but on the related topic, Kerre Woodham (I was going to say of all people, but that's not fair to her, as she often gets onto issues of the need for personal responsbility, and also of misplaced compassion - recalling the great Tom Burroughes post in SOLO recently - from the Nanny State), scores quite a few points with me in her opinion piece on this:

To quote the start only (well worth reading the whole piece):

I hope that a Sexual Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be convened in this country before the end of the year.

That way, every aggrieved slapper could confront every sleazy and predatory sportsman who's ever wronged her, the sportsmen could apologise en masse and we could be secure in the knowledge that never again will we be confronted with the sordid stories of pissed people making poor choices and behaving badly.

I'm of the mind that if women head out on the town with the purpose of being shagged by a sportsman, then they must bear some responsibility for their actions.

Treating all women as victims infantilises them. If women want sexual freedom, they must accept sexual responsibility.

Alcoholic comas, unwanted sex and remorse are occupational hazards for trollops on the prowl.

And arrogant arses who believe girls ...

But outside of this, Andy Haden's comments on being true to himself, and speaking the truth as he sees it, are priceless, and it says a lot about the low state of our culture, that the MSM still report on him, and this email, with an offensive condescension.

George Orwell said

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"In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act"

Thank You for your sincerity Linz.
I am walking 5 inches taller than yesterday Smiling


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You don't need to apologise for your earlier attempt. I rate you right up there with Andy Haden, only you don't have his public profile. Know this, Sandi: if I had to nominate my Band of Brothers, you'd be in the top five, even with your mad conspiracy theories. You care and you KASS and you're sincere. There aren't many about whom I can say that. We're surrounded by opportunist pigs, for the most part. I know you to be an exception to that, and love you for it. Andy Haden is an exception also.

Bravo Mr Haden, you are a hero

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You spoke it exactly how it is and you were condemned for it.

New Zealand is a very sick country where honesty is so fucking rare it is bloody HEROIC when someone has the moral fibre to SPEAK IT!

Your words speak more eloquence than my earlier attempt, Linz.

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