Winnie the Pooh explains why he's a Christian with know it KNOW IT certainty

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Submitted by Marcus on Sun, 2010-07-11 15:48

A map is not a guess
An estimation or a hunch
A feeling or a foolish intuition

A map is a dependable
Unwavering, inarguably accurate
Portrayer, of your position

Never trust your ears
Your nose, your eyes
Putting faith in them
Is most unwise
Here's a phrase you all
Must memorise
In the printed word
Is where truth lies

Never trust your tummies
Tails, or toes
You can't learn a thing
From any of those
Here's another fact
I must disclose
From the mighty pen
True wisdom flows

If it says so
Then it is so
If it is so
Well so it is
A thought's not fit to think
'Til it's printed in ink
Then it says so
So it is

Never trust that thing
Between your ears
Brains will get you nowhere fast
My dears
Haven't had a need
For mine in years
On the page is where
The truth appears

If it says so
Then it is so
If it is so
So it is
A thought's not fit to think
'Til it's printed in ink
Never differ from or doubt it
Or go anywhere without it

Thank goodness we've got this

So we don't need to fret about it
If it says so
So it is

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Goblianity claims another life

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Russian boy dies during
exorcism ritual

A four-year-old boy has died during an exorcism ritual carried out by a
traditional healer in the Far East of Russia, investigators say.

The healer said that the family had a curse on it because the boy was a
"demon" and told them to leave while she carried out an exorcism,
Komsomolskaya Pravda reported. When they returned, they found the boy
had died.

The boy apparently suffocated during the ritual, after healers held him
face-down to the ground, Life News web site reported, naming the boy as
Dima Kazachuk.More here

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But you'd let them dip into Kant?

What hypocrisy! Eye


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If I ever have kids they will never ever ever listen to Winnie the Pooh. Hahaha

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