(NZ sport): Tri-Nations

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Sat, 2010-07-17 22:01

Someone has to say it; two great games by the AB's so far.

May it last right on through to the World Cup next year for once.

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Can anyone remember...

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... the last time the All Blacks executed back-to-back thumpings of our illustrious foe?

All class. Suddenly I'm looking forward to the World Cup and paying my respects to the AB coaching staff. A pleasure to see Henry's upside-down smile beaming two weeks in a row. Smiling

I reluctantly concede

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but it's only just begun.

Half this game is 90% mental.
Yogi Berra

digital microfiche

Great game

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The ABs would demolish any team right now. I say they have ditched the quacks and are each getting whipped into psychological shape with healthy doses of reality, and promises of bonuses. Smiling

If Carter kicked a few more.. And the cheek of the alternative kicker!


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How about that Israel Dagg try just minutes after he came on??!!

They certainly seem to have stepped up a notch. Really KASS now!

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