(NZ) The nonsense of our Governor General paying tax.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Wed, 2010-07-21 02:29

Let's clear our minds on some very simple concepts.

(In this post I shall refer to 'taxpayer money' as my money.)

Currently politicians who live on my money are wasting more of my money arguing whether the Governor General should have some type of symbolic debit made from my money he or she is receiving (on a gross basis). Of course the Governor General shouldn't pay income tax. Further, neither should any government paid bureaucrat (including teachers - that is, the entire government sector),beneficiary or retiree.

All of these individuals are paid 100% of my money anyway; what's the point grossing it up and taking a bit of my money back out again to go to another individual in this group? Who're we trying to kid here? It's almost like we're trying to allow these people to think they're doing something productive (yeah right), by 'paying their share of the tax burden'; what a PC joke.

Let's not take tax from any of this group, just pay them the net amount they're receiving and save the real taxpayers the huge transaction cost involved of pointlessly shuffling money from one government account to another. This has the advantage of showing without the smoke and mirrors who the real taxpayers are, being the wealth producers in the private sector (while we're clearing our minds, lets call them slaves of the former State sector group). The transaction cost saving might even knock another percent off the income tax rates extorted from the producers.

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A wise and innovative observation.

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