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Submitted by Jason Quintana on Wed, 2006-04-05 22:01

I was on just and I noticed they have their own chatroom. I couldn't test all of the functionality, but the software seems much better then what we are using now. I'm not sure how easy it would be to integrate this into SOLO but this is the kind of thing we should look into using.

The software is called “PHPFreeChat”

Their website is :

Would it be difficult to swap out what we have now in favor of something like this? I also note that on the site it lists who is currently in chat. This is a function that we would want to keep if we were to move to a new chat software or plugin.

- Jason

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I've just realised that this

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I've just realised that this post is in the Test forum. Please let me know what category you intended this post to be in, and I'll move it there ASAP.

Yup. I concur with Ross.

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Yup. I concur with Ross. Shiny. Smiling

As for how difficult it would be integrate, well, I estimate a weekend or so.

Jason, it does look better,

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Jason, it does look better, especially since it'll remove the refresh issue.

I haven't had a thorough look at the developer's site but you will still need a way to pass the name of a logged user to the chat module and prevent guests from logging on with just any old nickname, as it appears you can do.

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