SOLO-International Press Release: Let's Not, Mr. Beck!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2010-08-31 01:37

SOLO-International Press Release: Let's Not, Mr. Beck!

August 31, 2010

"Let's try the whole turning back to God thing and see what happens," said Glenn Beck on Fox News Sunday.

"Let's not," says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.

"Glenn Beck deserves credit for galvanizing hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans to show up in Washington for his 'Restoring Honor' rally. Though he was obliged to play down the political implications of the gathering, there is no doubt that this was the Tea Party out in force, giving The Anti-American President the message that his socialist agenda will soon be consigned to the ashcan of history. As Sarah Palin so succinctly put it, the task is not to transform America but restore it.

"But the alarm bells of liberty-lovers from sea to shining sea should be ringing from every mountainside at Beck's sloppy exhortation to 'try the whole turning back to God thing.' The greatness of America lies precisely in its constitutional separation between church and state. Though Beck denies he has a theocracy in mind, and claims to respect the right of atheists to their (dis)beliefs, it's hard to imagine that part of the Religious Right that does want a theocracy not being emboldened into pushing for one as part of a 'whole turning back to God thing.'

"Likely they will gain no traction. But the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Beck, Palin and all religious conservatives should be reminded at every turn that governments are instituted among men to secure the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not to dictate religious belief or impose religion-based bans on consensual adult behaviour.

"Beck's preferred form of the superstition that is Christianity is about the silliest of all—Mormonism, with its deranged and illiterate founder's claim to have used a magic stone to translate God's words inscribed on gold plates, to have had conversations with numerous dead prophets and been directed by the angel Moroni, etc. ... all pure bunkum. Beck is entitled to believe it, of course. He is not entitled to try to vest coercive power in the hands of Joseph Smith's god via the state.

"When he protests that he's merely seeking a return to 'self-regulation,' meaning (one hopes) individual autonomy, he should be asked to stipulate unequivocally that he means for self-regulation to trump any 'returning to God thing.' Any move toward government-mandated religious belief or observance would not restore honor, but dishonor America as treasonously and fundamentally as anything Barack Obama has done," Perigo concludes.

Lindsay Perigo:

SOLO (Sense of Life Objectivists):

Message to Pope "Get your rosaries off my ovaries

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and keep your hands off my eggs, Benedict!" 

Hey! Preachers! leave those kids alone!

After reading a brief history of time...

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...I thought that Hawking was "full of it."

Although I am glad he is no longer talking about discovering "the mind of god", he still comes out with complete bullshit statements about the existence of UFOs or how human beings are destroying the earth.

His latest comments were amusing in so far as they pissed off the religious lobby who love to see Hawkings as being one of those "idiot savants" god has sent them as an inspiration for their suffering and god's mercy.


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Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist.

This is really problematic philosophically. The universe can create itself from nothing? Hawking may be a good scientist but he is a terrible philosopher. This wont do anything to advance rational atheism in the culture.

Hawking has final word on God.

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Where are our resident Goode-worshippers when you need them? Smiling

Stephen Hawking: God was not needed to create the Universe

The Big Bang was the result of the inevitable laws of physics and did not need God to spark the creation of the Universe, Stephen Hawking has concluded.

02 Sep 2010

The scientist has claimed that no divine force was needed to explain why the Universe was formed.

In his latest book, The Grand Design, an extract of which is published in Eureka magazine in The Times, Hawking said: “Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist.”

He added: “It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the Universe going.”

In A Brief History of Time, Prof Hawking's most famous work, he did not dismiss the possibility that God had a hand in the creation of the world.

He wrote in the 1988 book: "If we discover a complete theory, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason — for then we should know the mind of God.”

In his new book he rejects Sir Isaac Newton's theory that the Universe did not spontaneously begin to form but was set in motion by God.

In June this year Prof Hawking told a Channel 4 series that he didn't believe that a "personal" God existed. He told Genius of Britain: "The question is: is the way the universe began chosen by God for reasons we can't understand, or was it determined by a law of science? I believe the second. If you like, you can call the laws of science 'God', but it wouldn't be a personal God that you could meet, and ask questions." ...

Beck's Christian rants...

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are getting worse and worse... he is now pretty much a televangelist. Ugh!

This is Christopher Hitchen's take on the Restore Honor Rally from Slate...

"Saturday's rally was quite largely confined to expressions of pathos and insecurity, voiced in a sickly and pious tone. The emotions that underlay it, however, may not be uttered that way indefinitely."

Beck sucks

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This is exactly what the Tea Party doesn't need. Not to mention, why is Beck heaping all this adulation on Martin Luther King Jr.? The man was an advocate of social justice. He was a mixed case and he is a Leftist icon. He should not be the center of any attempt at fighting the Left and the welfare state. Beck proves that if a person does not challenge altruism they have no hope of challenging the Left from a right's based perspective. Beck has officially become a detriment to the cause of liberty. Plus he just enhances the association between religion and capitalism that many on the Left take as automatic. That makes our job harder. I wish Beck would go away.

Glad You Wrote This

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Thanks for penning this. You are actually being kinder to Beck than I would. When I read (and have now watched) about this episode, I became appalled. Good-will and self-responsibility are great.

However, apparently Jesus walks. Beck is becoming Elmer Gantry and fomenting a religious revival. I've been so tired of his proclamations of "faith", and this was the last straw. No, Mr. Beck, we do not need to get down on our knees and pray to God for assistance--that's how we got into this mess, albeit in a different form.

No, we need to stand up straight and fix reason firmly in her seat. If three virtues is what he wants, how about rationality, honesty, and justice instead of faith, hope, and charity.

Good stuff

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Great PR, Linz.

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