Who is writing good "serious" music now?

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Submitted by gmshoward on Fri, 2010-09-03 21:01

Hello all,

Would anybody on this forum (if anybody still is-- looks like it's been quiet for over a year!) care to recommend a favorite living composer?

Thanks - Greg

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Two Horner soundtracks I recommend highly are KRULL and GLORY. Get the full two CD soundtrack (complete score) of the former if you can find it -- rare and costly but good! The latter is awesome as well with wonderful chorals.

"serious" music

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Yes, I suppose it would have been better to say "orchestral music", although I'm interested in choral music as well. Film composers are definitely in-bounds. John Williams would indeed be along the lines of what I had in mind. In fact it's funny you should mention him because I've been playing the Star Wars soundtrack for my little girls every time we get in the car. (I'm not sure it's the best music by which to drive a car as I keep fighting the urge to dodge TIE fighters.)

Elfman and Goldsmith I've heard of but couldn't hum any of their soundtrack work off the top of my head. I'll check into them as well as James Horner.


Film Composers

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I am unsure what you mean by "serious" music. I assume you mean traditional orchestral scores that actually follow accepted standards of rhythm, theme, etc. Numerous film composers such as John Williams, James Horner, etc. do this.

Could you clarify your question further?

I have always been a fan of James Horner though his habit of replicating his own work and even "paying homage" (read "copying") that of others has earned him a reputation as a "slick commercial hack" in some circles.

I also enjoy albums of Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, Danny Elfman, and other serious film composers.

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