Kass Music Gem: Mozart's Laudate Dominum

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Submitted by Olivia on Thu, 2010-10-07 04:41

I find this so beautiful that I just have to share it with my kindred souls today.
Helpful tip: play it fucking loud. Smiling

Very Nice

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I love Mozart. Thank you for posting this.


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I think it’s the Frauenkirche in Dresden. Hard to be sure, it’s too dark. It was destroyed in WWII and not rebuilt until after Communism fell, using the original stones where possible. If you visit Dresden, you can’t/mustn’t miss it. You can just go in and sit, no need to attend a service. I'm not sure there are services, come to think of it. It was originally a Catholic church, hence "Frauen", like all those French "Notre-Dame"s. Lutheranism later took hold in Dresden, but it doesn't have the Catholic obsession with the Virgin Mary, so churches were often renamed, but not this one. It was just too famous. When the communists came in they wanted to clear away the ruins and build something else there, but the protests were too much, so this pile of ruins sat in the middle of Dresden for 45 years.

Good to know....

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you two indulged and enjoyed.

Don't know about the venue Mark, it's some glorious church decked out for Chrissy to my eye.

Thank you Liv

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That was indeed absolutely beautiful.

I best describe it as pure delicious sherbet!

I enjoyed it very much. But

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I enjoyed it very much. But just as good is the venue. Where is that does anybody know?

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