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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2006-04-07 03:42

Radio Live: Fri April 14, 10am - 2pm; Sunday April 16, 12pm - 4pm; Monday April 17, 2pm - 6pm; NEWSFLASH!! - every Sunday thereafter, 12pm - 4pm!

TVNZ, Eye to Eye: Saturday, April 22, 8am, against Hone Harawira, MP, on his proposal to ban smoking altogether!

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"Well you did poke her ..."

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Best Oscar Wilde voice: I can assure you, you silly twisted boy, I did no such thing!

Well, you *did* poke her

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Well, you *did* poke her Smiling

Come to think of it all Judy might need is a good poke. Although Aunty Helen seems to do fine without it...

Did the cameras ..

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... capture Collins smacking me at one point? Smiling

Ross: You're right - Collins

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Ross: You're right - Collins was pragmatism personified. Since she isn't capable of conceptualising, all she could do was harp on about the impracticality of enforcing a law against cigarette smoking. She reminded me of David Lange 20 years ago, when he declared that the best reason for legalising homosexual behaviour was that it was too difficult to police it!


The most egregious comment of the night belonged to Harawira's soulmate on the programme - whose name escapes me right now. This fellow claimed that the tobacco companies in New Zealand were committing "genocide" against Maori people. Linz countered brilliantly, saying: "I'm amazed you were able to say that with a straight face."

Interesting that both Hawarira & his mate were only concerned with *Maoris* developing lung cancer - thus implying that the rest of us of us are expendable. Now just imagine their outcry if a "whitie" politician was concerned about, say, obesity-related deaths among Europeans *only*!

Lindsay, I hope it was

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Lindsay, I hope it was instructive for those who watched to see the gulf that exists between the true liberal in the form of yourself and the faux liberal-conservative in the form of Judith Collins.

She was *pathetic*.

She was caught between you and the brown coalition and she did not like it one bit. She was dazed, confused and bereft of any semblance of moral indignation at the suggestion of such a draconian measure as Harawira's smoking ban. All she had was conservative, neo-traditional bromides which served well as a mirror to the collectivist bullshit coming from your opponents. The poor bitch actually looked relieved when Mr Dreadlocks agreed with her that not enough funding was going into Maori health. Simp.

Well done to you. Kia kaha!

Thanks Derek!

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As it happens I didn't watch either broadcast myself, but I felt within my bones it had gone really well. Nice to have it confirmed. And the producers have told me they want me back regularly. Seems ya can't keep a bad boy down! Smiling

I watched the repeat of this

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I watched the repeat of this programme last night & thought Linz came over brilliantly. He oozed star quality: he was charismatic, humorous & eloquent, and his line of reasoning couldn't have been better. It was interesting watching the faces of his opponents; at times, one could see their embarrassment as Linz demolished their nonsense!

Sorry ...

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I should have updated this thread. I'll be alternating Sundays with Willie Jackson for a month or so until he's placed in a new slot. I'll be on NEXT Sunday. Management apologises for any inconvenience. Smiling


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Um, apparently you can't either listen or talk to him. He's not on; instead his sparring partners from 'Eye to Eye' are on instead. No idea why?

Linz on air shortly

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Letting you know that Linz should be on air in his new slot in about fifteen minutes. You can listen in on the Radio Live website.

And of course, you can call in and talk to him: Dial your international code, then 649 723 465.

Re-Broadcast of 'Eye to Eye'

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What a fabulously rambunctious piece of television.

For those who missed it or those offshore, I'm told that:
"One can watch the repeat world wide
Tuesday 11:05 pm NZ time at this link."

To help you synchronise, as I write this it's 1:30am Sunday Morning.

weird bizarro kiwi-ism?

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"you must have felt like a South American dog during an eclipse of the sun"


Many thanks for that, Julian

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Many thanks for that, Julian - I'll be watching.

Repeat on Tuesday

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Derek. According to Not PC, the show will be repeated this Tuesday night.

Lindsay spoke very well. The show in general was appalling. The interviewer's biases and lack of intellect were evident. And the other interviewees were basically fascists.

Well done Lindsay. What a load of bullshit you had to listen to.


Damn! I missed Linz's debate

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Damn! I missed Linz's debate with Harawira! (I thought it was on tomorrow.) Did anyone catch it? And just as importantly, did anyone *record* it? Maybe I'll get lucky & it'll be repeated!

I must say, Lindsay, you

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I must say, Lindsay, you stood up manfully in the face of conspiracy theorists, bible coders, happy clappers & Islamo-fascist sympathisers.

But at times you must have felt like a South American dog during an eclipse of the sun Eye

This is fantastic news! A

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This is fantastic news! A regular radio slot, *plus* the opportunity to let Hone Harawira have it between the eyes on a television debate!!!


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Congratulations Linz. And this at the same time that SOLO Passion begins to really KASS.

Might you be coming back to Auckland for this?


Ahem ...

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Take your pick. But I did agree, Jason shouldn't have oversold me like that.


Ahem... giving or

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Ahem... giving or receiving?

Billy Connolly's recollection of his first prostate exam was that he felt like a train had derailed and shot up his ass. He expected to look over his shoulder and see a caboose and a couple of carriages sticking out of his backside... but he was too afraid in case the doctor winked at him Smiling

Ha! You are right Ross.

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Ha! You are right Ross. What I meant to explain in that post was that Lindsay's show is like the format of any talk radio show. A variety of topics, callers, etc etc. Sorry for making the show sound boring. It isn't. Lindsay is a very good talk radio host.

- Jason

Ross ...

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Don't knock it till you've tried it.


Jeez, Lindsay, you wouldn't

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Jeez, Lindsay, you wouldn't want Jason as your press secretary, would you? He makes the whole prospect sound about as exciting as having a prostate examination...

"You Kiwis seem to think we

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"You Kiwis seem to think we automatically understand what you're doing over there."

Phil, we're doing exactly the same stuff you are just with more sophistication and incredibly charming accents Smiling

Just talk radio

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His last show was just a typical talk radio show. Guests, callers, Lindsay talking... with breaks for news and commercials.. One day I was listening and he was talking about where to find best meat pies in town. Another day he was interviewing the leader of the NZ conservative party. And callers would call in and discuss all of the above. Much like the typical AM talk radio stuff here in the U.S., but of course everyone has a silly accent. And Lindsay breaks out regularly with his own Objectivist/Libertarian viewpoints so this makes it worth listening to. I'm sure this new set of shows on the same station will be the same thing.

- Jason

Linz Search

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I wasn't looking for his photo or any information about his bathing rituals. God knows I don't want to wake up that fast. Just some info on whether he is a host, a guest...whether this is a call-in show, an interview show, local politics, Linz talking for two hours...or what?

Is it the equivalent of what we call rightwing talk radio? PBS? Local programming or nationwide?

You Kiwis seem to think we automatically understand what you're doing over there.

Actually, Peter, I hope he

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Actually, Peter, I hope he *doesn't* sober up. I'm looking for maximum hooliganism and gross effrontery. I may even call him (after I've been to Good Friday Mass) and encourage an outburst.


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"His photo won't be ready until he's fully refreshed and sober."

He's sobering up for this? Blimey, he is taking it seriously. Smiling

Lindsay's having a full

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Lindsay's having a full makeover, botox, Brazilian wax (back, crack and sack), the whole works. His photo won't be ready until he's fully refreshed and sober Smiling

Where's Waldo?

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I went to the Radio Live website which is sparse and just has some photos of several radio personalities (not Linz). But there is a "search" button. I entered "Perigo" and got blank results. (I also tried Lindsay + Perigo. )

What gives?

Midday NZ time is 5pm

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Midday NZ time is 5pm Eastern/2pm Pacific. Just add or subtract to hear Lindsay on:

Radio Live

...and click the Listen Online graphic.

BTW, NZ is a day ahead of the US, so if you want to listen Friday, then tune in on Thursday evening. Yes, we're very advanced down here Smiling

Phil you will probably be able to listen to Lindsay yourself.

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Last time Lindsay was on Radio Live those of us who were around our computers at the time of the broadcast were able to stream it via the internet. . I caught the show a couple of times. It was very good. I wish that we could have local radio shows ANYWHERE in the U.S. that have hosts with similar viewpoints.

You should be able to catch the Sunday Noon-4 show in the evenings on Saturday in the U.S.

- Jason

Good Job!

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Congratulations, Linz, in getting back on the air! For those of us to whom a Kiwi is a breakfast condiment and New Zealand is some distant imaginary place, please tell us a bit about what you will be doing, what KIND of program this is...and please post some titbits from time to time!

(I hope you have a chance to comment /explore / ask questions about the "cartoon jihad"...that is the most ominous threat to our freedom of recent times, far more so than a dirty bomb in an American city.)


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I always know everything is right with the world when Linz gets back on air Smiling

"Only on my terms?"

Yes ...

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... and it's quite instructive to see just *which* side is running away now that we *have* brought them all together. A side that always bitched about lack of engagement & accused another side of being chicken (with my support, I might add). The lesson for the latter, I suspect, is that the former's bluff should have been called long before now. Curve. Learning.

Casey, the reason you ran into an "ambush" is that, like many others, I assumed, with the refusal of ARI to acknowledge the Brandens existed, let alone their biographies, that the Brandens were right & truthful. Didn't ARI's evasion scream out that very likelihood? That plus the fact that I couldn't stand the insufferable snottiness of the "Warts-Binswanker" axis that I spoof briefly in Objectivists Reeling. Still can't. But I can see that ARI, & probably those two themselves, are doing way better than TOC in spite of their jerkhood. In any event, yes, things is a changin'. Hell, today we even saw *humour* from that quarter. I had to grab the smelling salts!

You've done an amazing thing, Linz,

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And I hope broadcasters recognize it, though I think they have.

Your site has joined TOC, ARI, JARS, NOODLEFOOD, and everyone in-between (except for the Brandenites) into one massive arena in Rand discourse.

That's never been done before.

That's huge.

We'll see how long it lasts and who runs away (we've already started to see that!), but it is an amazing and promising turn in the tide. A far cry from the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid final ambush that James and I jumped into a year ago when we ventured onto SOLOHQ for the first time.

Things are changing, and for the better. Eye

(I hate the emoticon cartoons, too, BTW, and voted against them!)

EXCELLENT news, Lindsay!

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It'll be great to see & hear you on the air again. NZ needs more broadcasters of your calibre ... but at least once you're back on air they'll have one such Smiling


Peter Cresswell's picture


Good God...

Prima Donna's picture

They've relinquished the airwaves to the likes of you? Smiling

Break a...head or two.

-- "Good God!! I thought that was the end. SOLO was out. My DSL was down to 2 mbps and I had a really nasty itch I couldn't reach." Ross Elliot

Congratz, Linz!!

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Break a leg, my friend. Do us proud.

Shit hot, Lindsay. Kick

Ross Elliot's picture

Shit hot, Lindsay. Kick ass!

See, atheism *does* pay. Who else could they get to work Easter? Smiling

Why not do a Russell Crowe and light up on the show? What a blast!

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