ObjectOpus - objectivist authors showcase launched!

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Submitted by treii28 on Sun, 2010-10-10 21:48

I'm proud to announce that we are starting to fill up with stories! The The ObjectOpus: Objectivist Authors' Showcase is now officially launched.

There are now 4 active authors contributing, two adding shortly and a couple more pending review who may be added soon. A couple of the authors pulled over some of the fiction content from their existing blogs so there are already around 30 works of fiction posted for your reading enjoyment! Please check it out, feel free to subscribe or grab the RSS feed and leave your comments.

The ObjectOpus: Objectivist Authors' Showcase

Authors interested in contributing should check out the 'About' page and follow the email link at the bottom.

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Breakline Sourcewire

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I'm going to be branching off some of the growing 'mock-news' on ObjectOpus shortly to a new blog specifically for such content. Keep your eye's peeled for Breakline Sourcewire news! You can always trust BS News!

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