SOLO-International Op-Ed: The Anti-American President Pt 8—Yes, Mr. President, We Know Who You Are

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2010-10-13 00:23

SOLO-International Op-Ed: The Anti-American President Pt 8—Yes, Mr. President, We Know Who You Are

Lindsay Perigo
October 13, 2010

When Barack Obama's presidential seal prophetically fell off his lectern mid-speech a few days ago, the president retrieved the situation with characteristic aplomb. "All of you know who I am," he quipped.

What the presidential panache could not smooth over was the fact that the incident was prophetic precisely because people do indeed now know who Obama is—and are about to deal him a mortal rebuff on account of it. Even those who know it and like it, such as the slimy socialist George Soros, are predicting the burial of Democrats in an "avalanche" in the upcoming midterm elections.

So who is Obama again?

Obama is Obamugabe, the man who thinks the solution to disasters caused by too much government is even more government. The Marxist Mugabe nationalized farms and sent the printing presses into overdrive; hyper-inflation and starvation have been the result. The neo-Marxist Obamugabe semi-nationalized the banking, health and auto industries and sent the printing presses into overdrive (as well as placing America in hock to Communist China); a return to Jimmy Carter's stagflation will be the result.

Obamugabe is the man who extolled "spreading the wealth around" in a country that supposedly headed off Communism in the Cold War.

Obamugabe is the man who uses the terms "millionaire" and "billionaire" pejoratively in a country where they used to be compliments, connoting a love of achievement and virtue.

Obamugabe is the man who, in his zeal to tax millionaires and billionaires more, is about to tax everybody more.

Obamugabe is the man who, as a community organiser, steeped himself in the communism-by-stealth teachings and tactics of Saul Alinsky and lapped up anti-American, anti-white sermons by black racist, Rev. Jeremiah ("God Burn America!") Wright.

Obamugabe is the man who launched his senate campaign with the support and in the presence of terrorist murderer William Ayers.

Obamugabe is the man whose Administration looks the other way when thugs intimidate voters ... if the thugs are black.

Obamugabe is the man who sent back to Britain a bust gifted to the White House of Winston Churchill because Churchill once put down a rebellion of Mau Mau savages in Kenya, land of Obamugabe's anti-West father.

Obamugabe is also Osama Obama, Mirandizing terrorists, bringing them to America for trial, insisting that the War on Terror be recast as an Overseas Contingency Operation, betraying Iranian dissidents, doing nothing as that country's Islamofascist regime acquires a nuclear capacity, considerately serving notice to the Islamostoners in Afghanistan that American troops will be out of there in a year.

Obamugabe is also ObaMcCarthy, in these past few days accusing the Chamber of Commerce of donating money illegally obtained from offshore to Republicans, without offering a shred of evidence. His minion Axelrod, asked if he had evidence that the Chamber was illicitly raising money from foreign sources, asked in return if his questioner had evidence that it wasn't!

Yes, Mr. President. We know who you are.

You're a liar, an appeaser, a traitor, a racist and a communist.

You're The Anti-American President.

And you're history.

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SOLO (Sense of Life Objectivists):

Abject liar

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"Rick Perry called Barack Obama last night either the recipient of terrible intel or an abject liar.

My vote is for abject liar.

How many times does he lie to America and get away with it?

Joe Wilson of South Carolina called it right when he shouted out, “you lie!” at a joint session of Congress.

The list of Obama lies could fill a book. Obama has claimed the fence between Mexico and the United States is practically complete. Even DHS says it is only 5% complete.

Obama told us he would not rest until the BP spill was stopped. Obama played at least four rounds of golf and took a weekend vacation while the BP well continued to pump out oil.

He told us the Health Care bill would not add to the deficit and save money. He recently admitted that the Health Care bill would not save any money. He told us we would be able to keep our own insurance plan. Oops another abject lie.

Obama claimed there was no place else in America to drill for oil. Someone needs to tell Obama, some where in the 57 states; there are places where we can drill. Anwar is a good start and it is in America.

Obama said unemployment would be 8.5% without the stimulus. 9.1% with it is, what?

He promised to cut the deficit in half in his first term. Abject lie.

He told us that his mother spent the last months of her life fighting insurance companies over insurance coverage. He also said that he did not know Jeremiah Wright was an America hating radical. He promised he would allow the American people five days to view any bill before he signed it. He also claimed his father fought in World War 2. That is a pretty good trick since he was 9 years old when World War 2 ended.

And Obama told us he was never an ACORN trainer and never worked for ACORN in any other capacity either.

Abject liar? That is the MO of the Obama regime. Has the man uttered a single truthful statement the entire time he has been in office?

It is possible. But with Barack Obama, truthful statements are hard to find. Life is tough when you are an abject liar."





By Judson Philips, today, Tea Party Nation.

War of Campaign Nasties...

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Alan Grayson, a Democrat incumbent in Florida, wants voters to know that his Republican challenger, Dan Webster, has extreme views on religion and women's rights.

This grotesque spot urges voters in Colorado to support a ballot initiative to ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest.

The revenge of Dorothy

The anti-Christian Tea Party darling Rand Paul

Everyone loves animals – except, the Illinois Governor Pat Quinn wants you to know, his challenger Bill Brady.

Christine O'Donnell, the Tea Party candidate in Delaware

John Hickenlooper for Governor

Watch this video...

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...and tell me what Obama means by the philosophy of the other side that caused the hurt?

Does he mean small government or capitalism, perhaps?

Talk about weasel words.

Remember how in 2008 Obama claimed that he would be a bi-partisan President?

Fabulous Op Ed (in my top 10)

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Perhaps Americans needed the lying, apologist, racist, communist, traitor of a president, if only to wake them up to the reality of tyranny generated from big government.


Nice Op-Ed

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Yeah, Obama's terrible, but he was elected because a lot of Americans believe in big government -- both GOP and Dems.

Big government folks think the criticism of Obama is racism, or if based on results, based upon a lingering malaise in the economy, or Obama's not accelerating towards making the U.S. into the North American Venezuela fast enough.

A lot of Americans still think that big government is best, and believe in the idea that they can go about their business, and the government will, somehow, afford a safety net for them, provide services for them, healthcare, etc.

In the battle of ideas, we lost and are losing, but we cannot give up the fight.

It might be that we have to live out the material consequences of bad ideas before the tide may be turned. But we have to resist it and preserve the idea which resulted in the U.S. becoming great in the first place.

Remember how the media...

Marcus's picture 2008 liked to call Obama a young Reagan?

Do you still think Obama is intelligent, Linz?

I thought Obama was a naive political moron then, I still think the same today.

Don't get cocky!

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Don't get cocky!

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