Barney Frank, Banking Queen

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2010-10-14 03:54

Hilarious send-up of this dreg we must hope will be a casualty of the November "avalanche":

Hat-tip: Bye Bye Barney on Fuckbook.

Heh heh. Shouldn't it be

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Heh heh. Shouldn't it be 'Banking Qween'?

IKEA - Herding Cats Parody

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That has to be the most uplifting freefall I have ever seen!

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It was beautiful to watch and this man is not only sensational, he is totally inspirational!!

I'm guessing he jumped from approx 600 ft? WOW!


Objectivist TV

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If you like this, then you're sure to love this.

This was done for fun as far as I can tell.

The Reverend B. Goode is probably having seizures right about now.


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That's your tyres? Evil

It's "squeal" btw. Eye

I know!

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That driving was truly erotic. I'd love to put Linz in that mans passenger seat just to see his reaction. He practically gets a heart attack everytime my tyres squeel Eye

Who needs foreplay after that!

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God that was sexy!

Geesh, how times have changed. I remember the adrenalin gush in driving the off-roader (with independent hand brakes), on a freshly mown hay paddock on a bald set of tyres!

Obama can't Gymkhana!

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