Atlas Shrugged: The Making of a Movie! In NYC, 12/7/2010

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Atlas Shrugged: The Making of a Movie!
New York City, December 7, 2010

The Atlas Society is proud to present "Atlas Shrugged: The Making of a Movie." After years of anticipation John Aglialoro has completed filming Part I of what will be a trilogy. David Kelley, Atlas Society founder and executive director, consulted on a script that is true to the characters and philosophy of Ayn Rand's epic novel.

This special evening will include a seated program in the historic Hudson Theatre with a first time viewing of an Atlas Shrugged film clip, special remarks from producers John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow, as well as select cast members, followed by a general cocktail reception. There will also be a VIP reception with an opportunity to meet and mingle the producers and cast members.

When: Tuesday, December 7, 2010
6:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Where: The Millennium Broadway Hotel
Hudson Theatre
145 West 44th Street
New York, New York 10036

For further information and to purchase tickets, visit our ticket page.

Forward this email! Tell your friends! It's time to celebrate the arrival of Rand's magnum opus to the silver screen!

Glad to see ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

the only purpose of government is to preserve freedom, and that there is nothing about the properly-contractual relation between citizens and government that warrants compulsion in the service of "welfare rights."

... you've changed your tune from a few months back.

Something strange was going on there, with Valliant coming out and saying your compulsionist view ought at least to be given a hearing. Weird. No one who says that can criticize The KASSless Society. Moreover, the KASSest things within Objectivism these past few months, apart from my own op-eds, of course, have been Ed Hudgins's. Exemplary. While that has been going on, ARI, now the Ayn Rand Scientology Institute, ARSI, has ceased doing op-eds altogether and focussed on defending and practicing cultism.

Objectivism's biggest problem: people with subjective agendas way more important to them than objectivity.

KASSless Society pragmatism/weakness

Chris Cathcart's picture

More for you to stick in your pipe and smoke, sir.

Has it ever occurred to you, man, sir,

Chris Cathcart's picture

that I am one of the few normal ones, and perhaps it's folks like the KASSless Society who are the bizarre ones?

As for Linz's query, short answer is, No, I'm not pushing a "welfare rights" view; my view - and the one I will advance in my book - is that the only purpose of government is to preserve freedom, and that there is nothing about the properly-contractual relation between citizens and government that warrants compulsion in the service of "welfare rights." As much as - as I will still argue - people have good reasons to make basic "welfare" provisions, the only way to do so is voluntarily. I'll work out the details in the book.

The book - as the cover design and my blog already portend - is gonna be KASS as fuck. Eye

A society of rational individuals?

Ed Hudgins's picture

Those of us who seek a society of rational individuals must come to grips with the existence of bizarre types like Cathcarts.

The Curious Case of Cathcart ... :-)

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Mr C, I can never be sure which version of you is going to appear here. There've been a few. There was the original purveyor of Sciabarrian Polish and weasel-words who was probably, though I can't recall with certainty, a Brandroid. Then suddenly we got a KASS Valliantist, the sole sign of whose previous incarnation was a struggle to wean himself off Babs. Not so long ago we had a thoroughly curious and incongruous new version again that was claiming welfare "rights" were compatible with real ones, and with Objectivism. Today we have—what? A version who welcomes the demise of Sciabarra's Journal of anti-Ayn Rand Studies for which he used to write, who uses the Linzism "The KASSless Society" with gay and gratifying abandon and refers to both Brandens, accurately, as "vultures." Is this just Mark II without the Babs issue? What is the current incarnation's view on welfare rights?

Just askin', you know. I should hate to be bothered and bewildered on such matters. Eye

KASSless Society and a New Objectivist Order

Chris Cathcart's picture

1) It's obvious that the movie is gonna be a turd, and it's obviously the last desperate gasp of the KASSless Society that it's on board with this gonna-be turd. Once I saw the production budget - and the fact that the KASSless Society is all aflutter about it - I knew that a high-quality production of the film, should it ever happen, is gonna have to wait.

2) Re Linz and the New Objectivist Order: I have made the observation on another non-Oism forum that aside from everyone being insufferable assholes, the New Objectivist Order is going to be pretty dandy. Only it might not be known as the New Objectivist Order; it might well be known as the New Perfectionist Order - and it's well-established how perfectionists are unsufferable assholes. Smiling (The KASSless-endorsed film of Atlas - should we just call the movie KASSless and be done with it? - will surely fall short of the standards of perfectionist assholes.)

Addendum: So Kelley consulted on the script, huh? The same David Kelley who has evidently collapsed into irrelevance with such interviews as this one? (See the UMF interview with ARI's Yaron Brook on the right column for contrast. I couldn't get past the :24 mark with the Kelley one, after he answers the first question, "Is capitalism a moral ideal?" with, "Yes, I believe so...," and proceeds to stumble and stammer. The rest of the interview, as I remember it, is a lot of stumbling and stammering.)

Addendum #2: The same spineless, pragmatistic David Kelley who wouldn't take a stand on the matter of the Brandens, the Vultures, giving lectures at KASSless Society conferences? That David Kelley?

Previewing the Atlas Shrugged Movie

Ed Hudgins's picture

[In case you missed it.]

Previewing the Atlas Shrugged Movie
By Walter Donway

Dear Friends:

To Ayn Rand, the New York City skyline spoke of the highest achievement of man's productive mind–of the best within us–and Tuesday night, December 7, that skyline seemed to blaze with a brighter, cleaner light. No one can say, of course; but I think and hope that Ayn Rand would have accepted the tribute to her represented by that radiance.

Continued here.

I'm looking forward ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... to the movie. I think. Eye

I'm also looking forward to how peaceful and quiet the world will be when it goes Objectivist. Billions of super-rational people, none of them speaking to each other, everyone having broken with everyone. Eye

Gregster - Here's the story!

Ed Hudgins's picture

Gregster – We also had a Solo thread with that interview here:

Some 17 years ago John Aglialoro, who supported ARI at the time, bought an option to make the Atlas movie, with at least one option for John to renew at his discretion. In 1997 John told Peikoff that he was going to speak about his planned movie at an Atlas Shrugged 40th anniversary event, put on by Cato (where I worked at the time) and the now-Atlas Society. Peikoff broke with him over that.

John has discussed his years of efforts to make the film. When the most recent efforts with Lionsgate didn’t pan out and Peikoff refused to extend the deadline, John had to move quickly to start principal photography on a movie by a June date. He did so which, under his option, means that he has the right to make not only one movie but also sequels, enhance the trilogy approach.

Making an independent picture meant that John had more control over its content, which meant he could keep it true to the book; David Kelley consulted on the script. And the preview looked great! (Beware, Gregster, of the ignorant “human diminishers” posting on this threat!)

I’ll soon post another review of the clip.


"Heh. If there were a

Jason Quintana's picture

"Heh. If there were a poster-boy for the dickless, Objectivist wimp completely devoid of life and passion, you would be it. But whatever..."

Doug, for some reason I feel like we've crossed paths before. Have you been on this website before with a different name, or are you assholes all so similar that there is simply a new version of you year after year?

This is the one I mean

gregster's picture

The interview I read is here.

"Notwithstanding my criticisms, my expectations have been raised by this preview, and I feel better than I did previously about the project. It looks professional and visually gorgeous." Richard Gleaves.

"Leonard sold this guy the

Jason Quintana's picture

"Leonard sold this guy the rights and kept him to a deadline. I think I read the story at Not PC."

Huh. I'll look for that. I remember listening to an interview with a movie producer (it was probably posted on SOLO some time back), that recounts his attempt to work with Ayn Rand directly to make Atlas. He was fresh from producing The Godfather (which was an astoundingly good production), and Ayn Rand ended up backing off and pushing him away. Peikoff has always been loyal and close to the vest with his "heir" status. That he let this go is still a shocker. Especially now that the David Kelley people are advisers! If I am feeling misery whenever I see a post about the production of this movie (and the need to comment about it), this must hit him 10,000x harder.


gregster's picture

Leonard sold this guy the rights and kept him to a deadline. I think I read the story at Not PC.

So what....

Marcus's picture doesn't matter what they look like.

What matters is whether Rand's message gets across or not.

I would like the rights to lapse and people to make this film over and over every year like Dickens' "A Christmas Carol".

Sooner or later someone would get it right. And of course millions would be inspired to read the book and discover the original message.

That would be a result for Ayn Rand and Objectivism.


Doug Bandler's picture

that picture looks bad - the outfit is so wrong - and didn't Dagny have brunette hair?
Grant Bowler looks good though.

The outfit is way too modern and too "hip". And yes, Dagny was a BRUNETTE! Dominique was the blonde bombshell.

Also right about Grant Bowler. I'm sure he's good looking by female standards but he is all wrong for Hank Rearden. I'm thinking of someone who looked like Harrison Ford in his 40s.

Love you too buttercup

Doug Bandler's picture

Doug, like this movie you are also a disaster in the making

Heh. If there were a poster-boy for the dickless, Objectivist wimp completely devoid of life and passion, you would be it. But whatever...

I agree, however, that it would be interesting to know the history of Peikoff's involvement with the movie project.

I'll admit...

Olivia's picture

that picture looks bad - the outfit is so wrong - and didn't Dagny have brunette hair?
Grant Bowler looks good though. Eye

Doug, like this movie you are

Jason Quintana's picture

Doug, like this movie you are also a disaster in the making, but here you are right. This looks embarrassing. Not befitting at all. I don't think this novel should ever be made in to a movie. The book has cinematic qualities, but I don't think it could work even under ideal circumstances. This made for TV, low budget look certainly won’t work.

Does anyone have the whole story about how Peikoff lost control of movie rights for Atlas Shrugged? That would be an interesting, though disappointing one to hear.

Total Disaster in the making

Doug Bandler's picture


Look at the picture of Dagny and Rearden and tell me that this movie isn't going to be a piece of shit. Dagny looks way too young, ditzy and slutty. They also dressed her like a modern whore. She's got the I'm-so-hot-I'll-show-off-my-midriff look going on. I'm sure Ayn Rand would have loved that.

Fucking joke.

I'll take the ARIans over the KASSless any day. So Peikoff is a real hard ass. At least he understands Objectivism.

Atlas Movie Opens April 15, 2011!

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"Atlas Shrugged: The Making of a Movie" was a great success and the audience was thrilled with the ten-minute clip from the film, which will open on April 15, 2011! Here John Aglialoro, the man who made it possible, introduces the clip:



The Atlas Society's picture

We're pleased to announce we will be featuring a ten minute one-time viewing of an Atlas Shrugged film clip, which will include the first scene from the movie, at "Atlas Shrugged: The Making of a Movie" on December 7th in New York City!

This is an exclusive for The Atlas Society!


Kyrel Zantonavitch's picture

A hundred bucks a ticket? Is this the right price to make the general public friendly to Ayn Rand, and draw people into The Atlas Society?

Well, I'll give them one

Boaz the Boor's picture

Well, I'll give them one thing:

At least with the Atlas Society, when I say that this movie looks like it's going to suck ass, no one will report me to David Harriman.

Kelley's various essays on the movement left much to be desired. But it was never true that just because Kelley or others among TOC/Atlas believed something, it was therefore untrue. He and others who parted from Peikoff were right about the dogmatism and associated epistemic vices -- primarily the failure to objectively judge a person's mental process -- among many allied with ARI. Many of us have complained about this for years. Such vices were always prominent among the internet groupies, but evidently they were sadly prominent among higher-ups as well. My belated thank you to various among you who cared enough about these ideas to shine some light on previous incidents. Also, the lack of gloating among such people at this latest brouhaha is also to be applauded.

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