SOLO-NZ Op-Ed: Stinking Government-Funded 'Art'

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SOLO-NZ Op-Ed: Stinking Government-Funded 'Art'

Philip Duck
October 19, 2010

Back in 2004 a scumbag by the name of Tao Wells displayed his ‘art’ installation in an Auckland gallery. All you need to know about that work was that he left something to decay and stink inside the filing cabinet that formed part of the installation. This was to show that the work of his fellow-artists stank, apparently. Oh, how bloody clever! Although to be fair the imbeciles who look at such rubbish usually don’t bathe, and thus stink themselves, so perhaps the point of the exercise was missed by most.

Skipping forward to today ... and tosser Tao is back showing more of his installation crap in Wellington. That would be fine by me—let him and those like him slop around in their own muck. Trouble is though, his current dross is taxpayer-funded courtesy of a $2,000 Creative New Zealand grant. And what’s he trying to say with this $2,000 of Other People's Money?

"I am saying that it is my collective wealth as well as yours. It's all of our collective wealth that pays for benefits,” said the unemployed bludger of 13 years standing who doubtless has never created wealth, nor is ever likely to.

Sod off Wells; get a job, or see if you can support yourself selling your stinking, stupid garbage. Piss off Creative New Zealand, too; close them down permanently and let's see if the hopeless bureaucrats within can find a job that doesn't involve flogging the taxpayer. And as the office door hits them on the backside on their final way out, they should feel free to buy a fetid Wells installation with their redundancy cheque. They think that it has some sort of worth, afterall.

Philip Duck:

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Every now and then a little

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Every now and then a little gift comes along to let you know how right your world view is...

Thanks Tao you are the yin to my yang...

Another good one Philip

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And another one for smiling man of the people plebs Key to sort out.

He can't make a living in the real world

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because his work is crap and no one wants to buy it. Except the government who values shit because it represents what they dish out.

Logically speaking, people should be lining the steps of parliament with painted wild mushrooms and cardboard collages of used KFC, McDonalds and used wrappers of foreign fare, beit any tangible rotting mass that they can present as art!

Easy money for fetid pieces!!

Hold on a moment. Next time there is an inorganic collection near you, shove a fish carcass inside the old set of drawers you are discarding and call the government!!

Note: I used the example of painted wild mushrooms because I have actually seen people in the streets of St Petersberg in Russia doing this and beseeching the tsars.

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