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Submitted by Rick Giles on Tue, 2010-10-19 04:09

That's the last time this forum was used, 2 years 40 weeks ago, what a shame! So, I'm going to do some dusting and then perhaps look at another fossilised forum.

Dusting off SOLO Youth

Why should an international cultural movement like SOLO take an interest in young people? What would it say to them? What role might young people play in an agenda toward changing the future of civilisation?

The answer almost writes itself! Children are the future, young students today are the inheritors of the world we seek to retire in. If our ideas about liberty, how to think, how to love, how to debate, and how to be good are going to thrive or even survive us we must transmit them to people younger than ourselves. That seems like so crucial a part of a serious freedom movement that it cannot be refuted or left to languish for 2 years 40 weeks.

Second to that, children have the keenest minds. They're born to be brilliant, born to be free and curious. Always asking questions and seeking out justifications and ferriting out inconsistencies and hypocrites! Natural born philosophers! Un-invested in all the dogma and the propaganda of adults, their minds are fresh for the picking for a justified and rational philosophy. Youth are still growing their brains, still seeking answers to life and people who can give it to them. Adults are set in their ways, wedded to their wives and their mother's in law and their jobs and their peer groups that make radical libertarianism a fearful hard organ to arouse.

Third to that, our enemies know all of this already and have struck. The 1876 Education Act nationalised school, the state has its grip on kids and tells them what they ought to know from as late as age five and holds them in class 11 more years. Longer, if in their dizzyness they stumble back into the cook-pot where they may be stewed to an accademic tertiary meal for statism to further dine out on in its tax farms, or worse!

Where are we on this scene? 2 years 40 weeks behind at least!

Finally, what would SOLO say to youth if it were talking? How about something like "No more dark sarcasm in the classroom, no more propaganda for you, no more bullying or initiations of force to squeeze your triangle brain through a state circle. We've got your metaphysics, your episemology, your ethics, your politics, your art, all right here. All you can eat. All questions answered. Curiosity is again a virtue."

There, that's reset that last post-timer to zero again!

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