SOLO-NZ Op-Ed: Stiletto Legislation

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SOLO-NZ Op-Ed: Stiletto Legislation

Philip Duck
November 8, 2010

A recent survey highlighting the dangers of wearing high heels has resulted in a raft of further calls for action to regulate the sale of stilettos in New Zealand.

The British-based study of 3,000 women aged between 18 and 65 showed that injuries such as broken ankles, wrists and teeth were regular occurrences for stiletto-wearers. 89 per cent of those surveyed also claimed that painful shoes had ruined a night out.

Penny Last, spokesperson for New Zealanders Against Stiletto Heels (NASH), claimed that the study was further vindication of her group’s fight to have the sale of high heels more tightly regulated.

‘For years NASH has been advocating for evidence-based national action that contributes towards reducing stiletto- related injuries and deaths,’ she said during a call for further funding and more studies.

A spokesman for the Labour party said they were ‘gravely concerned’ about stiletto-related injuries and proposed a number of ways to curb the sales of high heels, including:

-Banning retail stiletto displays.
-Requiring all stilettos to be sold in plain packaging with brand names in uniform lettering and large health warnings.
- Progressively reducing the allowed height of stilettos.
- Requiring stiletto retailers to be licensed, and gradually reducing the number of licences.
- Regulating, and progressively reducing, stilettos imports.
- Annual stiletto tax increases of at least 20 per cent.

A spokesperson for the National party, while noting that, ’National stands for freedom, choice, and independence,' claimed that although they supported most of Labour’s measures ‘in principle,’ they were outraged that Labour proposed to ban all stilettos from bars, restaurants, pubs and parks by 2013. ‘2015 is the earliest we believe that we can implement such legislation,’ the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile the Maori Party said the issue of stilettos was of particular importance to their people. ‘Maori are over-represented in stiletto-related accidents and therefore we call for a ‘High-Heels Help Hotline and Website,' and for culturally safe counsellors to be available to Maori to help them free themselves of the stiletto scourge,’ a spokesperson said.

In a statement today, The Association of New Zealand Footwear Manufacturers and Retailers said, ‘We believe in engaging constructively with all our stakeholders…’ and that they recognized some sort of stiletto regulation was ‘inevitable.’

Meanwhile, the 60 per cent of women who agreed ‘… whatever agony a pair of heels caused, they would keep wearing them if they won compliments,’ remain mute.

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Satire is a superb way to help people understand the immorality of regulation and that takes talent.

I agree. Mr Duck could well have a writing career before him if he chose it. I seem to recall another imaginative post he wrote about a neighbour of his. I believe that post got people a bit churned up only to discover it was a joke! Keep them coming, Mr Duck. I shall think twice in future when I read your posts! Well done. Smiling

What you pay for

Sandi's picture

Cheap nasty plastic soles on cheap nasty shoes are a sure recipe for disaster regardless of any heel and height!

One can easily run in high stilleto's with decent soles. Its the slip factor that does the damage NOT the height.

Great Op Ed Phillip. I have handed this one around!

Satire is a superb way to help people understand the immorality of regulation and that takes talent.

According to Philip's post...

Marcus's picture wasn't the British study calling for a ban, but his fictional NASH.

Anyway, even if it had - I'm afraid it's a free country over here.

You can publish whatever opinion you want.

"British women say that wearing stilettos makes them feel sexy and to hell with the health hazards they pose."

Read more: Watch that heel - The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes...

"Blokes aren't off the hook, either. Their favourite footwear - trainers - can also be a major hazard.

Take that heel tab, for example. It tends to rub on the Achilles tendon, causing a painful tendonitis. Cure with anti-inflammatories and take some scissors to the tab.

Trainers make feet sweat, too - creating an ideal culture medium for fungal infections such as athlete's foot. The pharmacist can treat it with anti-fungal creams."

Read more:

The study on stiletto-related

PhilipD's picture

The study on stiletto-related injuries was real- the responses from the leeches were not. A very obvious play on the tobacco situation, I thought.

Christ, if people take this as serious it's time I gave up writing...or on life.

I'll probably do both Smiling

Yes but.....

Rosie's picture

......would you ever believe such a law would be introduced anywhere? AND the study is said to be British-based!

It is as ridiculous as the proposed sandwich filling/school lunch legislation. In fact, it is so ridiculous I think it is a hoax. Mr Duck - can you please post the study?!

Those Disney princess pink shoes are also ridiculous! Let alone several pairs of them! What are you creating here, Marcos?! Imelda?!

(This proposed nonsensical legislation, Marcos's 3 year old daughter Imelda's stiletto fetish and this being Mr Duck's post - Daisy Duck of course wears stilettos - is all becoming a bit much - even for the Onion!)

This story is worthy of the onion...

Marcus's picture

My 3 year old daughter already has several pairs of disney princess stilletos.

There is no way in hell such a law would be introduced in the UK.

I am positive about that.


Rosie's picture

It will no doubt be erected under the Ministry of Women's Affairs. All employees to wear flat shoes. Ms Rankin will apply for a position and be turned down due to her dangly earrings AND stilettos. This will then be argued in the Employment Tribunal under a new form of discrimination: fashionfascismism.

Crikey Rosie

gregster's picture

Good one Philip. I hope Rosie's joking, but somehow I don't believe so..

Stilletto Legislation? It's time to turn heel and run.

Rosie's picture

When organisations come in to existence questioning the safety of the sole of a shoe, when the airheads have taken up nanny's position, it's all over for the possibility of nanny state's decline. I had hopes when the women protested about the legislation for sandwich fillings and it fell through. But this has set me right back. The same concern affected me during the bull market in the 80s. When I went in to a pharmacy and a heavily made up shopgirl asked me about some share or other, when I left the shop I knew it was time to sell my shares. The bear was out.

A government department will soon be erected for collecting ideas for new legislation and bylaws to protect us all from these mad individual's concerns about their minor accidents which they have no doubt shared on faecesbook and received thumbs up and a whole lot more stories to back them up. The only thing that does not occur to them is that they are looking to the government instead of complaining to the manufacturer of the shoes for poor quality or making a decision not to wear them or learn how to wear them and take care if they do.

And what about the rights of those who enjoy the discomfort and risks of the stilletto? Time to turn heel and run.

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