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Submitted by JulianP on Sun, 2005-12-04 23:57

Hi fellow SOLOists,

I hope the first half a week or so of the new face of SOLO has been enjoyable. Smiling We have been tweaking things as we go, incorporating some good suggestions.

You can now choose how you view comments - threaded, nested, oldest first, or most recent first - it's your choice.

If you have questions about how to submit articles, check out the FAQ. We will be expanding the range of content types, and make it easier for you to contribute content.

We have also added a donation link, if you would like to repay some of the value you get from SOLO. Please try it out and let me know if it works. See the Benefactors page for more details:

If you have any questions, or suggestions, post them on the suggestion forum, or send Duncan an email at:


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For your convenience, red stars mark posts you haven't read yet. The datafile keeping track of this has, today, been reset to default as if we'd all just logged on for the first time.

J & D are up to mischief behind the scenes.

- Sherlock Rick

Bells, Whistles...Stars?

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You guys have done a great job with all of the tools on here, and I'm finding them quite useful, so thank you! But there is something that eludes me, and I know in a Captain Obvious moment it will occur to me what exactly they are, but I'm tired today, so I'm just going to ask: What do the little red stars mean when one clicks on "recent posts"? I see that above me, right now, there is one after the word "Comment". Is that a clue? Ooh, I bet it is! But lots of threads have comments, and they don't have stars!!! It's madness I tell you! Puzzled

Perplexed in Peoria

-- Aut viam inveniam aut faciam

Sorry ...

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I just wanted to yank everybody's ... oh, never mind.

Hang on...just a minute ...

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Hang on...just a minute ...

I never thought I'd find

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I never thought I'd find myself creating a "Solo Thrust" forum for salivating over hot sex ... but it's done now Smiling I'm almost scared to read it ...

The hair on my palms is what

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The hair on my palms is what makes it tough for me.

I would, but I've gone

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I would, but I've gone blind, which interferes with my ability to type.

We wondered ...

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... when this would ... er ... come up. So come on, everyone, get all the masturbation jokes out of your system NOW! Smiling


And wouldn't that make it

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And wouldn't that make it the total heights? Eye

Thanks PC and Ashley. :)

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Thanks PC and Ashley. Duncan and I have been fairly busy, but it's been worth it. Smiling And we are working on more interesting and useful tools to help you.


And there he is again...

Peter Cresswell's picture you say, Ashley, he's doing wonderful work, and this isn't even his paid job.

Onya Julian. Smiling

you know ...

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I love the site. I love the name. I thank you for your efforts.

It occurs to me, having looked in during my lunch break, that the work IT crew is probably going to give me some shit about visiting ""

You know, if you read it one way ...


Thanks, webguys

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I would like to thank Julian and Duncan again for the work they are doing. Everywhere I go on this forum I see a new "suggestion" for improving the website, and always underneath a smiling Julian there to say "it's done," "it's coming," or at least "thanks, I'll think about it." I know it's just a photo, but I appreciate it ever so much more than "Fuck off you ungrateful dicks." Just in recognition of this sort of value produced, I do think we do right by them to click on the paypal link. I know I would have paid for access to SOLOHQ if I'd been asked. Now that it's gone, I realise that I shouldn't have waited to be asked.

Hi Adam,

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Hi Adam,

At the bottom of a screen of comments, you'll see a heading "Comment viewing options", with a few options that you can change.


How can I choose how you view comments?

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Julian - you wrote, "You can now choose how you view comments - threaded, nested, oldest first, or most recent first - it's your choice."


How does one do this?


Many thanks,


Adam Reed


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