Bold and Rightless

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Thousands of British students went on massive somewhat violent rally to protest against government’s plans to triple tuition fees. London police promptly closed them without water and toilet facilities for many hours in central London, treating them like a rightless cattle. I assume that this is the price which one has to pay in order to exercise the “right” for education. The premise which is beyond of this ‘right” is that some group of people , students, are entitled for the products of the effort of other people, tutors, and the reward for this effort is arbitrary defined by government, in other words, by force. The only possible outcome of such a philosophy is an abrogation of individual rights. As in economics fiat monies drive away the real ones, so in politics fiat positive “rights” drive away the real inalienable rights. The only criterion left is a brutal force, employed by government, students, or any other gang

“When individual rights are abrogated, there is no way to determine who is entitled to what; there is no way to determine the justice of anyone’s claims, desires, or interests. The criterion, therefore, reverts to the tribal concept of: one’s wishes are limited only by the power of one’s gang. In order to survive under such a system, men have no choice but to fear, hate, and destroy one another” (The Roots of War,” Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, 37)

What students overlooked is that in the situation when government, that is-a force, determines tuition fees, both students and tutors are rendered rightless. They are functioning not by right but by government permission which could be arbitrary changed any time, as it happening now, or revoked altogether. Therefore the students who believe in their inherent “right” for cheap or free education deserve to be treated as a cattle. The tutors who failed to teach their students that there is no such a right, don’t deserve any increase. If students and tutors want to regain their rights as a free people, they should start direct negotiations with Universities’ governing bodies and to keep the government out of equation.

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