AristotlesAdvance put under moderation

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Submitted by Marcus on Wed, 2010-12-01 09:07

AristotlesAdvance has been placed under moderation. He has been informed by private message that SOLO requires a photo. So far he has not replied.

As stated in the SOLO guidelines we expect a photo of each poster and their full name as a sign of good faith.

SOLO generally only flags this point up and puts folks under moderation when new users, like AristotlesAdvance, start actively posting without a photo.

SOLO is an open forum with free debate and discussion, but we take a hard-line against spammers, trolls and clever dicks.

You have been warned.

Deputy Ed.

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With my full support ...

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I've tolerated no end of bad faith in the past few months, intent on erring on the side of leniency in the contest of ideas because it is a contest of ideas. This is especially important in light of ARSI's behaviour re McCaskey, and KASSless's re Donway and rights and criticism generally.

But SOLO is not some cheap vanity blog that allows bad-faithers to post under anonymity or pseudonymity just for the sake of having posters. I don't know who "Aristotle's Advance" is, and neither do the rest of us. While that is so, he'll remain under moderation.


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