United in Hypocrisy.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Fri, 2010-12-03 04:57

Unions believe a fair world is a world that has high taxation and wealth redistribution. Given this, I reckon unions ought to put their tax money where their ideology is: with the IRD.


One of New Zealand's largest unions, Unite, owes IRD over $130,000 including over $36,000 in tax meant to be paid on behalf of its employees … Unite head Matt McCarten admitted to BusinessDay this afternoon that the union owed money to IRD and said the union was "keen" to pay.

… Wait a Mana moment, silly me: it’s rich pricks that have to pay for unions, that’s all part of the wealth redistribution. Of course. I can assure you Matt, many, many struggling self employed contractors and businesspeople aren’t ‘keen’ to pay their tax, it would be better off rebuilding their businesses, just as you think your money is better employed running campaigns that always result in higher taxation, yet, they don’t have a choice, thanks to the brutal system you have enforced on them to extract their hard earned cash.

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A wee addendum that'll

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A wee addendum that'll probably get me into trouble.

I believe that on one level at least you can respect the enemy. I've always had respect for Matt McCarten - and the very odd one like Willie Jackson - while their beliefs are evil and utterly misguided, and they infuriate me, they don't see their beliefs as evil and at least have spent their lives putting their money where their mouths are, so to speak. That's why on this issue, particularly, I feel McCarten has let himself down - and if that weakens the union movement, good.

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