Distribution and our Political Masters

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The Government has accepted a Law Commission report recommending that MPs' allowances and entitlements should be set by an independent authority.

When legislation is passed MPs will lose control of their perks, something they have fought against for decades.

Oh dear oh dear.

So, in summation:

1) This group of people are either so incompetent, or so dishonest, or, a mixture of the two, that they can't even be relied upon to manage a simple system of reimbursements, such as in normal circumstances could be instituted at any high school.

2) This same group of individuals are responsible for a government spend that makes up almost half the (unproductive, wealth destroying) spending in our entire economy.

3) This same group have carte blanche power to take my earnings from me, to pay for this government spend, and for their perks, sorry, reimbursements.

Well, I guess as is the looters philosophy that underlies our age, as stated by Kim Jong Hickey on his own site just today - http://www.solopassion.com/nod... - people create wealth. In the end it needs to be distributed; and it's fitting, therefore, that this is the dishonest and/or incompetent group to do it.

[That's me for today; got to do some work to pay the tax.]

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All good points

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"got to do some work to pay the tax" Failing on setting aside your provisional Hubbard? Smiling

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