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First of all, I'll reproduce my biography. It was written to sound exactly like something you'd read on the inside of a book cover, so it was written third person. Sticking out tongue

Chu-hua Zhū was born to Chinese-American parents in southern Oregon, where she attended private secondary and primary schools. During early high school she encountered the works of Robert Heinlein, Ayn Rand, L. Ron Hubbard and Friedrich Nietzsche and found instant resonance with her strong but until then inchoate individualist and meritocratic views. Through high school she continued to read many authors critical of the mainstream self-sacrificial and collectivist ideologies, such as Thomas Szasz and Murray Rothbard. She became a strong proponent of laissez-faire capitalism and individual liberty, to the point of anarchism.
Though she has a number of disagreements with the philosophy and organizations of Ayn Rand, she still largely considers herself an Objectivist and also practices Dianetics.
After highschool she attended the University of Oregon and achieved a B.A. in Philosophy with a minor in Economics. She presently lives in Oregon and works at a luxury automobile dealership.

I'll go a bit more into the philosophical topics, since they are my main interest in this website.
I agree with most of Objectivism, such as an logic, self-interest, the harmony of rightly-understood interests, the degrading effects of altruism and collectivism both on the individual and civilization, and the ability of humans to know their world by using reason to examine experience. I am a staunch advocate laissez-faire capitalism, to the point of anarchism. This is one of (but not all of) my problem with the Ayn Rand Institute, which I think has basically become a shill for NeoCon war mongering.

I think Rand was conceited and sometimes lamentably confused rationalization of her pet interests with actual rationality, but despite her personal failings I would unhesitatingly recommend her to someone interested in philosophy or pulp fiction.

I am an atheist, but I am also a FreeZone Scientologist, as I believe the ideas of L. Ron Hubbard expressed in Dianetics and The Way to Happiness are compatible and complementary to reason and individualism. Indeed, Hubbard sometimes outdoes Rand, though in general he was nowhere near as consistent (or interested in) an advocacy of laissez-faire. However, just as the case with the ARI, I think the Church of Scientology has essentially perverted Hubbard's ideas. I find their use of intellectual property and libel lawsuits to attack their detractors to be entirely immoral.

Which brings me to another point which rages among libertarians and Objectivists these days, intellectual property. I simply do not think it is right to tell another man what he can do with his own property just because you thought of it first. We'd all be paying royalties to the inventor of the wheel if we went by that reasoning. I think that intellectual property is nothing but a state-created monopoly, a violation of individual rights which positively requires an interventionist State to enforce. In economic terms I also think it is highly counter-productive, for praxeological and empirical reasons.

As you might be able to tell, I am an advocate of Austrian economics as advanced by Mises and Rothbard. Despite some philosophical differences with these two thinkers I believe they were quite simply the greatest economists of the 20th century, and having their books to read is the only thing that kept me going through the awful pseudo-economics I encountered at the University.

I am, through reading Thomas Szasz and L. Ron Hubbard, extremely opposed to compulsory psychiatric treatments and the stigmatizing myth of 'mental illness'. I am also critical of Rand and Branden's views on psychiatry, the former took a somewhat dictatorial and unrealistic approach (all psychological difficulties stem from ideological confusions) and the latter is basically self-esteem pop-psychology.


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I haven't met any myself, though Doug Casey seems like he might qualify. I'm a bit of a Rothbard person myself, as far as his economics and politics go.

Welcome to SOLO. That is a

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Welcome to SOLO. That is a unique background -- we see the Rothbard people here from time to time, but I don't recall ever meeting anyone who claimed to be both an Objectivist and a Scientologist.


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ChuhuaZhu -- You have a fascinating and rather amazing gestalt of beliefs, theories, and intellectual favorites. I'll enjoy hearing from you in the future! Smiling

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