I am done

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Fri, 2010-12-17 18:23

wasting my time with Randroids. Goodbye and good riddance.

The title ...

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... of this thread ought not to be "I am done" so much as "I am undone—by my own irrationality."

Didn't take long.

Unspeakable evil

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I would rather Hitler had conquered Europe than the U.S. had entered WW2.

Unspeakable evil.

Goodbye and good riddance.

These mental lilliputians

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These mental lilliputians couldn't swallow me.

Feeding time at the ChuhuaZhu

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Feeding time at the ChuhuaZhu.

Fucking moron.

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Fucking moron.


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Probably a good person with a quite remarkable level of energy, drive, and ambition. Probably quite fun to know and argue with. But as for the Randroid charge...in life there's such a thing as occasionally glancing at a mirror. Puzzled

Chuhua will no doubt be

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Chuhua will be downloading illegal ebooks and mp3's as I type this no doubt.

I was just going to put on her new 'America is the most evil country in the world', and al-Qaeda is a fiction made up by the US thread, that it never takes anarchists long to reveal themselves as flakes ... I think that was three days? Which is about the length of time anarchy-land would last before the Taliban swooped on it.

They don't seem to be able to reason past a certain point - which I think is anger and hatred - at all.

And why do they always go after the USA? They all seem to. Yes, the US leaves a lot to be desired in terms of freedom, and it's getting worse and worse, but I've never once seen an anarchist attack Putin's mafia Russia, or the crony despotic capitalism of China, or the fact that Chavez's new policy is if you have more than one house it needs to be taken from you by the state and given to the poor, or, for that matter, the Taliban - oh no wait, they were a construct of the USA right? That footage of those poor tented women being shot in the sports field were American actors ... never.They always seem to go after the free world.

Anyway: nutters.

Sorry you didn't find your

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Sorry you didn't find your trolling more fulfilling.

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