Happy New Year! Raising a Celestial Finger to 2011.

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Submitted by Marcus on Fri, 2010-12-31 11:54

I am currently in Austria celebrating the beginning of the New Year. Every year at the strike of midnight we have the TV tuned to a special broadcast of Strauss’s Blue Danube Waltz performed at the former Austrian Emperor’s Palace by the Viennese Ballet Company and Symphony Orchestra. At that moment everyone kisses one another and raises their champagne glasses for a toast. This is followed by a mad grabbing of partners as we make space for a head-spinning waltz of our own until the music ends. Dizzy from the dance the entire group heads outside, into the snow, with their champagne goblets charged to let off the skyrockets. The skyrockets explode overhead in a burst of colour and light while we raise our glasses and drink in the heady atmosphere. It is symbolic of a celestial finger in the air to the fictional gods above us and those imitations below who believe they can control every step of our lives. We are embracing the New Year with our forthright determination and resolve against the blue meanies of state who try to grind us down.

This year at SOLO we have had our share of blue meanies, in the form of James Cameron’s annoying unobtanium- seeking savages in Avatar, finger-waging about every liberal bogus concern from modern living to white imperialism. SOLOists loudly and proudly extended a celestial finger to the screen and told the liberal prudes where to get off. So it was a surprise to have to see off another assault from the celestial blue meanies below this year, or “Goblians” as they became known. Touting all sorts of impossible positions from all abortion being immoral to Richard Goode being rational, they soon retreated to their collectivist hidey-holes like our former political leaders bashed by voters.

Gordon Brown and Barack Obama got a “schellaking”. Although a negative result for a blue meanie of state is not necessarily the same thing as a positive one for a voter. In the UK, Brown, who lacked vision, charisma, oral dexterity and nearly every other skill needed to be a good leader, was beaten by a coalition of Liberals and Tories, but only just. The coalition got off to a good start, making the restoration of civil liberties and reduction of the state deficit their highest priorities; however not yet losing the blue meanie rhetoric and baggage of the progressives.

Many of the newly-elected members of the US house are pro-tea party who fought the blue meanie rhetoric of the Democrats during the campaign, giving Obama a hard time over the deficit and constitutional liberties. However, Barack Obama like Gordon Brown was also not beaten outright, Democrats losing their majority in Congress – but retaining it in the Senate. Already Obama has thrashed out the first compromises with the newly-elected members of the House before they even take their seats. According to the world’s media this blue meanie of state looks stronger and more KASSlike than he has ever done before when he had both house majorities. He has his back to the wall and he has come out fighting. Therefore negative results for tyranny do not always beget a positive result for liberty. Today’s politicians completely buy into the blue meanie progressive philosophy of Obama and they boast about it openly in areas such as global warming, criminal justice and health.

Lindsay Perigo, founder and hero of SOLO, announced his launch of a new polemical current affairs show this year that has attracted the big names in NZ political show-biz to combat the current orgy of collective blue meanie drivel currently in our media and politics.

Looking forward to 2011, we can see a new explosive world of individualist fireworks on the horizon, but one that must be fought for here and now.

Let’s send another rocket up to the celestial heavens to give blue meanies above and below us the finger. Don’t fuck with us in 2011! We’re coming back fighting.

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There is confusion here...

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...between the New Year's Concert in Vienna Linz posted, shown on New Year's Day, and the New Year's countdown on New Year's Eve.

This is in fact what we see at midnight on Austrian TV. There are variations in the dance and costumes every year, but you get the idea.

If you can imagine, this is what I'm trying to replicate with Maria and others every year at the same time Smiling

Here's the performance ...

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... from last year. Unfortunately we don't get to see all the frenzied kissing. Did the boys kiss you too Marcus? Eye

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