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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2006-04-11 05:30

Getting KASS commentary out of you may be blood-out-of-stone territory, but at least LEARN TO SPELL!

My attention has been drawn to your updated Links. My spelling corrections and other helpful suggestions are in square brackets:


The Cato Institute -- The primier libertarian think tank. [That's "prEmier," darlings!]

Institute for Justice -- An activist group that goes to court to defend individual liberty.

Competitive Enterprise Institute -- Free-market activists who focus on regulations and environmental policy.

The Bidinotto Blog -- Run by The New Individualist editor Robert Bidinotto. [Objectivism's primier guttersnipe-buster! Wheeeee!]

Rebirth of Reason -- Objectivist discussion board, formerly SOLOHQ, run by Joe Rowlands. [SOLOHQ in dull drag. KASSless, Linzless. TOC's primier proxy site.]

Reason Foundation -- One of the original free-market research organizations.

The Atlasphere -- Articles, discussions and Objectivist dating!

SOLOPassion -- The other part of the former SOLOHQ, run by Lindsey Perigo. Not very friendly to The Atlas Society/Objectivist Center but they still link to us. [That's LindsAy, darlings! Not very friendly to TAS/TOC? Oh, boo-hoo. Get some hurt-feelings therapy from that nice Nathaniel. But darlings, you're free to post any time. Those awful ARIans post. Your chance to smite 'em dead, darlings!]

Objectivist Living -- Another discussion board, run by "Kat" and Michael Stuart Kelley. [That's Objectivist LYING, darlings! AKA Cockroach Corner. The anti-Rand site for Brandroids, back-stabbers & butt-lickers. And the cockroach is KellY, darlings, not KellEY, as in David. Ooooo, darlings, that WAS a bad one! That's TWELVE KellEY epistemology lectures pour vous!!]


Hope that helps, darlings!

SOLO conference suggestion

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Linz on Objectivist spelling?

That was some bug!


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Akshun in just too daze. Must be a rekawd.

Actually, I had their office bugged. Here's the conversation:

Bidinotto [first duty of day—logging on to SOLO]: "Aaaaaargh!!!!!!!! Those guttersnipes at SOLO are bagging us for our illiteracy. Which of *our* guttersnipes updated our links?"

Kelley [muttering]: "... sensory nebulastic representationalist Quinean Cartesianism ..."

Hudgins [yawning]: "The links? Prob? Aw, guess I'd better give them a bit of a read."

Kelley: " ... diaphonous assertability Diana metalanguage bitch sensationalism ..."

Bidinotto [reading SOLO]: "Guttersnipes, every last one of 'em."

Hudgins [propping eyelids open]: "Hmmmmm. How do you spell 'premier' again?"

Kelley: " ... classificatory Kantian correspondence I'll strangle the cow existentialism ..."

Bidinotto: "David, would you shut the fuck up?!"

Hudgins: "Chill, Bob."

Bidinotto: "For the last fucking time, it's Robert, you guttersnipe!" [WHACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Revisions to Links

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Hey, check it out! The spellings are fixed Smiling!


Still relatively rare

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Master's/Professional in US ~5%
Doctorates in US ~1%

... M.A., CPA, CFA, Esq.

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You know, it's always seemed to me like there was something a little silly about putting "M.A." after your name on a program like that. Everyone and their mom has a master's degree these days.

Woooo, Linz that last post

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Woooo, Linz that last post of yours is really funny. And then Michael's "Lord Of All He Surveys" is even better. That's right, I dig sarcasm.



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And They didn't put M. S. after my name even though I have a Master of Science degree from Michigan!
Of course I never put it into the write up I sent them in the first place, but let's roast 'em for every error - even the ones due to lapses in mind-reading.


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And in the summer seminar brochure they keep putting "M.A." after my name instead of "Lord of All He Surveys" like I specified.

Sloppy but appropriate.

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Objectivist Living? One of the major Objectivist organizations linking someone's private chatboard.

I was going to post an analogy of something that bush league from any other group but I can't even fathom it.

Scratch that I think I just figured out a good one.

It would be like the World Wrestling Entertainment company using a space on their website with a listing of about 5 links giving one of those links to someone's Backyard League in Iowa.

Sloppy but appropriate. Kind of like the link page.


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

Wun day layter

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Stop it Linz,

My sides are splitting! Given the frequency with which they update the website, I think it's a fair bet those links will stay up for a while Smiling.


Wun day layter ...

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... and still the misspellings ah their.


I no the TOC teem normally visit hear evry day, so can only assyoom their asleap. It hapens alott over their. Anywun wanna administa sum KASS?

Ooooo, Jim!

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They misspelled Michael Stuart Kelly.

Well spotted! Go to the top of the clarse. I've amended my script accordingly. Enjoy! Smiling


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I knew you could be trusted to dig up the dirt Smiling. However, I have been to the last two Summer Seminars and those have been terrific. If there was a clinker lecture, I've always had an alternative. I had the good fortune of meeting Lyman Hazelton at the last Seminar who gave a brilliant talk on chaotic dynamics and how it related to neural function and soft causality and Glenn Fletcher gave terrific lectures on Quantum Mechanics and philosophy of science.

So yes there are lots of problems, but also a lot of new and interesting ideas generated. Also, why the one-sided venom? I tend to dislike incompetence from all quarters and over the 20 years since I've read Atlas Shrugged, I've seen plenty of it from ARI as well.



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TOC's pathetic incompetence is not limited to their links page. See this post for a wide range of examples!

Contrary to Bill Nevin's strawman, I do not think that persistent misspellings of "Objectivism," broken links, and the like are the result of philosophic corruption. It's just plain old incompetence -- yet another reason not to waste your money with TOC. Inviting Nathaniel and Barbara Branden to the Summer Seminar -- now that's philosophic corruption. Honestly though, I'm really not sure what to make of the lecture on "Reclaiming the Virtues of Homemaking" (!!!). Is that traceable to some philosophic error -- or were they just desperate? I have no idea. Perhaps Ed Hugins or Bob Bidinotto will pop over from RoR and Objectivist Living to explain it all to us.

-- Diana Hsieh


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You're right and TOC does have good offerings at this year's Summer Seminar and their seminars the last two years have been terrific. If they kicked the trolls off the forums at their website, I'd comment there. However, you do have to straighten up the house a little before inviting guests.



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Being swamped, too much work, too few people, too much long hours I suspect. I gather that they no longer have (or no longer have enough) office staff to do the clerical and administrative and logistic stuff. So it falls on the shoulders of people who are also trying to function as intellectuals. Maybe it's a money issue, but one needs to somehow find the money to be able to have a full time staff to do these things.

So you guys who have an extra zillion dollars, stop bitching and fork it over!! I know Lindsay owns half of Australia? Indonesia? [I keep forgetting where he is from] so instead of posting sarcastic digs, he should just sell off a couple thousand square kilometers, put the proceeds in an envelope. And mail all of it to TOC. Heaps-Nelson, sell off those gold mines in South Africa...

ARI has a staff of ~30; TOC about a fifth? of that.

Very difficult to juggle more than one or two projects with that little money and without support staff as any one of us who has a lot of business/organizational experience knows. Cut them a little bit of slack.

More Spelling

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More evidence they need to go to skool. They misspelled Michael Stuart Kelly.



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That really inspires confidence that they they are speaking from authority about which links to go to Smiling. That reminds me of a story my uncle told me about a firm that printed up a bunch of business cards and pens for him. They misspelled Nelson Equity Development as Nelson Equedy Development. Can you imagine giving that stuff to your most trusted clients Smiling.


Why would a prominent

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Why would a prominent Objectivist organization provide links on its website to I'm sure there are hundreds of Objectivist/Libertarian websites that stand for something which is more in line with TOC's organizational goals.... Aren't there?

- Jason


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No link to ARI, Noodlefood, Objectivist Standard, Capitalism magazine, George Reisman's site etc etc. They don't even link to the Brandens - so much for the "Objectivist community"!

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