Wisdom of a three year old

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Submitted by Marcus on Thu, 2011-02-10 10:00

I thought I would report two conversations I had with my three year old today that were very amusing. She may not say anything noteworthy again for years, but if she does I'll record it here for posterity.

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You can't go wrong...

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...with any of those choices.

If it is up for grabs, consider letting your daughter choose(especially if you and your wife have different choices.) We never regretted letting our oldest pick our youngest's name. It helped with the 'baby brother' syndrome, he'd been used to being the only child. By picking his name, he immediately became 'invested' in his younger brother. It was their first bond. They are still inseparable.

But, they are all very pretty names.


Man names his first-born daughter ‘Facebook’

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Man names his first-born daughter ‘Facebook’

"A young Egyptian man has decided to call his first-born daughter Facebook in a tribute to the social media site’s role in his country’s political revolution.

Proud father Jamal Ibrahim, who was swept up in enthusiasm over the revolt against President Hosni Mubarak, gave his daughter the unorthodox name to express his thanks for developments in Egypt since anti-government protests started on 25 January, according to Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram.

The girl’s full name is Facebook Jamal Ibrahim, and family and friends have reportedly gathered around the newborn to express their continuing support for the revolution that started on Facebook.

Egypt is home to five million Facebook users - the highest number in the Middle East - and the website was instrumental in galvanising civilians for peaceful protests that eventually toppled Mubarak."

Interesting choices...

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...including it as part of your name.

Aurelia is keen on all the Disney princess names for the baby: Aurora, Jasmine, Snow White and Belle.

I don't mind Aurora, my wife prefers Jasmine and Aurelia's opting for Belle.

However, it's all still open.


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I'm a very poor source, we had two sons. However, we were considering Jaclyn, before we knew a boy was on the way.

But, when it came to naming the second, we came up with some choices, and then let the oldest(was five at the time)help pick his brother's name. It worked out OK, he chose 'Eric' .. which is also embedded in my name (Frederick).

Exciting times!

Funny story about names. I had a cousin, Sam, whose hobby was tracing our family name, ever since he was a teen. My family name, 'Bartlett' is an old American New England Blue Blood name. Pilgrim Robert Bartlett came over on the Mayflower. Josiah Bartlett signed the Declaration of Independence, and so on. So, Sam was all excited about connecting up our family to that past. Early on, he had trouble getting past our common grandfather, who also had my same first name. So, he decided to trace forward from Pilgrim Robert Bartlett instead, see if he could connect us up that way. He spent twenty years researching the blue blood Bartlett name, became an expert. After twenty years, just before dieing early of cancer, he learned why he could never get past our common grandfather... he had changed his name, sometime in the early 1900s. His real name was 'Frediano Bartelletti', and instead of a blue blood New Englander who came over on the Mayflower, he was a penniless Italian ex-convict who came into the country in the port of New Orleans, had worked his way to NYCity, married a woman there, left her, fled West to Pennsylvania and changed his name, where he married another woman! In very short order, our family stock dropped from 'ancestors came over on the Mayflower' to 'ancestor was a penniless ex-Italian convict with a case of the family 'shakes.'

My cousin Sam was a cop for a small town, and that ex-italian convict had finally been reined in. Sam and I laughed hard at this on his death bed back in the 80's. He told me, laughing, "I spent twenty years becoming an expert on someone else's family..." My father had no idea about this, he and I also share the same name, technically I was a 'III' but never used that. I never knew my grandfather, he died long before I was born. But when I told my elderly father this story, he pondered it for a while, shrugged, and then said, "I guess that's why I always loved Italian food." The news hardly phased him, but it explained why we had no/little family on my father's side. When I asked him about that, he said, "You know, I had an uncle Eddie from NYCity, but we just always called him 'uncle Eddie.' " And...that was that.

And that is why I sometimes use the appellation 'Frediano', because it makes me laugh...


Thanks Frediano...

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...I expect the second one will be different.

Aurelia is already on to solving 100 piece puzzles, although the box says it is meant for ages 6+.

I never pushed her into it, her love of puzzles came of its own, but I'm quite proud of her.

She already goes to ballet class too. That's wasn't her parents choice either.

We facilitate her, but we don't push. She pushes us into action.

I wonder how that's going to work out in the long run?

BTW: We're currently trying to think of Girl's names. Any suggestions?


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I'm sure you've already realized this, but when dealing with one of these folks, it is absolutely imperative that you never blink.

I did that when my first was three, and the next thing I knew, he was graduatiing from university.

I also noticed, when I wasn't blinking, that, with alarming regularity, an entirely new human being inhabits their skin every 3 weeks. I never had much time to worry about where the old one went, because there was no time to worry about it, the new one just talked faster.

When my wife and I had just one, we thought we had figured it out, and were ready for our second. But we were wrong... the second one showed up with a totally different user's manual. We'd been totally misled, I think they planned it. Before long, the two of us we were hopelessly outnumbered. But it somehow worked out.

So be encouraged. 10,000 years of modern history, 500 generations, and each one somehow raised by rookie management. Mankind's renewal has been nothing short of a miracle.

On Freedom

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I pushed Aurelia on her sccoter today.

Me: Fly, be free!

Her: I'm not free.

Me: Why?

Her: I'm not a boy.

Me: Are only boys free?

Her: Yes.

Me: If only boys are free, what are girls?

Her: Four.

On the Free Rider Problem

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I was carrying her and two bags because she wouldn't walk the short distance from the car to her nursery.

Her: We are taking so many bags.

Me: You mean I'm taking so many bags, you are just a free rider.

Her: Yes

Me: You're very naughty, aren't you?

Her: I'm not naughty, I'm clever.

On Long Life

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Me: Can we live forever?

Her: No

Me: Why not?

Her: Because we don't have enough money

Me: If we get enough money can we live forever?

Her: Yes

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