Ron Paul: Opt Out!

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Submitted by Jameson on Tue, 2011-02-22 13:35

Ron Paul wins a Republican debate with the call to opt out of the state system, and get Big Government off your back. He's mooting a 10% flat tax; keep most of everything you earn — for life — and look after yourself and don't ask the government for anything. Half the straw poll audience said they'd choose to opt out.

"Imagine Paul could become President on the strength

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of his idea" and the moral guts to voice it

Know what you mean, Gregster...

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I'm a bit surprised this story didn't gain a bit more coverage here. Eye

I like the man

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Who is there getting coverage saying such anathema?

He's not media trained, though he copes very well, and he's saying the right things. When America finds itself under Chinese rule, it may remember the likes of Rand and this lesser version and get its backbone back. I'm talking 30 years from now.


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...another way to put it is that you are opening up the State Monopoly to competition.

It has been said before that the state hates monopolies, except for its own.

Great idea. The State would shrivel and decline in the supply of so-called "public services" as people started to abandon the higher tax system.

Imagine Paul could become President on the strength of this idea?

Dreams are free Smiling

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