Everyone Okay? 6.3 scale Earthquake in Christchurch

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Submitted by atlascott on Tue, 2011-02-22 15:09

I hope that everyone made it through okay, though I understand that there have been 65 deaths reported.

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Earthquake Shakes New Zealand's Capital

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"The latest tremor, with a magnitude of 4.5, was less powerful than last Tuesday's which measured 6.3.

The Wellington quake struck at 10.07pm (local time) but police say there have been no reports of damage so far.

It was centred about 12 miles north-west of the city and around 25 miles underground.

One resident told a news website the tremor shook their house.

Another said it was similar to one felt in Wellington when the Christchurch earthquake struck.

A caller to a radio station said "it was quite a rock" and "my bed really rocked".

Earthquake Shakes New Zealand's Capital

Christchurch quake mapped from space

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The coloured bands, or fringes, represent movement towards or away from the spacecraft

BBC News reader Gillian Needham took this image of central Christchurch moments after the quake struck New Zealand's second city on 22 February

Tuesday's quake was less energetic but more destructive

The Advanced Land Observing Satellite (Alos) was launched in 2006

Christchurch quake mapped from space

I'm alright

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Yes thanks, my family and home were in the right place again. The places I work are upside-down though!

I was tramping at the time, standing in a cloud almost at the top of Mt Oxford when the forrest started rumbling and dew shook off the brush! Could easily otherwise have been on the East side or at Clubs Day at university that day, and I'm not young enough anymore to have wished I were! Glad to be safe in Oxford Forrest. Back home the kids have been off school but are now back in action.

I have this interesting but not super-impressive clip on youtube...

And, a couple interesting shots that can be seen in this album.

Things on my mind at the moment..

* I wish the voluntarism and individual capability that has been our economic response could be seen for what it is, not obscured by Statist ritual and authority taking the projected credit

* I wonder if Ken Ring's theory has reason and evidence on its side as March 20 comes closer?

* So sad for that 5mth old baby boy fatality. I can empathise with parents who are evacuating. I would be rather than risk my kids being squished.

* Much interested in the 1867 time capsual that came away from under Godley's broken statue. I wonder if I has racist Colonial propaganda in it or if we'll get to see what it really says about Christchurch?

* How much closer does this capital damage bring the New Zealand Tax Farm to End Game, and will it help the sheep to see it?

Put your money where your Objectivist mouth is

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Donate to a private charity. There are plenty online. Try the $3 text line if nothing else.

Make no mistake, it's pretty nasty in the eastern suburbs of Christchurch where 100,000 live.

I can assure you from friends who live there, it's not pretty, and anything you can give is needed.

My hometown, 100 miles south, has been swelled by those getting out to kinder refuge.

So, give, just a little.

Get on Scoop and put your two cents in.

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"It is truly wonderful to see the *voluntary* co-operation of individuals in Christchurch giving each other a hand and pulling together for support. However, to wish for a country to become socialist in its morality, namely, to condemn people to a state of eternal co-dependence and thereby reducing each individual to that of a slave, is hardly a wish worthy of praise.
This competitively driven economy inspired by the motive to produce and create wealth and resources, which John so passionately condemns, has produced the most abundant state of affairs for those inside that economy compared to anything we've ever seen in all of human history. It was only 50 years ago that to drive cars and fly around the world you had to be very wealthy indeed.
Where do you lot think you'll get the technology, medicines, cars, houses, incomes and other services from in order to rescue and survive such a catastrophe, without the products generated by capitalism? Are you really going to pretend that the people of Christchurch would have been better off if they were in Russia, South America or Europe?

What we’re seeing in Christchurch is an exhibition of people doing the most rationally selfish thing possible amidst unpredictable and dire situations. People are pulling together out of desperation because they rationally recognise that they need each other and that their partnership works to mutual advantage. It works because it is voluntary and it is beautiful because it works so well. Capitalism does the same thing in that people trade services and products with each other voluntarily in order to produce or create new things. This "competitive economy", called capitalism, persuades free individuals to come together voluntarily to pull through, create or produce is completely in line with human nature because it is the only system where force is abolished. "

God destroyed Christchurch

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I was told a story when I visited that the Bishop of Oxford established the spot to build the Cathedral by god's direction, simply planting a cross in the ground. It turned out he planted it in a bog which was completely unsuitable, so they shifted it slightly to stay in line with his wishes.

Now we find out:

"John Clague, an expert in natural hazards at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, said it was unclear what caused such serious damage to modern buildings, but said the answer could be the "liquefaction" of the ground when the shaking began.

"Liquefaction is a huge problem in Christchurch because the city is built on an alluvial plain, on sediments that are vulnerable to liquefaction," Clague said. "When shaken, these sediments transform into a liquid, causing irregular settlement of the ground, which is extremely damaging to buildings and buried structures, like water lines."

Because the ground loses its rigidity, buildings can be shaken far more violently."

Therefore, blame God for the damage or the Bishop of Oxford.

Fuck off, Minto. You stupid,

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Fuck off, Minto. You stupid, ugly,evil bastard.

Raw sewage

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No, I don't mean the broken pipes in Christchurch but the stench of the ever-suppurating John Minto at his most opportunistic.

Does anyone know if Rick

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Does anyone know if Rick Giles is alright?

I hope everyone is safe

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My best hopes and wishes for everyone in New Zealand. I am sure that you will all recover and rebuild far faster than anyone expects.


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I'm glad to hear you're ok.

And I'm glad that most of you NZ folk on this list don't live in that area.



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...was quite unique in that it managed to overcome the misunderstanding between American and British systems.

It's almost as if the terrorists had planned it that way.


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... is the title I gave the photograph, which reminded me of a certain manmade catastrophe.

Marcus, minor point:

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It would be 2/22 by the American system. I haven't seen the expression used. It's not sensible to use it.

Is it really being called...

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Since when did NZers adopt the American date system?

Larger pic

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The difference...

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..between this event in a place like Haiti, and a place like New Zealand, speaks volumes.

Show the world how it is done.

Me again! Stop Having earthquakes!

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Just checking that everyone was still around! xo.

Horrendous pic, Glenn...

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...but never fear: powerful hydraulics, first world technology and gritty middle-class values are saving the day.


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Taken seconds after it hit...


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...is celtic for "water of life" and Vodka is Russian for "little water".

Christchurch is getting into the spirit from what I've heard.

The most fine-cultured city in the country!

'Twill do you good to go

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'Twill do you good to go without for a few days. Give your liver a break.

Which gives me the chance to utter something I never thought I would, Linz. Wowser!

The water is only an issue regarding showering: fortunately I drink my whisky straight.

Brother Hubbard ...

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Water is very bad for one anyway. 'Twill do you good to go without for a few days. Give your liver a break.

Work is even worse for one.

Our water is out tonight. If

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Our water is out tonight. If none tomorrow, then we'll go to the Sounds. Deadlines with work are getting beyond desperate. It's almost enough to make you believe in Goblins and vendettas.

Good to hear...

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...you're ok, Mark.

I heard that a water tanker had been dispatched to Diamond Harbour. Perhaps a small tanker of Pinot would be in order as well.


Thanks Ross and

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Thanks Ross and Olivia.

Pretty tough house built on volcanic rock has put us in good stead. Lots more damage than September, and I don't fancy sitting in my downstairs office this week, at least, but needs must I'm afraid.

All immediate family and loved ones accounted for thankfully. One scared little dog.

(Wine levels will be critical by the weekend though if we can't get out to re-supply).

I don't envy

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the Police Commander having to make such tough calls regarding where to best use the resources of his staff. It's only the next day and already looking for survivors in some places has been deemed a waste of resources. So sad!

Good to know our American allies are sending LA emergency rescue teams over to help.

Hope Mark Hubbard and family are alright.

Some thoughts

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I was just sitting down to scrambled eggs for lunch when the quake hit. The strong rolling motion kept going until it was joined by a couple of nasty bumps. Glasses tinkled in the cupboard and books fell off the shelves. It was long and extremely disconcerting. I think my chimney has a terminal crack in it. The neighbor just took one down last weekend, brick by brick, as a result of the September quake.

But I live 100 miles south of the epicenter, and even though Timaru is built on a lava flow and has an extinct volcano for a backdrop, I knew right away that the shake originated in North Canterbury.

The damage is very, very bad. Far worse than the September quake despite being almost a magnitude less. The epicenter was shallower and far closer to the city. Compared to Sep. 4, the ground acceleration was x3 at Lyttelton and x2 in the city centre. Also, the ground shimmied laterally instead of pumping up and down. That accounts for the damage (including collapses of modern buildings like CTV and PGG Corp). Happening at lunch time on a working day accounts for the loss of life.

People were crushed to death inside buses, in cars and on the street as masonry fell on them. The survivors of the CTV building collapse have in many cases had limbs amputated before they were extracted to safety.

It's just heartbreaking for a city still picking itself up from September. It's now obvious that that quake was just a minor dress rehearsal for this one.

PM Key says the cost of this will be far higher than the September quake which was between $6 and $8 billion. To put that into a US perspective, and taking into account the relative size of the two economies, that's somewhere in the vicinity of US$800 billion to $1 trillion.

Frankly, I don't think the over-taxed, over-regulated NZ economy has enough elasticity in it to effect anything more than a clean-up and infrastructure repair job. Private businesses--the lifeblood of any economy--will find it very difficult to recoup their losses and re-establish themselves.

Some pics.

As I type this there's a report that the 20 level Grand Chancellor hotel is in danger of collapsing. This building:

NB: I know Mark Hubbard lives in Diamond Harbour, just across the bay from the epicenter at Lyttelton which was very badly hit. Ya right, Mark?

Spreadin' the word

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"If people in the Wellington area can provide a temporary home for refugees from Canterbury, call 801 4205.

Alternatively, you can email CD.Welfare@wcc.govt.nz with details. "

Before and After

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What's going to happen to Christchurch now?

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After two large earthquakes in less than half a year will it be declared a no-go zone?

I have only ever visited Christchurch once or twice in my life. However once, Maria and I were the only ones on a tour of the Cathedral.

Asking a lot of questions, I got a private history lesson on the subject you could say.

Sad to see it falling over now, so easily.

I never expected to see NZers trapped in a modern day natural disaster the likes of which we are use to seeing in the third world.


I was worried ...

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... about Dave Henderson, who lives in an apt block in the CBD. Finally got him by cellphone just now. He's fine, as is his apartment block, being modern and designed for such contingencies. Many of Christchurch's statuesque older buildings have been flattened. Dave says the place is like a war zone literally. Tanks and soldiers everywhere.

It's bad Scott

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There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, who have been lying stuck under rubble overnight. Recovery experts from overseas are using sniffer dogs and cadaver dogs. Power is probably off across much of the area. The death toll will be a lot higher.

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