If you love cars you are up against a global conspiracy to destroy your spirit. You must rebel.

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Submitted by Marcus on Wed, 2006-04-12 13:13

Jeremy Clarkson, host of "Top Gear", socks it to the current culture of enviro-"mentalism".


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Top Gear's Top Man

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Clarkson is great and I enjoyed his company at the launch of an Alfa Romeo dealership a few years ago. His conversation and non-motoring articles confirm that he is, politically, on our side. He just loves winding up whinging PC leftists and environmentalists.

I adore Clarkeson

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He can park his Ferrari inside my garage anyday!

Yes - great article.

Thanks Tim

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You will have to stop riding your bike then.

Rather than a bike tour to the Netherlands, how about a new "land-speed" record on the German autobahn? Smiling


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Great article, well spotted. Makes you proud to be British...or at least a colonial.

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