Aussie Greens want gun bans - fears of Assassination over carbon tax

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Submitted by Sandi on Thu, 2011-03-03 20:24

"DEATH threats against politicians arguing the carbon tax debate have sparked a call for tighter gun laws.

Greens leader Bob Brown urged a crackdown on what he estimated to be 300,000 semi-automatic handguns, after threats to his own safety."

Bob Brown recognises that the people do not want to be taxed, yet he who insists upon taxing them at gunpoint whilst removing the people's right of self defense/protest against such tyranny from the government.

Fascism in its purest form.

I have 2 sources for this story and whilst trying not to detract from the serious threat to liberty, here is a radio news report; read by a news reader with a severe case of hic-cups which is absolutely priceless and highly recommended.

News Story at the Herald Sun

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